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Textline supports MMS messaging, which lets businesses send text attachments quickly and easily. Share PDFs, videos, links, images, and more directly to your contacts’ mobile phones.
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Benefits of text attachments

Get more information to customers

SMS attachments help you get more information to customers. Share important information without worrying about the character count of your message.

Improve engagement

Brands using MMS, or multimedia messages, often see higher engagement and better click-through rates.

Share files quickly

Text messages are opened and read quickly. Studies show the average text is seen within three minutes of receipt. This allows you to share information instantaneously.

Versatile and convenient

From sending invoices to sharing a demo video, many use cases for SMS attachments exist. They’re versatile and convenient just like email attachments.

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How businesses use SMS attachments

Textline customers add attachments to support their business communication needs. Let’s examine how MMS and those supported text attachments can be useful for businesses.

Share invoices

Let customers know about their bills by sending them invoices via text. Simply attach a PDF.

Send mobile coupons

Use an SMS attachment to give customers access to a digital coupon or promote an exclusive discount.

Share a menu

Promote a new menu by sharing it as a downloadable file via text.

Attach flyers or brochures

Send event flyers or brochures about your company via SMS.

Share detailed quotes

If a customer asks about your pricing, send them a detailed quote in a PDF attachment.

Share demo videos

Send a demo video so customers can see your product in action.

Share a visual

Use a photo to promote a new product, share a screenshot, or troubleshoot a technical problem.

Send newsletters

Share a newsletter with your contacts via SMS. It’s a great way to quickly get them a lot of information.

Fixer’s success story with attachments

Fixer uses Textline to keep field staff and customers informed. Now, 90 percent of their business communication is done via text.

Attachments help the company:

Understand the repair customers need
Get the right replacement parts
Send invoices
“Just simply sending pictures in our business is really critical. And obviously, that all happens through your phone nowadays.”

Cat de Merode, Fixer

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Commonly used and supported media file types

Here’s a list of the most commonly used and supported file types that can be sent as attachments to mobile devices.

Rich text

How to send a text message attachment on Textline

There are two simple ways to send text attachments via Textline.

Option one

Drag and drop your image file into the message composer.

Option two

Click the attachment icon in the message box and upload the file.

Learn more about MMS and sending attachments

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