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Crunchi is a health-focused cosmetics brand. The company was founded in 2016 by Kelly Weston and Melanie Petschke after they noticed it was hard to find safe and effective beauty products on the market. Fast forward to 2023, and Crunchi has developed numerous toxin-free cosmetics and skincare products that work for its customers. Today, the brand is focused on educating others on the dangers of toxins in cosmetics through the Crunchi Movement and more than 6,000 like-minded brand advocates.
Crunchi advocates get updates via Textline

Why Crunchi added text messaging to its workflow

Before implementing the Textline-Freshdesk integration, Crunchi dealt with several communication woes. Specifically, the cosmetics brand struggled with email overload and communicating quickly with customers and brand advocates, explained Michelle Rosado, Client and Advocate Support Manager at Crunchi.  

Specifically, Crunchi found that emails were difficult to track and organize, no communication KPIs were measured, and there were limits on the number of emails they could receive daily.

How Crunchi uses the Textline-Freshdesk integration 

To help improve customer and advocate communication, Crunchi implemented Freshworks’ cloud-based customer service software and added the Textline SMS integration.

The seamless integration lets customers send mass texts and reply to text messages without leaving Freshdesk. This helps Crunchi – and other brands like it – respond quicker and view the entire text conversation history with each contact. Additionally, all text conversations are logged as customer tickets in Freshdesk, and contacts sync to Textline’s address book.

Textline's Freshdesk integration in action

By adding the integration, Crunchi can categorize, track, assign, and create emails and texts in one platform. The Crunchi team also creates premade templates to answer common customer questions and issues to improve resolution time.

Crunchi takes advantage of several Textline features to improve communication — specifically, Announcements and Whispers. Crunchi uses Announcements to send monthly text reminders and attachments to its advocates. “We use this feature often, and [it] has been a time saver for us,” Ms. Rosado said.

Textline's Announcement feature in action

The brand also uses Whispers to leave private internal notes to its team on different text threads. Ms. Rosado explains that this feature helps the team stay on the same page.

Textline's Whisper feature

In addition to Textline features, the Crunchi team also uses top Freshdesk features. In particular, for merchant service disputes, the Crunchi team can easily capture the support case as a PDF and escalate the case to the necessary party. Freshdesk’s solution captures helpful timestamps and maintains internal notes to help ensure these disputes have the context required to be handled appropriately. Additionally, with Freshdesk’s report feature, Crunchi can better track group performance to understand KPIs and make better business decisions.

The benefits Crunchi saw from the Textline-Freshdesk integration

Overall, the integration has allowed Crunchi to organize, track, and create emails and texts within one platform. The Textline and Freshdesk features improved resolution time, employee efficiency, and KPI tracking. 

Ms. Rosado added that the Freshdesk-Textline integration has become Crunchi's primary communication tool, enabling swift issue resolution and efficient information dissemination to customers and advocates.

 “[Freshdesk] and Textline created a smoother interaction from a user experience,” Ms. Rosado said. 

“We absolutely love the integration of Freshworks and Textline. It’s easy to train our new hires on; there are always new features available. Our support team constantly gets praised on how organized and efficient we are in resolution time, response time, and grammar.”
— Michelle Rosado, Client and Advocate Support Manager at Crunchi

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