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San Francisco, CA
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Customer Experience
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of customer support text conversations are about fit and product
text volume increase after implementing Textline

ThirdLove is a bra and underwear company that uses technology to make sure that customers find the perfect fit. They have more sizes than a typical bra brand and use an algorithm that recommends sizes to customers so that they don’t have to try them on in a store. Their focus on customer experience drives revenue. They have a large phone number displayed on their website, email, and social media accounts that anyone can text, and they are reachable almost all the time. Their marketing is also a differentiator: “we show real women, real bodies, and different ages.”

“What makes us unique is we firmly believe that if a customer finds her perfect fit she'll become a customer for life, and so we work very hard and we reach out to our customers to ensure that they have the right fit.”

The problem

The company was growing rapidly but wanted to retain their mission of empowering their fit stylists to do what is right by the customer. They had been using traditional customer service channels before their founder had an experience with texting a business and saw an opportunity to make it easier for customers to get in touch with Thirdlove.

The solution

Their fit stylists started using texting as their main support channel. Customers loved being able to text photos to them and get instant feedback, especially about fit issues. The stylists liked being able to text links to customers, and they found that conversations by text were shorter than over phone or chat. Some customers who otherwise wouldn’t have reached out were willing to contact them through text. Their traffic is mostly mobile, and customers find it easier to text than use live chat on their smartphones. In general, customer support interactions would start off on a more positive note because people were thrilled to be able to text with them.

“Success for us is finding fit and comfort and really just being easily reachable by our customers. Being available on the channel they want us, the quickest way for them to contact us.”

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