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Textline and Freshdesk's third partnership blog post is now available

Nina Godlewski
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The third and final post in our three-part series with Freshdesk is now available online! The content series “Meeting Customers Where They Are” is made up of three blog posts and an accompanying webinar that was held on December 8.

Part three of the series is all about why you should be having two-way and personalized conversations with your customers, titled: “Why your customers want two-way personalized conversations.” The post focuses on all of the reasons your business should be investing in having meaningful personalized conversations with your customers that involve two-way communication.

If you missed it, make sure you go back and read part one about the “9 reasons your customers want to be able to text support.” Part two was all about how “A customer support photo is worth a thousand words,” and covers everything to know about using MMS messaging with your customers. All three blog posts are now available to read on Freshdesk’s blog.

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