Texting software for recruiting

Use text messaging to engage with top talent and find the perfect candidates for your open roles. Textline allows you to build relationships, create distinctive communications, and track key recruitment metrics.
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What is text recruiting?

Text software for recruiting is an effective way to hire candidates and better manage communication in the recruiting process. Text software for recruiting opens new opportunities to directly communicate with applicants. 

Use text recruiting software to send and receive instant messages with candidates. Take advantage of texting’s fast communication and reliable open rates. Text messages are instant and more likely to be read. That's because there’s no need to rely on candidates checking emails or answering phones. Plus, the average SMS message is read within three minutes, which means texting gets your message to candidates quickly.

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Benefits of using a text recruiting software

In all parts of the recruitment process, time counts. If there are long periods of silence from a recruiter, applicants often get deterred and start looking elsewhere. Securing top talent requires responsiveness and communication at every stage of the hiring process.

The best text recruiting software provides better engagement and results in more job applications. Plus, it should be fast and scalable.

Better engagement with candidates

Don’t leave candidates in the dark. Research shows that unresponsive recruiters and uncertainty about job application statuses are top reasons candidates look for jobs elsewhere. But, even if you are responsive, how many recruitment emails are lost in the spam folder and how many calls go to voicemail? 

SMS recruiting offers another way to communicate with candidates and boasts a much higher open rate and response rate than email or phone calls. Most individuals read text messages within three minutes. Additionally, up to 45 percent of SMS messages sent get a response — much higher than voicemail or email. 

Plus, candidates prefer receiving text messages to other forms of recruitment communication. That’s because it's fast, simple, and accessible. 

More job applications

Only 1 in 10 visits to a business’ career website results in a submitted application. Long, repetitive application processes deter great candidates, resulting in smaller talent pools. Often, career sites work best when the candidate is using a desktop computer. But nowadays, most website traffic comes via a mobile device.

As a result, an SMS recruitment strategy helps better capture that mobile traffic and facilitates streamlined job application processes. Ask candidates to input their mobile number and allow them to begin their application right from their mobile or smartphone device. Increase your talent pool and chances of finding the perfect hire with Textline.

It’s scalable

Whether you’re a small family-run firm or a large multinational corporation, texting software for recruiting works.

With scalable text recruiting software, you can send personalized texts to a small candidate pool, share a text blast with a huge talent database, or initiate one-on-one conversations. Plus, the right text recruiting software grows with you. 

It speeds up the hiring process

Are you looking to fill a role urgently? Are you fed up with missed emails and phone calls?

With sky-high open rates and fast read rates, adding texting to the hiring process will ensure it is faster and more efficient. Enjoy rapid communication with candidates and increase the likelihood of landing a talented long-term hire.

Textline’s texting software features for recruiters

Built with recruitment professionals in mind, Textline’s features facilitate the hiring process in businesses like yours. 

Two-way texting

Facilitate dialogue with applicants with two-way texting functionality. Engage in one-on-one conversations with candidates, personalize messages, and improve the colleague relationship from the beginning.

Textline’s personable and enjoyable two-way SMS tool allows for a more natural flow of communication and a better candidate experience.

Bulk SMS

Communicate en masse with your candidates using Textline’s bulk SMS software. 

You can send a text blast to an extensive list of candidates to let them know about a new role. Recruiters can also send business announcements, inform applicants of recruitment process changes, or share relevant business news. 

With Textline, you can easily manage and segment your contact list. This ensures your bulk communication is delivered to precisely the right people. 


Streamline your business and recruitment operations using Textline’s Automations. You can create automated workflows and send automated texts.

With Textline, you can automatically send text reminders for events like interviews or application deadlines. You can also save templated messages that answer common questions from candidates quickly or send a scheduled message. Help put applicants’ minds at ease by setting up messages to send after they complete an action such as application or document submission. 

Automations can save time and increase the operational efficiency of your recruitment team.


Do you have an upcoming interview with a potential candidate? Is there a looming application deadline? Is there a recruitment event scheduled?

Use text recruiting software to send appointment reminders to candidates and reduce no-shows. Ensure candidates submit the correct documentation on time by sending helpful reminders. Increase attendance at events and keep candidates informed about last-minute changes via SMS.

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Why recruiters should add texting


of job seekers want to get targeted job opportunities via text. — Nexxt


of candidates trust a company more when it responds and reaches out quickly. — Ideal


of texts are read, meaning candidates will see your messages. — SMS Comparison

Stress-free phone number registration for recruiting

No matter your use case, mobile carriers now require businesses wanting to text to register their phone numbers. This rule change is an effort to combat spam texting. To register, companies must submit information about their brand and SMS use case.

This process may sound cumbersome, but it’s not with Textline. Our customers can register within the platform by filling out our in-app form. Textline even submits a registration on your behalf and waves the registration fee. Take the stress out of phone number registration by choosing Textline.

Plus, while waiting for carrier approval for your number, you can test Textline features, set up automations, create text templates, and more.

Use cases for recruiting

Use Texting software for recruiting to ensure a seamless application-to-hire process. Textline increases recruitment efficiency and decreases hiring time by keeping applicants in the loop.

With SMS for recruitment, your recruitment department cuts costs and is more likely to find the best candidates for your business. Take a look at some opportunities available to recruiters with Textline.

Pre-screen candidates 

After getting their mobile number, send potential candidates surveys or text questions to pre-screen them. 

Don’t waste time searching resumes for hidden information. Reach your candidates directly with an SMS message. With Textline, you can automate replies and workflows to decrease time spent on filtering applications. For example, you can send out a multiple-choice text survey automatically when an application is submitted or distribute questions to ascertain suitability and ensure the candidate has the right qualifications.

Texting is a great way to pre-screen candidates and get the right people to an interview. 

Invite candidates to job fairs

Increase engagement and attendance at recruitment events by sending out bulk SMS invites and notifications. Remind invitees to RSVP via SMS, and send personalized text messages during the event to entertain and foster great relationships.

During job fairs, ask potential candidates to apply via SMS and take advantage of a fully remote application system. Plus, with Textline there’s no need for candidates to have Wi-Fi or expensive hardware. They can simply apply using the native SMS functionality on their mobile phones. 

Send offers to candidates

Ready to make the hire? Use Textline to send offers to the perfect candidate easily.

Text message offers are read within a few minutes and enable applicants to simply reply back to accept or deny their offers. Then, you can follow up via SMS to provide details on next steps for onboarding.

Get replies quickly, streamline your offer process, and fill roles faster with text recruiting software.

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See why recruiters can trust Textline

We use Textline to contact our candidates throughout the hiring process. We find candidates respond more to text messages compared to call & emails. We started using it just for our recruiting team and now several departments in the company started using it for their customers as well.

—Michele R., Capterra

Our clients and candidates often prefer texting over email and voice calls. We are recruiting / staffing business for manufacturing and it's a great way to communicate with candidates and clients when they are on the manufacturing floor as it's often too loud to speak with them. Overall I am very pleased with Textline. I am making more money because of them.

—Jeff K., Capterra

Textline offers several features like announcements, automations, shortcuts, etc. that make scheduling and sending automated messages a breeze.

—Samantha B., Capterra
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Additional resources for recruiters

Enhance your recruiting with SMS integrations

Connect Textline with your recruiting tools to reach candidates instantly via SMS, ensuring a quicker and more engaging hiring process. Textline’s Zapier integration lets recruiters connect to thousands of third-party applications with ease.

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Maximize the power of SMS for your recruitment process with Textline

Add texting to your recruitment process with Textline and see the benefits. Textline takes advantage of local SMS networks to ensure your recruitment message reaches every applicant. Plus, you can manage all text conversations in one centralized dashboard. Use SMS to increase engagement, create a positive recruitment experience, and lower costs. Ready for Textline to revolutionize your recruitment workflow? Browse Textline.com for more information or book a demo with our expert team today.

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