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24 automated text message examples

Fatima Puri
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Automated text messages are used to save companies time on answering or initiating repeat conversations. Still not sure how to curate an automated text message? Check out our list of 24 automated text message examples for businesses, categorized by use case. Scroll down to the bottom of the article to learn how automated message work.


Support teams can use automated text messages to check-in with their customers, or even send a survey to specific customers. Here are some common support-based text message automation examples.

1. Technical error or known issue

Example of an automated text for a technical error/known issue
A support team member communicates a change in curbside pickup.

2. Check-in with customers

Hi, Jacoby. This is Chen from Coco’s Cookware. How are you enjoying your new Dallas cookware set? ✨

3. Survey link post-store visit 

Thanks for shopping with us today! We would love to hear about your experience via a short survey:

4. A follow-up to a no-response

Hi, this is Khadeeja from Siren. I want to follow up and see if you still need assistance?


Sales teams need all the help they can get to speed up the sales process. Automations are one way to do that. Here are some common sales use case automations for you to use or get inspired by.

5. Following up with lead after no response

Hi Bella, this is Anthony from Glendale Vending Solutions. I’m following up on your request for a vending machine for your clinic. Feel free to text me here, or give me a call at this number. 

6. Account management recurring follow-up with customer

Hi, Suzzane. It’s Mariah from Denton Air Purifiers. How’re your hotel units working out for you? Please let me know if any of them need a filter replacement.

7. Bill payment reminder

Bill payment reminder via text
A medical spa reminds a customer that they have a payment due.

8. Add payment details

Hi, Alicia! Thanks for signing up for our pro yoga plan. We just need you to finish filling out your payment details. You can do so online at your convenience at

Operations and logistics

As a member of an operations or logistics team, you’re likely a lover of processes, so you’re also likely to love automations. Here are some common automation text message examples specific to operations and logistics for you to use. 

9. Location details

Our SXSW interactive pop-up store is now live! You can find us on the corner of Congress and 3rd street for a free mini makeover from 3/12 to 3/16. Attached is a PDF file with more location details. We look forward to seeing you! 

10. Link with updates

Your order #4567 has been shipped! To track your order, please click here

11. More info about the logistics process

Your curbside order is ready for pick-up! Please park in any spot designated for curbside pick-up, and text us at this number with your name and parking spot number. 

12. Restaurant waitlist

Hi, Puri. You’ve been added to our waitlist for a party of 5. We’ll text you back at this number when your table is ready. - Lora’s 

13. Shipment update

Example of a shipment update via text
An e-commerce store communicates a successful delivery to a customer.

14. Delay in shipping due to uncontrollable circumstances

SHIPPING DELAYS: due to nationwide thunderstorms, we are experiencing massive shipping delays.  

15. A confirmation message

Thanks for signing up for daily news from The Austin Times! To confirm your subscription, please reply CONFIRM. 

16. Automated waiver

Hey, Shehroze! You have a fun day of sailing ahead 🛥️ But before the fun can begin, we need your party of 7 to fill out our waiver form: 

17. Sending an automated message about shift reminder

Hi, Casey. We have you scheduled to work security at Laguna Park on 8/11 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please confirm that you’re available to work this shift. 

18. Interview reminders

Hi, Keely. We have you scheduled for an interview for our open Marketing Writer position at 1 p.m. Please remember to arrive 10 minutes early and bring a copy of your resume. 

Medical business

Medical businesses handle many transactional conversations, from appointment reminders to sending updates about a prescription refill. Here are some automation text message examples specific to medical businesses to help you get the ball rolling. 

19. Appointment reminders

Hi, Grace. This is a reminder that you have an appointment scheduled at St. Lauderdale Clinic on 9/18 at 10 a.m. Please confirm your attendance. 

20. Referrals to other medical departments

Hi, Sanjay! This is Anna from Zen Labs. We received a referral request from your PCP for bloodwork. Please call us to schedule an appointment or reply to this text message.

21. Prescription delivery

Hi, Mattie. Your prescription has been delivered to your front door. 

22. Prescription order updates

Prescription order updates via text
A pharmacy let's a customer know that their prescription is ready for pick-up.

23. Reminder to schedule an appointment

Good morning, Inara. This is Kim from Dr. Symbal’s office. You’re due for your six-month dental cleaning. We can schedule your appointment for 10 a.m. on 7/13. Does that work for you?

24. Post-doctor’s visit check-in 

Hi, Rachael. It’s Ana from Dr. Sheikh’s office. How are you doing post-wisdom tooth surgery? Feel free to text me here with any questions or concerns. 😊

How automated text messages work

Automations work by sending a user an automated text message, or action, based off of different conditions set previously by the business. Automations can be simple or more complex depending on the businesses needs. Businesses commonly set and send automations to quicken their processes, like sending appointment reminders, or sharing a customer survey link after a purchase. 

Textline users can set automation conditions like unavailable agents, messages containing specific words, time of day, and more. They also have the ability to choose what automation to trigger, like sending a message to a specific agent. In most cases, people use automations to trigger replies or messages to customer conversations.

Textline offers an open API for customers so they can trigger automations in Textline from various applications that integrate with our application. You can learn more about the Textline API in our help center.

Best practices for sending automated messages

Now that you’ve got a sense of what a good automated text message looks like, here are some best practices for writing your own.

Make them personal

Just because your message is automated doesn’t mean it has to be robotic! 🤖 A business texting software like Textline allows users to use variables to pull customer details, like their first name, to make a message more personalized. Text messaging, in general, is meant to be more laid-back and conversational than other communication channels, so don’t lose out on this crucial aspect when texting your customers.

Be concise

People are busy bees, and the last thing they have time for is reading long messages. Try to get to the point as soon as possible. Are you asking them to confirm an appointment? Suggest they reply Y/N to lessen the amount of effort and time on their part to answer. Remember, the more precise the ask, the more likely customers are to respond.

Still looking for more text message examples? Check out our list of 62 professional text message examples for businesses.

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