National real estate company uses texting to manage sales and tenant communications.

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A large real estate company that manages and owns luxury apartment buildings across the U.S. uses Textline to communicate with both sales prospects and tenants. Their realtors handle the full sales and customer lifecycle from start to finish, including marketing, showings, the application process, move-in, tenant management, and lease renewals.
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The problem

The company’s corporate marketing team and on-site property management office wanted a better way for their sales teams to communicate with potential renters and current tenants.The sales teams previously had to manage company-owned cell phones that were costly and would frequently break. They also wanted to manage all of their communications in one place throughout the resident life cycle.

The solution

Property management office staff find texting to be fast and convenient. They can use the app on their desktop computer and transfer conversations to team members when they leave to do property tours. Customers prefer texting over talking on the phone because they can handle issues in private when they have time without disrupting their day. Textline also helps maintain continuity so that the person who leased to a tenant is the same person who later makes sure they get their packages on time.



Agent reaches out to someone who filled out their website form to schedule a property tour for one of their units.


Agent assists with all parts of the move-in process, including signing the lease and coordinating move-in day.


Agent handles all regular communication with tenants including rent, maintenance requests, and day-to-day issues.

"Textline helps us maintain a different level of communication that is more modern than what we're used to with email and phone and just the old way that renting or buying a house used to be."

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