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100 customizable text message templates for business

Alia Paavola
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In today's fast-paced world, text messaging has become an essential means of communication, especially in the world of business. It's quick, efficient, and convenient for both the sender and the receiver. However, crafting the perfect business text message can be a challenging task, especially if you're unsure of what to say or how to say it.

We've put together a comprehensive list of 100 customizable text message templates that cover a wide range of business scenarios, including appointment reminders, customer follow-ups, sales promotions, and much more. Whether you're a small business owner, a sales professional, or a marketer, you'll find a template that suits your needs and helps you communicate more effectively with your clients and team.

Our templates are easy to use and can be customized to fit your unique brand voice and messaging style. With just a few tweaks, you can turn a generic template into a personalized message that resonates with your audience and drives results. 

<h2 id="marketingandsales">Marketing and sales text message templates</h2>

Use SMS marketing to share promotional messages and discounts with your customers. Here are a few text message templates to tailor according to your needs. 

Limited-time offer

[Company]: FLASH SALE. Don’t miss out on [X%] off of [product or service]. Deal ends [date] at [time]: [link]

Hi [name]. Book an appointment with [company] by [date] to get [X%] off the service. To book, text us here, call us at [number], or book online at [link]

Hi [name]. This is [company]. Sign up for [product/service] by [date] for a limited-time rate. 

[Company]: Here’s [X%] discount to brighten your day ☀️ Redeem it here: [link]

Birthday offer

Happy birthday, [name] 🥳 Here’s a code for [X%] off your next purchase with [company]: [code]

[Company]: Happy birthday, [name] 🥳 Treat yourself to a new [product] today. Get free shipping for the rest of the month.

It’s your birthday, [name]! Celebrate with [X%] off your next purchase at [company] 🎉 Redeem at checkout online or in stores using code: [code]

Sale promotion

[Company]. Our [season] sale is on through [date] 🔥 Visit our website for hot deals on [product]. [link]

Hi, [name]! Don’t miss out on [company]’s [holiday] sale. [X%] off on everything through [date].

Welcome message

Hi, [name]. Welcome! You’ll be the first to know about deals, new products, and more from [company]. Reply STOP to cancel at any time.

Thanks for signing up for [company]’s SMS program. Here’s a code for [X%] off your next purchase: [code]

Opt-in confirmation

Thanks for signing up for [company]’s SMS program. To confirm, reply YES. Message frequency varies. Reply STOP to cancel at any time.

Reply Y to subscribe to recurring automated marketing messages from [Company]. Reply STOP to cancel at any time. 

Abandoned cart

[Company]: Did you leave something in your cart? 🛒 Finish checking out now: [link]

[Company]: Get [X%] off the items you left in your cart for [X hours]. Use code [code] at checkout: [link]

[Company]: [Name], the [product] awaiting in your cart is a top-seller! Order before it sells out! [link] 😊

Event promotion

[Name,] save the date for [company]’s [event]. Learn more or reserve your spot today: [link]

[Company]: We’re hosting [event] on [day]. Bring your family or friends! Doors open at [time]. Sign up here: [link]

Hi [name]. Our [month] event schedule dropped 📅 View it and book today: [link]

Heads up, [name]! [Company] is giving a free [product] to the first [X] people who sign up for [event]. [link]

Product launch

[Company]: It’s time ⏰ [Product] is available now! Get yours today [link]

[Company]: Just dropped! New [product]. Get yours today! [link]

Restock message

[Company]: Our [product] is BACK in stock. Get yours today. [Link]

Hi, [name]! Back by popular demand: [product]. Get yours now: [link]

Giveaway message

Thank you for entering [company’]s giveaway! For more information, visit our website at [link]

Heads up, [name]! [Company] is giving a free [product] to the first [X] people who use this code {[code}] at check-out.

Lead follow up

Hi, [name]! It’s [salesperson] from [company] following up on your inquiry. Are you free for a quick call today?

Hi, [name]! This is [salesperson] from [company]. Did you see my last message? Let me know if I can answer any questions!

Hi, [name]! It’s [salesperson]. I just left you a voicemail but feel free to text if it’s more convenient! I look forward to hearing from you.

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Upsell text

Hi, [name]. Here’s a link to some other [company] products you may love. Use [code] at checkout for 20% off. [link]

Hi [name]. With [upgraded product], you’ll see the improved value. Inquire today! 

Hi [name], it’s been a while 💕 Enjoy {X%} off your next order at [company}. 

Provide a quote

Hi, [name]. Thanks for your interest in [service] from [company]. With the info you provided online, your quote is [amount]. Let me know if you have questions!

Hi, [name]. I’ve attached your personalized quote for [service] at [company]. Download it here [link]

Hi [name]. [Salesperson] here from [company]. Thanks for inquiring about [XYZ]! Do you have time for a call to discuss specifics for a more accurate estimate?

Schedule a meeting, call, or demo

Hi [name]. This is [salesperson] from [company]. Are you free for a quick call today about [service/product]?

Hi [name] 😄 This is [salesperson] from [company]. Are you free for a quick demo this week? Feel free to book a time slot on my calendar: [link]

Thank you message

Hey, loyal customer. To thank you for your continued support, here’s a free gift 🎁 Redeem it online or in stores with your next purchase: [link]

Hi [name]. Thank you so much for your purchase from [company]. We hope you’re happy with your order. 

Price change update

🚨 Price drop alert! [Company] is offering [product] at [price] until [date]. Get yours today. 

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<h2 id="customersupport">Customer support text message templates</h2>

SMS is a convenient customer support channel because of its immediacy. Consider one of our ready-to-use customer service SMS templates for your needs.

Appointment reminders

Hi, [name]. You have an appointment with [company] on [date] at [time]. Call or text us to cancel or reschedule.

Hi, [name]. We’ll see you soon 😃 Your appointment with [company] is on [date] and [time]. Reply C to confirm. 

Payment reminders and confirmations

Hi, [name]. This is [company]. You have payments due [date]. You can pay online anytime [link]

Hi, [name]. Your payment of [amount] to [company] is overdue. Please pay online here [link]

Hi, [name]. Your payment of [amount] to [company] was successful. Thank you!

Hi [name]! This is [name] from [company]. Your renewal for [product] is [date]. Your card will be charged that day. To cancel, visit account settings: [link]

Hi [name]. You still haven’t added a credit card to your account. Add it before [date] to ensure your [service] stays up and running!

Proactive support 

[Company]: The [service] will be down on [date] from [time] to [time] for system upgrades. Please plan accordingly.

[Company]: The [location] will be closed through [date] for remodeling. We look forward to seeing you in our refreshed location soon 😃

[Company] is experiencing [issue] which may affect [XYZ]. We will let you know ASAP when this is resolved and apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Hi [name]. This is [name] from [company]. I’m reaching out to let you know our pricing will be changing. We sent an email that breaks down the new costs.

Response time estimate

We got your message! A representative from [company] will get back to you within [X minutes]. 

Hi, our reps are working to get to your inquiry ASAP. You’re currently [X number] in line.


Hi [name], thanks for signing up for [company]! You can view video tutorials here: [link]

Hi [name]. Welcome 😃 Please schedule your onboarding call with [customer service rep] via this link: [link]

Hi [name], thanks for creating an account with [company]. I’ll send a welcome tutorial to your email. Best, {associate]

Troubleshooting an issue

Hi [name]. Can you try the following steps and let me know if it fixes the problem? 

  1. [Step 1]
  2. [Step 2]
  3. [Step 3]

Hi [name]. Thanks for reaching out. Can you try [XYZ]? Here’s a link showing how to do that: [link]

Service cancelation

We’re sorry to see you go 😢 We’re confirming your [service] has been canceled. Thank you, [company].

Hi [name.] This is [name] from [company]. Sorry to see you go. Would you mind sharing why you’re no longer interested in [product/service?] 


Thanks for contacting [company]. We’re currently closed. Our hours are [time] to [time], Monday-Friday. We’ll get back to you then, or visit our website: [link]

Thanks for contacting [company] 😃 We’re currently closed in observance of [holiday]. We’ll get back to you on [date]. Visit our help center: [link]

FAQ page

Hi [name]. Thanks for reaching out to [company]. You’re in the queue, but while you wait check our FAQ page: [link]

Hi! You can find more information about [XYZ] by visiting our FAQ page: [link]

Clarify an issue

Hi [name]. To help me understand how best to assist you, can you send a screenshot of what you’re experiencing? 

Hi [name]. Thanks for reaching out. To clarify, you’re looking for help with [XYZ]? 

Verify customer identity

Thanks for contacting [company]! Happy to help with this! But first, to verify your account, can you send me [verification information]?

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<h2 id="operationsandlogistics">Operations and logistics SMS templates</h2>

SMS also helps operations and logistics teams. Use it to communicate order updates, share service timelines, or coordinate field teams. Here are some SMS templates you can use today.

Order confirmation

Thanks for your purchase from [company]}! Your receipt can be found here: [link]

Hi [name]! We got your order! Our team is working to get it to you ASAP. We’ll let you know when your items have shipped 😊

Shipping updates

Hi [name], great news! Your order from [company] has shipped. Track your package here: [link]

Your order from [company] is arriving soon! It’s expected to arrive on [date] 🎉

It’s finally here! Your order from [company] was delivered. Enjoy 😊

Your order was delayed due to [reason]. View your order status here: [link] 

Return confirmations

Hi [name], [company] received your return. We issued a refund to your payment method on file. 

Dispatch needs

Hi [name]. Our workers are set to arrive [date] between [time] and [time] for your [service]. Call or text to reschedule. 

Hi [name]. There’s been a delay. We’re now expected to arrive between [time] and [time].

Hi there. [Company] needs a driver at [location] at [time]. Is anyone available? 

Hi [name]. The [service] at [location] is taking longer than expected. Can your team take over the [service] at [location] at [time]?

<h2 id="surveysandfeedback">Surveys and feedback SMS templates</h2>

SMS surveys are an effective way to get feedback from customers and employees. Use these survey and feedback templates to get valuable insights. 


Hi [name]! Have a minute? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know about your experience using [company’]s [product] in this survey: [link]

Hi [name]. How likely are you to recommend [company] to a colleague or friend on a scale from 0-10 – 0, not at all likely, 10 very likely?

Hi team. When you have a moment today, please complete this survey on [topic]: [link]


Hi [name]! Let us know about your experience with [company] so far by leaving a review. [link] Your feedback is invaluable to us!

Hi [name]. We’re looking to improve! [Company] is hoping you’d be willing to share your recent experience working with us. Leave a review here: [link]

Follow up on negative feedback

Hi [name]. We’re sorry to hear about your negative experience at [company]. Can you share more about it?

Hi [name]. We’re sorry about your unsatisfactory experience. We’d love to make it up to you. We’re offering a [X%} discount on your next purchase.

Follow up on positive feedback

Hi [name]. We’re happy you had a positive experience at [company]! Would you be willing to share why you scored us so highly?

Hi [name]! We’re thrilled you had a great experience at [company]. Would you leave a review or testimonial for our website? [link]

Follow up post-purchase

Hi [name]. It’s [name] from [company]. How is the new [product/service] working for you?

<h2 id="internalcomm">Internal communication text templates</h2>

You can also use SMS to communicate with employees. Check out several text templates for interoffice teams.


Hi team! We wanted to remind you that [event] is taking place [day] at [time] We look forward to seeing you there 😊

Hi team, please remember to do [task] by [date].

Hi team, the meeting about [XYZ] has been moved to [date]. Thanks for understanding!

Employee appreciation

Hi [name]. I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation. I’m consistently amazed by your performance. Keep up the great work! 💪

Hi team! It is [name]’s work anniversary! Thank you for all you do at [company] 🥳

Employee introduction

Hi team! Today is [name’]s first day! Please give them your warmest welcome 😃 

Join me in giving our newest colleague, [name], a warm welcome!


Hi team! The schedule is out for [month]. View it here: [link]

Hi team. Can anyone pick up an [X-hour] shift on [date]. We’re offering a bonus. Please text back to claim it!

Hi team. We have a shift available at [time] on [date]. Can anyone take it?

Hi [name]. Just a reminder that your next shift is [date] at [time]. Let us know when you arrive.

Hi [name]. Can you swap shifts from [date] and [time] to [date] and [time]? Thank you!

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