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43 ready-to-use text message templates for your business

Fatima Puri
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Business texting is an engaging communication tool. The average text message has a 98 percent open rate, so texting to interact with customers can increase your chances of reaching them.

If you’re new to business texting, these 43 templates can help you conversate with your customers.

43 text message templates

Marketing and sales SMS templates

  1. Welcome message to confirm opt-in

[Company] would like to message you over SMS/MMS. Carrier charges may apply. To consent, reply YES. 

  1. Welcome message

Hi, [First Name]! Thanks for signing up to receive promotions and exclusive deals from [Business Name]. To opt-out, reply STOP at any time.

  1. Welcome message with promo code

Thanks for signing up to receive text messages from [Company]! Here’s a [$ or %] off your next purchase: [Link or Promo Code]

  1. Flash sale

FLASH SALE. Don’t miss out on [Offer or %] off of [Item or Service]! Deal ends [Date and Time]. [Link]

flash sale text template
A clothing company notifies their customer about a flash sale.
  1. Abandoned cart reminder

Looks like you left something in your cart… 👀 Finish checking out now [Link]

  1. Giveaway entry confirmation

Thank you for entering our giveaway! For more information, you can visit our website at [Link].

  1. Webinar sign-up

[First Name], save the date for our [Webinar Name] on [Date]! Learn more or reserve your spot today: [Link].

  1. Share more information via link

Hi, there - You can find more information about our [Service] here: [Link]. Please let me know if you have any questions. My name is [Salesperson].

  1. Share a document to sign

It was great speaking with you, [First Name]. You can access and sign the [Blank] document here: [Link]

  1. Payment reminder

This is a payment reminder for [First Name] from [Company]. Your payment of [Dollar Amount] is due. You can pay online at [Link] or call us at [Number] to make a payment over the phone.

payment due text template
A pest control company reminds their customer about a payment that is due.
  1. Reply to lead post form fill

Hi, [First Name]! It’s [Salesperson] from [Company] following up on your [Request type]. Are you free for a quick call?

  1. Follow-up with lead 

Hey, [First Name]! This is [Salesperson] from [Company]. I’m following up to see if you got my last message? Let me know if I can answer any questions. Thanks!

  1. Follow-up after leaving a voicemail 

Hi, [First Name]. It’s [Salesperson]. I just left you a voicemail but wanted to follow up with a text if it’s more convenient for you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  1. Check-in for upsell opportunities 

Hi, [First Name]! It’s [Salesperson] from [Company]. I noticed an increase in usage on your account. I think we can work out a better plan for you. Are you free for a quick call this week?

Read our article “18 sales follow-up text message templates to engage prospects” for more sales-related templates.

Appointment reminders SMS templates

  1. Appointment confirmation for doctor’s office

Hi, [First Name]. This is [Receptionist] with [Dr’s Office] to confirm your appointment on [Date]. Please let me know if you need to reschedule. Thank you!

  1. Appointment confirmation for a service

Hi, [First Name]. This is [Representative] with [Company]. I’m confirming your [Appointment/Consultation/Service] at [Date] for [Issue]. Does that time still work for you?

  1. Virtual appointment link

Hi, [First Name]. Your appointment is starting now. You can video call in with this link, which will take you to the waiting room. [Link]

appointment link text template
A customer receives a link to their virtual appointment.
  1. HIPAA opt-in 

[Company] would like to send you text messages for SMS/MMS. Text messages have a risk of being read by third-parties. To consent, reply YES.

  1. Missed appointment 

We’re sorry to have missed you, [First Name]! You missed your appointment with [Company or Associate] on [Date] at [Time]. To reschedule, please call us at [Number].

  1. Appointment reminder

Hi, [First Name]. A reminder that you have an appointment with [Company] at [Time] on [Date]. Please call or text us to cancel or reschedule.

  1. Appointment cancellation 

[First Name], your appointment with [Company or Representative] has been canceled. To schedule a new appointment, please call our office at [Number] or reply to this message.

  1. Appointment change

Appointment update: [First Name], your appointment with [Company or Representative] has been rescheduled for [Time] on [Date]

Customer support SMS templates

  1. Out of office (after business hours)

Thank you for contacting [Company]. We are currently closed. Our business hours are [Business Hours]. For further assistance, please visit our website at [Website].

  1. Out of office (holiday hours)

Thank you for reaching out to [Company]. We are currently closed for the [Holiday]. We will respond to your message when we are back in the office.

  1. Reply to inbound message

We got your message! A representative from [Company] will get back to you shortly. For immediate assistance, please contact us at [Number].

message confirmation text template
A company confirms that they have received a customer's message.
  1. Direct customer to help center or FAQ page 

Hi! You can find more information about [Blank] by visiting our [Help Center/FAQ] page: [Link].

  1. Ask for photo of an issue

We’re sorry to hear that! Can you please share a picture of [Issue]?

  1. Verify information

Thanks for contacting [Company]. [Representative] here. To verify your status, I will need your [Order #/Verification Code]

  1. Check-in with customer

Hi, [First Name]. It’s [Representative] from [Company] checking in to see how you’re enjoying [Product or Service]?

  1. Surveys

[First Name], thanks for shopping with us! We’d appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out this survey to rate your shopping experience: [Link].

Operations and logistics SMS templates

  1. Shipment confirmation

[First Name], your order [Order #] with [Company] is confirmed! Stay tuned for more shipping updates via text.

  1. Order dispatched

[First Name] - Congrats! Your order [Order #] has been shipped. You can track your shipment here [Link].

  1. Order update

[First Name], your order [Order #] is en route and should arrive in [Number] days. You can track your shipment here [Link].

  1. Order delay

We are currently experiencing longer than usual shipping delays. Your [Order #] will be dispatched as soon as possible. We will continue to update you via text.

shipping delay text template
A cooking business updates their customer about a shipping delay.
  1. Return confirmation

We’re sorry to hear that the [Product/Service] didn’t work out for you. Your return is confirmed and you should receive your refund within [Number] business days.

return confirmation text template
A company confirms a return time.
  1. Pick-up notifications

Yay! [First Name], your order [Order #] is ready for pick-up at [Company] [Address]. Please bring a valid driver’s license with you to the pick-up counter.

  1. Pick-up confirmation

Your order [Order #] was picked up on [Date]. Thanks for shopping with [Company]!

  1. Delivery confirmation

[First Name], get happy! Your [Order #] from [Company] was delivered today at [Time].

Internal communication SMS templates

  1. Introduce new employee

Team, we have a new employee joining us today. Please join us in welcoming [First Name]! They are joining [Company] as a [Position Name].

  1. Collect feedback

Hey, everyone. A friendly reminder that we have a feedback form for any suggestions you may have. You can find the form here [Link].

  1. Share new schedule

Hi, team. Our new schedule is out. Please let [Representative] know if you have any questions. [Link]

  1. Shift availability 

Hi team - we have a shift available at [Time] on [Date]. Can anyone take it?

  1. Shift reminder 

Hey, [First Name]. Your shift is scheduled for [Time] on [Date].

The bottom line

We hope these text message templates will help you start your business texting initiative. If you prefer to write your own business messages, read our guide “Writing the perfect business text message: A step-by-step guide, examples.

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