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A no-code way to connect Textline to thousands of apps.

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Seamlessly connect Textline to your existing tools using Make, a visual no-code workflow automation platform. Using Make, organizations can connect Textline to thousands of applications without the need for coding or developers to build integrations. Use the Textline-Make integration to build the automated workflows your business needs to enhance productivity, communication, and satisfaction.
Some applications you can connect to Textline using Make.

What you can do with the Textline-Make integration

Connect Textline to the tools your business already uses to create seamless interactions. Once connected, you can create custom communication workflows. Let’s look at the Textline triggers, actions, and searches you can set up without code via Make.


  • Create a customer: Creates a new customer
  • Get a customer: Retrieves a customer
  • Make an API call: Performs an authorized API call
  • Send a survey: Sends a new text survey
  • Message a conversation: Sends a text to a conversation
  • Send an Announcement: Sends a mass text to multiple customers
  • Message a phone number: Sends a new outbound text
  • Update agent status: Changes an agent’s status
  • Update a customer: Changes a customer’s details
  • Import a message as a customer: Imports a text into your account for syncing


  • Watch agent status: Triggers when an agent status changes
  • Watch conversation status: Triggers when a conversation status changes
  • Watch customer post: Triggers when a text message is received
  • Watch customers: Triggers when a new customer is created or customer information changes
  • Watch outbound messages: Triggers when an outbound message is sent
  • Watch Whispers: Triggers when a Whisper (private team message) is received


  • Search agents: Searches for agents or lists them all
  • Search customers: Searches for customers or lists them all

How to connect Textline to Make and start building workflows

There are a few steps to connect Textline and Make. But first, ensure you have a Textline account and a Make account.

  1. In Textline, head to Settings > Tools & Integrations > Developer API.
  2. Copy the API Access Token
  3. Go to Make and click on Create a Connection in the Textline module. Name the connection.
  4. In the Access Token field, enter the API Access Token and click Continue.
  5. You’re connected and can start building your custom automated workflows.

Connect Textline to thousands of apps with Make

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