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40 fundraising text message examples and templates

Alia Paavola
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Text messaging can revolutionize your organization’s fundraising strategy. With the average text having a 98 percent open rate and a 45 percent response rate, SMS makes connecting with potential donors easier. 

In this blog, we share 40 fundraising text message examples and templates to help your organization build stronger donor relationships and achieve fundraising goals. Plus, you’ll get 16 tips for writing fundraising messages that drive your campaigns forward.

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40 fundraising text message examples and templates

Consider using one of these fundraising text message examples to effectively raise money via SMS. With a few tweaks, you can customize these templates for your nonprofit organization and reach your fundraising goals.

<h3 id="Asking">General asking for donation templates</h3>

Effective fundraisers must eloquently ask for donations. Use one of these general text message templates to request donations for your fundraising campaign. 

[Name,] [organization] is raising money for [cause]. A gift of just [$X] can make a huge difference. Can we count on your support? [Link] 

[Name,] did you know [stat]? You have the power to make a difference by donating to [organization]. We’re combating [cause] by [initiative]. Give now: [link]

Hi [name]! [Organization] is raising money for [project or cause]. Would you consider donating [$X] to help us achieve our [mission or goal]? [Link]

Hi [name]! Let’s reach our goal of raising [$X] for [organization]. Donate here: [link]

[Organization] is starting a fundraiser for [project or initiative]. To help us reach our goal, would you consider donating? Donate now: [link]

<h3 id="Urgency">Fundraising templates to encourage urgency</h3>

Use one of these text message templates to encourage donations at a particular event or time. These can help foster a sense of urgency. 

We’re moments from our fundraising goal of [$X] for [project or cause]. Can you help us reach the finish line? Give now: [link]

[Name], we’re just [$X] away from our ultimate fundraising goal of [$X]. You can help us [cause]. Ready to give your support? [Link]

[Organization]: The first [X] people to donate [$X] to [cause] will be entered to win [giveaway]. Let’s reach our goal of [$X]. Donate here: [link]

[Name], there’s only a few hours left for [fundraising event]. Donate now to help [organization] reach its fundraising goal of [$X]. [Link]

We just raised [$X] in [amount of time]. Help [organization] make a difference for [cause] and reach the next milestone by donating now: [link]

A fundraising event text from Lurie Children’s.
A fundraising event text from Lurie Children’s Hospital.

<h3 id="Promote">Promote a fundraising event</h3>

Fundraising events like galas or fun runs can help organizations raise more money. SMS marketing messages can help you promote them. 

[Name], commit to making a difference in the lives of others by participating in [event] as a charity partner. Learn more: [link]

Join us for [fundraiser event] on [date] and [time]. For every ticket purchased, [organization] will get [$X]. Buy your tickets today: [link]

We’re raising money for [organization] at our [event] on [date] at [time]. Join us for a silent auction.

[Organization] invites you to [fundraising event] on [date] and [time]! We hope to see you there. Buy tickets now: [link]

Hey [name]. [Organization] is hosting an [event] on [date]. Our goal is to raise money for [cause]. Learn more and consider donating: [link]

A fundraising event promotional text from Lurie Children’s.
A fundraising event promotional text from Lurie Children’s.

<h3 id="Matching">Matching donation</h3>

If your organization or another donor matches donations, use one of these text message templates to get the word out in real time. 

Hi [name]! An anonymous donor is matching gifts made to [organization] today ONLY. This means you can double your impact to help fight [cause]. [link]

Don’t wait. Each dollar you donate to [organization] will go 2X as far. We’re matching donations for [amount of time]. Give now: [link]

Hi [name]! We’re raising money for [organization, project, or cause]. Give today to double your impact, thanks to [person or organization]. [Link]

Hi [name]! This week, any gift to support [organization] will be matched thanks to [person or organization.] Double your impact today: [link] 

Exciting news, [name]! All gifts made to [organization] by [date] will be matched. Can we count on you to donate? [link]

A matching gift text message example from Children’s Wisconsin.
A matching gift text message example from Children’s Wisconsin.

<h3 id="Text">Text to donate</h3>

Use one of these templates to collect donations after customers engage with your text-to-give campaigns. These text-to-donate campaigns encourage supporters to text a keyword like “DONATE” to your business phone number to get information and a link to donate. Add a text-to-donate ad next to your cash register, hang flyers around your business, or post it in your social media bios.

Hi, thanks for opting into [organization’s] text-to-donate campaign. Here’s a link to securely donate: [link]

Hi, thanks for your interest in donating to [organization]. Donate using this form: [link]

You’ve subscribed to [organization’s] text-to-give campaign. You can donate using this link: [link]Text STOP to opt out at any time.

Thanks for considering a donation! Learn more about the [organization] and our ongoing initiatives here: [link]

Thanks for subscribing to [organization’s] text to donate campaign. You’ll get updates about our fundraising efforts. Donate here: [link]

<h3 id="Giving">Giving Tuesday</h3>

Giving Tuesday is one of the most popular days for raising money. It’s described as a global day of giving and is held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Use one of these text templates to request donations for your fundraising campaigns on this day.

Hi [name]! Giving Tuesday is here! [Organization] is aiming to raise [$X] by [time] to help [cause]. Give now: [link]

On this special day of giving, I hope you’re inspired to make a generous gift to help [cause]. Give to [organization] today: [link]

Hi [name]! Only a few hours left for Giving Tuesday. [Organization] is [$X] away from our goal of [$X]. Would you consider donating [$X] to help [cause]?

It’s Giving Tuesday! [Organization] is raising money for [cause]. Help us kick off the day strong by giving now: [link]

Make a difference this Giving Tuesday by donating to [Organization]. We’re on a mission to solve [problem to solve]. [link]

<h3 id="Reengage">Reengage a past donor</h3>

Another great way to boost your fundraising efforts is to reengage past donors. Here are some sample fundraising text message templates to do just that.

Thanks to donors like you, we made an impact last year on [cause]. Reply Y to learn about [organization’s] initiatives this year and how you can make a difference.

Thank you for your past support of [organization]. This year, we’re raising money for [initiative]. Can we count on your support again? [link]

Last year your donation of [$X] helped [organization] make [impact]. Would you consider donating again this year? [Link]

We’re seeking people to join our [fundraising opportunity]. Would you be willing to attend again this year? Learn more: [link]

[Organization]: Take a look at the impact we made together last year: [video link] Interested in learning about this year’s initiatives? Reply to learn more.

<h3 id="Thanks">Thanks for your donation messages</h3>

You always want to thank people who donated to your campaign and cause. Here are some thank you messages you can use for inspiration.

Hi [name]. We’re so thankful for your donation! It will be used to further [organization’s] [mission].

The results are in! We raised [$X] for our fundraiser. We’re so thankful for your support!

From all of us at [organization], thank you for your generous gift! We can’t wait to provide you with updates about the fundraiser.

[Name,] thank you for your financial support! You’re helping us fight [cause] in a meaningful way.

Thanks to caring people like you, we raised [amount] for [cause or fundraiser name]. Thank you from all of us at [organization] 💛

A thank you for your donation text from Girls on the Run.
A thank you for your donation text from Girls on the Run.

👀 Looking for more donation text messages? Get 25 different templates for inspiration.

<h2 id="Tips">16 tips for writing effective fundraising text messages</h2>

Whether running a school fundraiser, hosting an auction, or coordinating a food drive for Church, keep these tips in mind to craft convincing messages.

  • Use emotional appeals. Encourage more donations by crafting messages that evoke emotion. You can share happy stories about individuals or communities that were helped by your organization. You can describe their struggle and how donations made a big difference in their lives.

  • Highlight the problem. Clearly explain the problem or challenge your organization addresses. Provide statistics to show the scale of the problem and encourage people to donate.

  • Send solution-oriented messages. Explain how your organization’s initiatives and projects will solve the problem or support a cause. For example, if you’re an Alzheimer’s NGO, your specific initiative could be to alleviate the cost of a caregiver for families dealing with the disease.

  • Be transparent. Let donors know exactly how their donation will be used. You can highlight your commitment to a particular cause and share how past donations helped. This helps establish transparency and accountability for your fundraising efforts.

  • Suggest specific donation amounts. Don’t be afraid to suggest a specific donation amount. This gives potential donors an idea of how much to give and how that amount makes an impact. For example, you could share that a $25 donation can provide nutritious meals for dogs at the shelter for a month.

  • Match donations. Inform donors about ongoing matching donation campaigns. This includes if another donor, company, or your organization matches gifts. This lets potential donors know they can essentially double the impact of their donation if they give during this time period.

  • Encourage recurring donations. Ask donors to consider enrolling in recurring donations, such as every quarter or month. You can do this by emphasizing the long-term impact of consistent support for your organization’s cause. For example, you could encourage donors to give $1 a month for one year to support a child accessing clean water. 

  • Add a clear call to action. You want donors to know exactly what step to take after receiving your fundraising text. Use a clear and concise CTA. For instance, you could use "donate now” or “give today.”

  • Use visuals. Don’t be afraid to include images, videos, or infographics in your text messages to appeal to potential donors. Use visuals that showcase your cause, the nonprofit organization’s work, or the potential positive outcomes of donations. Images help invoke a sense of emotion.

  • Express gratitude. Thanking your donors in advance and acknowledging any past support is an important way to express appreciation. You want to ensure your donors know you’re appreciative of them for considering and making a donation to support your cause.

  • Foster a sense of belonging. People want to feel like they’re part of a like-minded community. Frame donations as a way for donors to become part of this community dedicated to making a difference.

  • Provide fundraising progress updates. Build trust with your donors by sharing progress updates. You could share fundraising goal updates or how previous donations have been used to improve, advance, or fight a cause.

  • Use empowering language. Inspire people to donate and take action by using empowering language that highlights the impact their donation can make. For example, phrases like "You have the power to change lives" can help inspire action.

  • Create a simple donation process. A difficult fundraising process can cause your organization to lose out on donations. Make sure the donation process is straightforward, mobile-friendly, and secure. Include an SMS link to the mobile-friendly donation page in your message.

  • Personalize the message. Whenever possible, personalize the fundraising message with the donors’ first names and reference their past involvement with your organization. This could include a past donation or a volunteer opportunity they joined.

  • Keep it to the point. Text messages are built for rapid back-and-forth communication. Keep your message concise by getting to the point of your message quickly.

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