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Keep parents, teachers, directors, and students in the know with a school text service. With sky-high open rates, a school SMS service helps you share messages to mobile devices with ease.
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Use SMS to enhance communication with students, faculty, and parents

Schools rely on effective communication to keep their communities up to date on campus news and events. Every school across the country needs to get students to the right place at the right time, keep parents informed, and share important deadlines.

When your school needs to communicate a message quickly, a school text messaging service is a great solution. It allows you to reach students, parents, and staff no matter where they are located. 

Plus, with high engagement rates and low costs per SMS message, a text messaging service is cost-effective. Overall, an SMS platform like Textline is designed to improve school communication while saving time for administrative teams.

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How school text messaging works

Schools and faculty members are busy teaching and coaching students. This means external communication often falls to the back burner. However, effective communication is critical to keep students, staff, and parents in the know.

A text messaging service can help manage this communication to keep parents updated about school closures, extracurricular activities, and other key events. Plus, it can help you share memos with dispersed staff, manage sick days, find substitute teachers, and circulate notifications. 

There’s no need for complex communication solutions to eat into your school's budget. A mass text messaging solution is cost-effective and can be managed from a desktop or laptop computer. Overall, school-sent SMS messages reach the right people at the right time at a low cost to your school. 

Benefits of texting for schools

Keep your campus up to date with a modern communication tool. Texline’s mass text messaging solution for schools is easy to set up. There’s no need for expensive hardware or long training sessions. Benefit from features like two-way texting, bulk SMS, secure data storage, and message tracking with Textline in your school.

Easy mass text messaging

Harness the power of mass text messaging to reach large groups of school contacts in just a few clicks. Broadcast announcements to your students, parents, or faculty. Ensure crucial reminders and messages are read by sending them straight to their mobile devices.  

School texting also lets you digitize communication to cut down on paper costs, reach preoccupied parents on their smartphones, and reap benefits of increased open rates. Plus, you can track delivery rates to ensure critical messages are sent. 

Reliable data tracking

Textline tracks reliable data and messaging. This ensures the data you get from our SMS platform is easy to access, understand, and use. With Textline you can track delivered rate, see text conversation history, and monitor conversations on one centralized dashboard. Keep a record of every message, including replies, and store your school's communication safely and securely.

Two-way texting

Engage in conversations with students, parents, and faculty with Textline’s two-way-texting functionality. Textline lets you reply to any inbound message, allowing you the ability to answer questions, send polls, and transmit surveys.  

Two-way messaging allows students to interact directly with their teachers outside of the classroom about assignments, events, and everything in between. Allow parents to send questions, ask for vital information, and RSVP to events. With two-way texting, staying in touch with your school community has never been easier.

You can send two-way school text messages via your computer using a keyboard. There’s no need to purchase additional hardware or mobile phone handsets.

Lightning-fast alerts

Textline's lightning-fast, real-time SMS messaging system gets the right message in front of the right people when they need it most.

Send emergency text alerts in real-time and ensure that parents, students, and faculty members are protected and aware in times of emergency. Pre-write messages for recurring situations so they can be sent with one click. Mitigate future problems with school text communication that's instantly delivered to the device people check on average 344 times a day. This allows your administrative staff to always be in control.

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Why schools should text


of people prefer texting over a phone call. — SMS Comparison


of Americans own a cell phone of some kind. — Pew Research Center

344 times

how often the average American checks their phone each day. —

A+ phone number registration for schools

All organizations must register their phone number before texting contacts. Mobile carriers mandated registration to protect customers from spam messages. Organizations must provide details about themselves and their SMS use case to register.

While ensuring proper registration may seem daunting, it’s not with Textline. We’ve simplified the phone number registration process for our users. Educational organizations only need to fill out our registration form in-app. From there, Textline will submit your registration for vetting on your behalf. Get an easy A+ on phone number registration with Textline.

Plus, Textline customers can test our platform for free while awaiting phone number approval. You can set up automations, craft text templates, and test features.

SMS for schools use cases

From communicating homework reminders to keeping parents informed of snow days, a school text service keeps your school community up to date and running smoothly.

Event reminders

Do you have an upcoming event on campus? Use a mass text to let students, parents, and staff know. You can also send multiple reminders via text to boost attendence at the school event. Plus, an SMS service like Textline makes it easy to manage guest lists and record RSVPs. For example, you can create different contact lists and send tailored messages to each one. 

Internal communication

While SMS is often used for external communication, it’s also a very effective internal communication tool. Use texting to connect with faculty quickly. For example, do you need a last-minute substitute to cover for a class? Do you need a first-aider in a classroom, or are you in need of chaperones for an upcoming field trip? Quickly communicate with all staff and find the help you need with SMS school text message alerts.

Billing and payments

Managing a school's billing and payroll can be difficult. It’s especially challenging to collect dues and payments from parents and students. Make sure outstanding amounts are paid correctly and on time with SMS. 

Use a school text service to send mass reminders about upcoming payments or notify about impending late fees. With Textline, you can create specific contact lists to simplify payment reminders and automate reminder texts. With SMS you know that your messages are being read by the right people.

Targeted marketing and communication

Build segmented lists of contacts based on roles, responsibilities, or departments to send targeted communication or SMS marketing messages.

For example, you could create a contact list of seniors and promote an event like prom or disclose key college application due dates. You could also create a list of theater department parents to share information about the upcoming school play or create groups for each sports team.

With Textline's targeted marketing and communication functionalities, your school faculty is always in control of who receives what.

<span class="text-center">What Textline brings to the classroom</span>

Textline is a higher education text messaging platform built with schools like yours in mind. Help celebrate your students' wins and stay connected with the right people with an SMS for schools solution. 

Text automations

There’s no need to write every message individually or from scratch. With Textline you can set up texts to trigger when certain conditions are met to make your administrators' lives easier. Automate celebration messages to go out on students' birthdays or send best wishes to your community on holidays. Textline’s SMS platform lets you automate replies, streamline workflows, and pre-write message templates for use in specific situations. All of this saves time and increases operational efficiency.


Use Textline's built-in SMS surveys to easily and quickly gather feedback from parents, students, and staff members. Simply send out a survey link via text or conduct the survey through text by allowing open replies. 

Using SMS surveys helps collect valuable information from your school community quickly. Ask parents to give their opinion on a new teaching initiative or ask students how they’d rate a particular class when the semester ends. Requesting feedback and implementing it helps you build better relationships.

Streamlined texting dashboard

With a user-friendly  interface, Textline's dashboard is easy to set up for schools. You can manage SMS messages from a computer. Enjoy texting with a keyboard, mouse, and large screen.

Overall, our dashboard was built for faculty administrative teams like yours. Collaborate with your colleagues, view data, and see text history with individuals in one central location. With Textline, you can stay on top of your teams' messaging.

Strong support system

Take advantage of Texline's strong tech support, which is available to our school clients throughout the day. You're not alone in managing your dashboard. Our expert team is available to help answer questions, troubleshoot issues, or help you use key Textline features.

With our comprehensive coverage and support, we’ll resolve your issues faster. Reach out to us and take advantage of tech support that speaks your language. We'll be happy to help.

<span class="text-center">SMS compliance for schools</span>

Schools must work hard to protect student and staff privacy. Two applicable laws are the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which protects student records, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which protects consumers from SPAM messaging. With these two laws, schools must keep up to date with changes and ensure their communications are compliant.

Textline takes security seriously and is the most secure business and school texting platform available. All your school messages are proxied through Cloudflare using a strict SSL/TLS encrypted connection. AES 256 encryption is applied to all data at rest, so you can be assured your community's data is always secure. 

We constantly monitor our traffic for security events and are passionate about training our staff to uphold rigorous security standards. We're fully TCPA compliant and offer functionality to help you achieve school SMS compliance. 

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Why schools can trust Textline

“Simple and easy to work with, doesn't need much explanation, and a person just learning to use it does not get overwhelmed.”

— Clare R., Trustpilot

“This service is top-notch in regard to customer service and tools. Almost an immediate response to text by a qualified Textline rep. Answers and directions were easy to understand, and all questions were completely resolved. Thus far, all experiences with Textline have been positive, and we look forward to continuing this service for years to come.”

— Terry F., Trustpilot

“Enjoyed the Textline platform immensely. It has met our needs and the continuous feature releases and improvements have helped to increase our functionality and efficiency.”

— Alex, Trustpilot
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