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30 SMS templates for schools [free]

Alia Paavola
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SMS templates for schools are perfect to save time, effort, and resources. They can be used to mass text, or have personal one-on-one conversations with students, parents, or staff members.

Below, we share 30 SMS templates you can use for your school.

  • Send announcements and promos
  • Coordinate students
  • Keep parents posted
  • Collect payment
  • Communicate with staff
  • Collect feedback

30 Bulk SMS templates for schools

These are templates for common messages that you can tweak to suit your exact needs. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, they’ll give you an idea of how to phrase your messages.

Announcements and promos

Promote events, send emergency alerts, reach out to alumni, make important announcements, and send notifications.

1. Promote an event

Hi, [First Name]. [School Name]’s homecoming dance is right around the corner! Snag tickets by [Date] for $5 off: [link]

2. Holiday regards

Happy holidays! 🎄 We wish you a joyful holiday season and prosperous New Year. As a reminder, school is closed [Date] - [Date] - [School Name]

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3. New courses & programs

[School Name] is pleased to announce we are offering a new course this academic year: [Course Name]. To learn more about it, simply reply YES.

4. Admissions

Hey [Name]. There’s still time to apply for [School Name]’s [Program Name] student program. We will begin announcing admissions in [Month/Duration].

5. Contact alumni

Hi, [Alumni Name]. We’re excited to invite you to [School Name]’s 10-year reunion party at [Date & Time]. For more details, reply YES.

6. Emergency alerts

Due to severe weather conditions, [School Name] will be closed on [Date]. If you want to receive updates, reply YES.

Student coordination

SMS is the easiest way to grab your students’ attention and ensure they’re up-to-date on all matters.

7. Curriculum materials

Hello, [Student Name]. Here’s a full list of studying materials for this semester: [Link]

8. Grades

Hi, [Student Name]. Your grade for [Class/Project] is now available. Head to your student portal to check it out: [Link]

9. Upcoming exams

Hello, [Student Name]. This is a reminder for the practice ACT held on [Date & Time]. Remember to bring water and a stopwatch. 

10. Application reminder

Hi, [Student Name]. The application deadline for admission into the [Club/Society Name] is [Date]. Apply now: [Link]

11. Registration confirmation

Hi, [Student Name]. This message confirms that you registered to try out for [Sport] for the [Semester]. Tryouts start on [Date] at [Time].

12. Remote support or tutoring

Hi, [Student Name]. Our e-learning program gives you access to tutors and extra online resources. Check out what’s available: [Link]

13. Send important notices

Hi, [Student Name]. Remember to pick up your student ID and books at the gym between [Time] - [Time] on [Date]. Contact admin office for any questions. 

14. Request documents

Hi, [Student Name]. Please remember to return your signed field trip permission slip by [Date]. Print here: [Link]

Parent communication

Whether to send reminders, updates or notifications to parents, SMS always provides the easiest and quickest way.

15. Posted grades

Hi, [Guardian Name]. Final grades for the semester will be posted online by [date]. You will also receive the report card in the mail. - [School Name]

16. Schedule a meeting

Hi, [Guardian Name]. This is [Name] from [School Name]. Are you available this week for a meeting to discuss [Student Name]. Reply to or call this number.

17. Meeting confirmation

Hi, [Guardian Name]. Your meeting tomorrow with [Teacher Name] is scheduled for [Time]. Reply C to confirm your attendance.

18. Meeting reminder

Hi, [Guardian Name]. You have a meeting on [Date] and [Time] with [Teacher Name]. Please arrive 5 minutes early and wait outside classroom [Number].

19. Request information

Hi, [Guardian Name]. [Student name] was absent on [Date] without notice. Please call [Phone Number] or send a letter to provide a reason. - [School Admin Office]

20. Share student behavior reports

Hi, [Guardian Name]. Here’s a report about [Student Name]’s recent concerning behavior in class. Please reply or call with any questions. [Link]

Payment collection

Avoid late payments by sending notifications and reminders to students and parents on time.

21. Collect tuition fees

Hi, [Guardian Name]. The [Semester] tuition fee for [Student Name] is due soon. Please pay by [Date] to avoid late fees. - [School name]

22. Field trip payment

Hi, [Student Name]. Your spot is saved for the field trip to [X]. Please pay [Amount] to the admin office before [Date]. Thank you!

23. Request fees for events

Hello [Name]. Please pay [amount] to [School Name] to participate in [Event Name]. Fees are due November 20. 

Staff communication

Keep in touch with the staff to inform them of any updates or open a conversation.

24. Send reminders

Hi staff. This is a reminder that the elementary school will have a shortened day this [Day]. Students will leave by [Time].

25. Book chaperones

Hi teachers. We need [Number] chaperones for the field trip to [X] on [Date]. Please reply if you’re interested or available. 

26. Request substitute teachers

Hi, staff. One of our [Grade] teachers has an emergency. Is anyone free to substitute them from [Date] to [Date]. If you’re available, please reply YES.

27. RSVP for events

Hi [Teacher Name]. The g[Event Name] is taking place on [Date] at [Time]. Please RSVP as a volunteer, organizer, or attendee by [Date]. Thank you!

28. Class cancellations

Hi, staff. Due to a severe snowstorm, all classes will be canceled on [Date]. Please plan accordingly. 

Collect feedback

Listening is more important than talking. Listen to what your staff and pupils say and how you can make the school a better place for everyone.

29. Send surveys

Hi, [Student Name]. Thanks for taking our advanced physics course. We’d love to get your feedback and find ways to improve. To complete the survey, click [Link]

30. Encourage complaints

Hello, [Guardian Name]. Lately, we’ve received bullying reports. Help us create a safe space for everyone, and report any cases here: [Link]

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