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27 customizable payment reminder text message templates

Alia Paavola
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Businesses across the globe struggle with collecting late payments from customers and vendors, and the need to track down these overdue payments is only expected to increase. In fact, 81 percent of businesses reported seeing more late payments in 2022 compared to the year prior. 

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While collecting outstanding cash can be a sizable time burden for businesses, business texting can reduce the time spent chasing down late payments. 

In this article, we’ll cover how to use business texting to improve billing and collections and share customizable payment reminder text message samples. With a few tweaks, you can turn these payment reminder text messages into personalized messages that encourage customers to pay on time.

<h2 id="commonreasons">Common reasons for late payments</h2>

Customers fail to make timely payments for several reasons. A study from 2022 found the top two reasons customers cited for paying late were that they didn’t have enough money to cover the bill or forgot about it. Here’s more information about some of the most common factors cited by clients.

  • Cash flow issues. One of the most cited reasons for late payments is cash flow problems. The business you’re attempting to collect from may not have enough money to pay its bills on time.

  • Forgetfulness. A study from WalletHub found that 45 percent of Americans missed a credit card payment due to forgetfulness. As people run billing departments, they may forget about bills.

  • Disputed charges. Another common reason clients don’t pay on time is that they disagree with the amount owed. Businesses may not pay by the due date to protest the outstanding balance.

  • Invoice not received claims. Sometimes a client may claim they never received the invoice or lost it. This may occur when sending snail mail invoices or emails that end up in the spam folder.

  • Incomplete or unclear documentation. The person paying an invoice may not have placed the order with your company. They may claim there is insufficient or unclear documentation and want more details before they pay. 
  • Economic factors. Unemployment, inflation, interest rates, and commodity prices are all increasing. This may lead to more missed payments.

  • Unsure how to pay. Sometimes, customers aren’t sure how to pay. This can occur when they receive a bill in the mail without clear instructions.

  • Technological issues. Customers sometimes face technological obstacles to complete their payments. For this, it’s best if businesses provide alternative payment methods.
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<h2 id="tipsandbestpractices">Tips and best practices for handling overdue invoices</h2>

While it can be frustrating to collect unpaid balances, here are several tactics businesses can use to reduce the burden of chasing down late payments. The best part? You can follow through with almost all of them using SMS or MMS. With a 98 percent open rate, and only 90 seconds between receiving and opening a message, texting is one of the most effective tools to reduce late payments.

  • Send payment reminders. Often customers don’t realize their invoice is due. One way to solve this is by sending payment reminders with precise due dates.

  • Offer early payment discounts. Incentivize customers to pay early by offering a small discount. This discount may encourage customers to pay promptly and help foster loyalty.

  • Collect advanced payments. You could request customers to pay upfront before starting a project, giving a service, or shipping a product. Collecting upfront payments helps prevent late payments.

  • Make it clear how customers can pay. Don’t let customers use the excuse that they don’t know how to pay. Make it clear how they can make payments. For example, send a direct link to where they can pay online or write step-by-step instructions.

  • Offer flexible payment methods. Give customers multiple options to pay. For example, allow them to pay online with a credit card, send a check in the mail, or use a direct bank transfer. The more options you offer, the more likely you will get paid.

  • Consider extending credit or offering a payment plan. If your customer is going through a rough financial patch and the late payment isn’t habitual, consider extending the due date or allowing them to pay their outstanding amounts in chunks.

  • Charge late fees. To encourage customers to pay on time, create a late fee policy and share it with customers. No one wants to pay more because of late payments. Use this to your advantage.

  • Check for technical difficulties. Make sure your payment systems are up and running. Don’t let a technical issue prevent payments from coming through on time.

  • Take legal action. You could push for a legal remedy if you’ve exhausted all other options to collect non-payments. 
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<h2 id="texttemplates">27 payment reminder text message templates</h2>

Use these SMS payment reminder samples to improve your billing and collections.

Reminder before the due date

Send SMS reminders before the payment deadline with details about the date, amount due, and how to pay. 

Hi [name]. This is a friendly reminder that your payment of [amount] for [service] is due on [date]. Click here to pay: [Link]

Hi [name]. Your payment of [amount] to [business name] is due next week for [service]. Click here for payment options: [Link]

Hi [name]. Your credit card will be charged [amount] on [date] for [service]. Please ensure your information is up to date before then! Thanks, [business name].

Hi [name]. This is a reminder that invoice [number] is due next week. To avoid late fees, please pay before [date]. Click here for payment options: [link]

Hi [name]. The attached invoice from [business name] for [service] is due on [date]. Please pay by check or online via this link: [link] 

Incentivized payment reminder

Encourage customers to pay ahead of time in exchange for a discount on their existing bill or next month’s invoice. You’ll likely save time by not needing to chase down as many late payments.

Hi [name]. Pay your bill from [month] by [date] and get [X%] off with {business name]. Here’s the link to pay [link]

Pay for your [business name] service from [month] before [date] and get [X%] off your next invoice! 

Pay for your most recent invoice from [business name] by [date]. You’ll get a special discount on your next bill 😊 Link to pay: [link]

Hey, [name]! Want a discount on your next invoice? Pay your existing [amount] balance by [date], and get a [X%] discount next month. - [Business name]

Due date payment reminder

To encourage clients to pay on time, send a reminder text message the day payment is due. 

Hi [name]. Your payment of [amount] to [business name] is due today! Please pay by heading to this link: [link]

Hi [name]. Your payment for invoice [number] is due today! You can pay via credit card or e-check on our website [link]. Thanks, [business name].

Hi [name]. Your payment for [service or product] is due today! To avoid late fees, please pay by 11:59pm via this link: [link]

Hi [name]. Your bill from [service] on [date] is due today! Please find your payment options here: [link]

Hi [name]. The attached invoice from [business name] is due today! Please visit this link for payment options: [link]

Late payment reminder

Use SMS messages to alert customers that their payment is past due. This may encourage them to pay immediately. 

Hi [name]. Your payment of [amount] for [service] is past due. Please review your outstanding bill and submit payment: [link]. Thanks, [business name].

Hi [name]. Your payment of [amount] to [business name] for [service] is overdue. Please pay your bill here: [link]

Hi [name]. Your invoice payment from [business name] was due last week. To avoid late fees, please pay now: [link]

Hi [name]. Your payment of [amount] to [business name] is past due. Have questions about outstanding payments? Call or text [phone number] or pay here: [link]

Hi [name]. Your payment of [amount] for the attached invoice from [business name] is past due. Please pay online to avoid late fees: [link]

Late payment follow-up

Send text messages to customers to remind them about their missing and late payments. Sometimes follow-ups help grasp the attention of a client.

Hi [name]. We still haven’t received your payment for [service], due [date]. Pay via this link: [link] Questions? Call or text [phone number]

Hi [name]. We still haven’t received payment for the attached invoice. To avoid late fees, please pay by [date]. View payment options here: [link]

Hi [name]. Your payment of [amount] has been past due since [date]. Please review and make a payment here: [link]

Hi [name]. I’m following up because your bill for [service] from [business name] is still outstanding. Please make a payment here: [link]

Final notice payment reminder

After several attempts to follow up about an outstanding payment, use one of these final notice payment reminder texts.

Hi [name]. This is the final notice to pay [amount] for [service]. If you don’t pay today, we will be forced to suspend your account. - [Business name]

Hi [name]. This is your final notice to pay [amount] for invoice [number]. If you don’t pay, we will be forced to suspend [service]. - [Business name]

Hi [name]. Despite many attempts to reach you, we haven’t received your payment of [amount]. We will take legal action if you don’t submit it by [due date].

Hi [name]. Despite many attempts to reach you, your bill of [amount] still needs to be paid. We sent it to collections. Questions? Call [phone number]

<h2 id="industrybenefits">How different industries benefit from payment reminder text messages</h2>

While businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from SMS payment reminders, here are a few specific industry use cases. 

Financial services

Financial service firms, from banking institutions to insurers, can use payment reminder texts to ensure customers know about their bills, understand them, and pay on time. Here are some types of payments financial service organizations can remind customers about:

  • Upcoming credit card payments
  • Car loan payments
  • Mortgage payments
  • Insurance payments
  • Service fees

Here’s an example of a payment reminder from a credit card company. 

A payment reminder text sample for financial services. 
A payment reminder text sample for financial services.


In healthcare, billing is complex. The bill often comes weeks after service and is primarily determined by an individual’s insurance coverage. Consider using a payment reminder text message to help patients understand their outstanding bills and when they’re due. You can also share payment estimates, copay amounts, or payment plan options via text message.

Here’s an example of a healthcare payment reminder text template pre-service. 

A pre-visit payment reminder text sample for healthcare.
A pre-visit payment reminder text sample for healthcare.

Here’s an example of a healthcare payment reminder text post-service. 

A post-visit payment reminder text sample for healthcare.
A post-visit payment reminder text sample for healthcare.

Remember, when texting patients, you must use a HIPAA-compliant texting platform. Learn more about HIPAA-compliant texting and how to enforce it

Subscription-based services

Many businesses rely on subscription payment models. This includes:

  • Membership services (gyms, recurring meal services, etc.)
  • SaaS companies
  • Publishing and broadcasting
  • Marketing agencies
  • Utility companies

Many customers may not realize when their recurring payment is due or how much they owe if it fluctuates monthly. They can use reminder texts to ensure regular payments are understood and made on time. 

Here’s an example of a text a SaaS company could share with customers to remind them to pay. 

A payment reminder text sample for SaaS companies.
A payment reminder text example for SaaS companies.

Home services

Home service companies, including cleaners, landscapers, or roofers, can use texts to send invoices or remind customers to pay. This is especially helpful because many workers don’t have computers while on the job, so sending an invoice electronically via text may be the best option. 

Here’s an example of a text a plumber could send reminding a customer to pay an invoice. 

A payment reminder text for home services.
A payment reminder text sample for home services.

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