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Help your church feel like a home to your congregation by using a church texting service. Grow your community, increase attendance at events, and spread news about your church with Textline's church text messaging service.
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A church is a community, and all members play a role in building it. Yet a community is only as good and strong as its communication. Traditionally, churches send emails, letters, or flyers to encourage people to attend events or services. But, these communication methods are limited. Often flyers are discarded, emails end up in spam folders, and letters can be costly. On the other hand, SMS is a revolutionary way for your church to keep in touch.

Accessible to individuals of all ages, SMS is an effective way to send church messages that get seen immediately. In fact, the average American reads a text message within just three minutes of receiving it.

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Why use a church texting service?

A church texting service allows churches, ministries, and other religious groups to communicate with their members via SMS. Many churches and religious groups are turning to SMS to increase attendance at church services and improve communication. That’s because it can keep the church community informed and inspired by God.

There are many ways to use a church texting service. For example, you could ask for prayer requests, share testimonials, send Bible verses, or promote church community events. Additionally, you could ask for volunteers, send mass SMS messages to share announcements, and grow your SMS contact list. All of this is possible with Textline's church text messaging service.

Better attendance at services

Increase attendance with SMS messaging. You can use mass text messages to invite new members, encourage your congregation to bring a friend, remind people about mass times, or share schedule changes. 

You can also use texting to follow up with church members post service or send links, images, or documentation.

Promote upcoming events

Use a church texting service to invite members, supporters, or volunteers to events and build a stronger church community. Announce updates to contacts and share good news messages like testimonials or Bible verses. 

Stronger member engagement

A church text messaging service makes it easier to get feedback and build meaningful relationships with your congregation. You can send welcome text messages to new attendees, ask members for feedback to keep them engaged, or wish churchgoers a Merry Christmas or happy wedding anniversary. 

With Textline, you have the option to personally craft these messages or set them up to automatically send. 

Discover how to serve and engage your community better with texting surveys and two-way texting. Overall, a church text service is a fantastic way to build engagement and strengthen relationships.

Church invitation text message samples

Engage your church family with SMS messages. Below we share several text message samples that churches could send to their communities. These sample messages include church event invites, follow up messages for when a regular churchgoer missed mass, and service time reminders. 

Example 1:

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hi Lisa. We missed you at church on Sunday! Catch up online via our website. Struggling to make church? Reply here if you need help with transportation.</span></span>

Example 2:

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">It's prayer-request Wednesday! Every Wednesday this month, we're praying as a church for healing and growth. Reply with a prayer request or to schedule time to speak with a pastor on Sunday. God bless!</span></span>

Example 3:

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hello churchgoers. We're blessing the kindergarteners this weekend! We need volunteers to help us redecorate the hall for our new creche. Reply YES for more information.</span></span>

Example 4:

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Welcome to St. Martin's Church! Next week's mass is at 10 am Sunday, Dec. 4. We hope to see you there.</span></span>

Example 5:

<span class="chat-bubble"><span class="chat-bubble__text">Hello church choir! Don't forget we will be caroling in the neighborhoods by the church on Dec. 23! Invite your friends and family to join us and hear the word of God at Christmas time. See you on Friday!</span></span>

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Why churches should add texting


of text messages are opened. — Gartner


of Americans own a cell phone. — Pew Research Center


of businesses using SMS said it gets higher engagement than email. — G2

Get your church’s phone number registered for texting with ease

Mobile carriers require organizations wanting to text to register their phone numbers. This means any church wishing to text their congregation must submit information about their organization and texting use case. 

Textline makes phone number registration easy for churches. All customers can register in our app. Our pre-built forms provide examples to ensure churches submit the correct information to get registered. Plus, we submit it on your behalf. Simplify the registration experience with Textline. 

Plus, as you wait for your phone number to be ready, you can test Textline’s features, set up automatic replies, and create text templates.

Textline's texting service for churches

Textline's comprehensive features for churches help your organization reach more people and stay connected with them. Discover how Textline's texting service can work in your church. 

Group your members 

In your Textline Address Book, you can easily divide your members into different groups for more targeted messaging. For example, you could label contacts as part of women's ministry, men's ministry, or youth ministry. This ability to tag and label contacts ensures members get the most relevant messages.

Mass texting

Reach all church members at once using Textline's bulk SMS feature. Share key announcements or invites to upcoming events to drive attendance. Or use bulk texting to share prayer requests or motivational scripture snippets. Mass texting is a quick and cost-efficient way for your church to keep members engaged and share the word of God.

Surveys and two-way texting

Textline's church SMS messaging solution isn’t just for one-way communication. Use two-way texting to gather information from church attendees, receive prayer requests, or get tithes and testimonies. Textline also has text surveys you can use to request feedback from members to improve community support or church services. Textline allows you to use several pre-built SMS surveys or create a customizable one. 

Organized dashboard

Manage SMS communication with your congregation from one intuitive dashboard. You can access the dashboard from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. 

From the SMS dashboard you can send and reply to texts, automate messages, and see conversation history with each contact. Plus, store personal data safely and invite as many users as you need to manage SMS conversations. Our dashboard is simple and requires little training, so any church staff member can use it with ease.

<span class="text-center">SMS compliance for churches</span>

SMS communication is regulated by several laws. This includes the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). As a result, churches must keep up to date with these regulations to ensure compliance. 

Textline takes compliance seriously. We are fully TCPA compliant and help our customers stay informed and meet these requirements. For example, Textline allows your customers to easily opt in and out of messaging and has a feature to help you keep track of consent. 

Additionally, Textline is also the most secure business and church texting platform available. All your church messages are proxied through Cloudflare using a strict end-to-end encrypted connection. AES 256 encryption is applied to all data at rest, ensuring your community's data is always secure. We also constantly monitor our traffic for security events and are passionate about training and informing our staff to uphold rigorous security standards.

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Why churches love Textline

Off the bat the platform just worked. It really moved us into an age where texting was seen as a primary means to communicate with our congregation.

—Michael V., Capterra

Excellent product, but even better support. Very responsive to any questions and were there to answer any integration issues we were encountering. Highly recommend Textline. We are able to integrate our existing workflows with Textline and get closer to our customers.

—Eric D., Capterra

Excellent experience thus far. VERY easy to use and show others how to use. GREAT support, fast and friendly. Good function features for the price point. Just what we needed.

—Dave A., Capterra
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