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25 donation text message examples and templates

Alia Paavola
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One of the most important elements of a fundraising campaign is the donation request message. A well-written donation text can help nonprofits crush fundraising goals to make a substantial difference.

But how do you properly and effectively ask for donations or thank donors via text message? 

In this article, you’ll learn tips for crafting donation text messages that convert and get 25 donation SMS templates. With a few tweaks, you can turn these into effective short donation messages fit for your organization. 

Donation text message templates with examples

Let’s look at several text templates to help you raise awareness about your cause, solicit donations, and thank donors for making a difference.

15 asking for donation text templates

Use one of the following short donation message templates to help you raise awareness about your fundraiser and encourage more people to donate.

[Organization name] is raising money for [cause]. Can we count on you to help? Donate today: [link]

Did you know [fact]? Every donation helps make advancements toward [cure/outcome]. Donate today and make a difference [link]

[Organization name] is raising money to strengthen [your nonprofit’s impact]. Even $5 helps us [impact]. Would you consider donating? Give today: [link]

[Donor name], we’ve started another fundraiser for [cause]. Last year thanks to donors like you, we [impact]. Would you donate again? Give now: [link]

We’re seeking people to join our [fundraising opportunity]. Would you consider joining to help us raise money again this year? Learn more: [link]

A fundraising opportunity request text from Lurie Children’s.
A fundraising opportunity request text from Lurie Children’s.

To help us achieve [goal], [organization name] is starting a fundraiser. Any contribution will make a difference. Thanks in advance for considering: [link]

Today ONLY. Any gift to [organization] will be matched by [company name]. Please consider making a gift and double your impact: [link]

[Nonprofit name’s] fundraising gala is happening NOW. A donation will help us [impact]. Give now: [link]

There are only a few hours left to give to our [fundraiser name]. Even [amount] makes a difference. Donate now: [link]

We’re close to meeting our fundraising goal of [amount] to combat [cause]. Can you help us reach the finish line? Give today: [link]

We’re just [dollar amount] away from our fundraising goal. You can help us [cause]. Ready to show your support? [Link].

A fundraising request text message from UW-Madison.
A fundraising request text message from UW-Madison.

It’s Giving Tuesday! We aim to raise [amount] to help [cause] in 24 hours. Can you help us? Give now: [link]

This Giving Tuesday we’re raising money for [cause]. Help us kick off the day strong by donating now: [link]

[Organization name] is participating in Giving Tuesday to support [mission]. Will you also join in making an impact by donating : [link]

Help us crush our goal of raising [amount] this Giving Tuesday to support [mission]. Give now: [link]

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10 thank you for your donation text templates

Use one of the following text message templates to thank each donor for their financial support. This simple thank-you message goes a long way in helping you maintain relationships with donors.

[Name,] thank you for your donation! You’re helping us continue our mission in a meaningful way.

Donors like you make a huge impact on [cause]. On behalf of [organization name], we can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

Our Giving Tuesday results are in! We raised [amount] in just 24 hours. We’re so thankful for your support!

Thank you so much for caring about [cause]. [Organization name] is deeply grateful for your generous gift of [amount].

Our work is only possible thanks to caring people like you. Your support means we can [mission]. Thank you 💛

A thank you for your donation text message example.
A thank you for your donation text message example.

Thank you for your support of [cause]! Your gift helps us get one step closer to our [fundraising dollar goal].

Thanks for your donation! Your generous gift helped us get closer to our [fundraising goal]. Track the progress of [organization name’s] fundraiser here: [link]

[Donor name], thank you for your gift of [amount]! We rely on the generosity of donors like you to forward our mission.

Thanks for your donation of [amount.] Every dollar helps us further our mission of [X]. We couldn’t do it without your support.

Thank you for donating! You’re making a huge difference for [organization] and [core audience the fundraiser is helping.] 

11 tips on writing effective donation messages

An effective donation text message can help your organization reach its fundraising goals. Here are a few tips to help you write donation messages that convert.

  • Be clear and concise. Text messages are inherently short, so you must be concise yet clear. The goal is to get your audience’s attention and convince them to donate without too much fluff. It’s also important not to bury your donation request.

  • Make it easy to donate. You want to make it simple for contacts to donate to your cause. Make it easy by including an SMS link to a donation page or giving them clear directions on making a payment.
  • Include a call to action. Don’t forget to include a call to action in your text message. This informs your contacts about what step to take next. Consider using phrases like “donate now” or “give today.”
  • Create urgency. Fundraisers typically don’t last forever. Create urgency by letting contacts know when you’ll stop raising money for the cause. 
  • Pay close attention to the wording. The language you use in your donation text message matters. Ensure your donation ask is specific, compelling, personalized, and on-brand. These characteristics and creating a clear why help you better appeal to your audience. 
  • Personalize messages. Consumers crave customized experiences. Personalizing a message, even with a contact’s first name, can improve your donation request messages.
  • Use statistics. Numbers help create compelling stories. Don’t be afraid to use statistics or numbers to persuade your audience to donate. 
  • Reply quickly. Text messaging is built for back-and-forth conversations. Make sure you have a plan to reply to potential donors' questions. Fast responses can increase the likelihood of gaining donations. 
  • Be mindful of the timing. Pay attention to both the timing and frequency of your donation request texts. The right timing can help you create a sense of urgency and ensure more people donate.

  • Don’t send too many messages. A suitable donation text frequency enables you to follow up without annoying contacts. Don’t be afraid to follow up once or twice, but don’t send a string of 10 messages.

  • Know SMS rules. Text messaging is highly regulated. Make sure you’re aware of these laws to keep texts compliant. For example, you must collect consent to text contacts first and provide a way for them to opt out.

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