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60 customizable event reminder text message samples

Alia Paavola
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When you’re hosting a conference, workshop, or other events, success often depends on the turnout. One helpful method to increase the number of attendees is by sending event reminder messages. These reminders help you ensure guests remember your event and the most important details. But how can you effectively execute these reminders via text?

In this article, we’ll share helpful event reminder text message samples you can customize in seconds. Plus, get tips for crafting and sending influential event reminder messages.

60 event reminder text message templates to use

No matter what type of event you’re hosting and planning, we have a template for you. Use one of these event reminder message samples to help promote your event and remind people to attend via SMS. 


Use one of these event reminder texts to get attendees to your conference. They can encourage last-minute RSVPs or simply remind attendees of the start time. 

Today’s the day! [Company’s] conference starts at [time] at [venue]. Check in at [location] to get your badge. 

Don’t miss out. Our annual [conference name] is in one week! Download our full agenda here [link]

[Company’s] conference is in [X] days. RSVP by [date] to get exclusive access to [opportunity]. [Link]

The countdown is on, [name]! See you in [X] days for [conference name]. Let us know if you have any questions!

Hey, [name]! This is a quick reminder to RSVP to [conference name] by [date]. There will be [X number] industry-leading speakers to learn from.

A conference reminder text example.
A conference reminder text example.

Conference speaker reminder

Send conference speakers a reminder about their upcoming panel or presentation. It’s helpful to share the date and time with these important attendees.

Hey [name]! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on your upcoming panel at [date] and [time]. Remember to arrive 10 minutes early.

Hi [name]! Reminder: [Conference name] kicks off this week. We’re excited for your presentation on [date] and [time]. Please submit your slides to [email].

Hi [name]! Thanks for being a speaker at [conference name]! Just a reminder that your panel is [date] and [time]. Let us know if you have any questions.

Trade show, expo, or exhibition

Generate hype about your trade show and expo with one of these event reminder message samples. This can encourage more people to attend to learn about products and companies.

We can’t wait to see you at [trade show name] this year! The show kicks off at [time] on [date]. See what companies will be there: [link]

Hi [name]! This is a quick reminder that [trade show name] starts [date] and [time]. You’ll find cutting-edge solutions for [problem].

Don’t forget! [Trade show name] starts in [X] days. Attend engaging showcase programs and find the products that work for you. See you soon, [name].

Don’t miss [trade show name] this year. [Day of the week] is just the beginning! Save it to your calendar here: [link]

This is a reminder that ticket prices for [trade show name] will go up next week. Snag yours before the price increase! [link]

Workshop or training session

Use one of these SMS templates to remind people about an upcoming workshop or training session.

Hi, [name]. You RSVP’d to attend [company]’s [workshop] at [date] at [time]. It will be in [location]. See you there!

Hi [name]! Your training session on [topic] is in [X] days. Remember to bring your laptop and a pen.

Hi [name]. This is a reminder that [Company’s] workshop will be held in [location] on [date] and [time]. See you there!

Hi [name]. We can’t wait to see you on [date] and [time] for a training session with [expert] about [topic]. Joining from home? Use this Zoom link: [link]

Charity and fundraising events

Use an SMS message to remind attendees about a charity or fundraiser.

Good morning, [name]. This is a reminder that [charity’s] fundraiser starts tonight at [time]. Get directions to [venue]: [link].

Hi [name]. [Fundraising event name] kicks off this week! Join us for a weekend of raising money for [cause]. Get tickets to [opportunity] here: [link]

Hi [name]. This is your reminder about [organization’s] fundraising event on [date] at [venue]. Doors open at [time]. See you there!

Hi [name]. Today ONLY. For every dollar spent at [restaurant name], we’ll donate [amount] to [cause]. Check out the menu: [link]

Hi [name]! We’re raising money for [cause]. Stop by [venue] for a car wash. It will go toward supporting [group].

A charity event reminder from Lurie Children’s.
A charity event reminder from Lurie Children’s.


Webinars are commonplace in the business world today. Use one of these customizable SMS templates to help encourage attendees to join your company’s webinar.

Today’s the day! Join us at [time] to learn how to [webinar topic]. Here’s your link to join: [link]

Reminder. [Webinar name] starts in 1 hour. Join us live using this link: [link]

Hi [name]! This is a reminder to register for [webinar name] on [date] at [time]. You’ll learn from a panel of experts about [topic]. Save your spot! [link]

Reminder! [Company’s] webinar on [topic] is in [X] days. Please submit any questions you want to be addressed here: [link]

We’re [time period] out from the [webinar name] webinar! We’ll talk about the latest trends in [topic]. Remember to RSVP today to save your spot. [link]

Networking events

Take a look at some networking event reminder text templates. Use these to encourage and remind industry leaders about your networking event.

Hi [name]! Thanks for RSVPing to [networking event name]! This is a reminder that it will be held at [venue] on [date] at [time]. See you there!

Reminder to join us tomorrow! [Networking event name] starts at [time] at [venue]. Get directions here: [link]

Friendly reminder: Join us at [location] on [date] and [time] for an exclusive networking event for [type of industry] professionals. Learn more: [link]


Up the guest count at your celebrations with one of these event reminder text message samples.

It’s almost time to celebrate at [venue name]! This is a reminder that [celebration name] is [date] and [time]. See you there 🎉

Save the date! [Company’s] [celebration name] will be held [date] and [time]. Remember to RSVP by [date]. 

We can’t wait to see you at [celebration name]! Get all the details here: [link]

This is a friendly reminder to sign up for [event] by [date]. Join us for a weekend of celebration in [location] [date]-[date]. View details and sign up: [link]

A celebration event reminder message example from Wisconsin Alumni Association.
A celebration event reminder message example from Wisconsin Alumni Association.

Product demonstrations

Use these to remind clients about an upcoming product demo to cut down on missed opportunities.

Hi [name]. This is a reminder that your demo of [company’s] [product] is [date] and [time]. Join with this Zoom link [link]

Hi [name]. Your demo of [product name] is scheduled today at [time]. Let me know if you need to reschedule!

Hi [name]. Thanks for your interest in [product name]! This is a reminder to schedule your demo today: [link] 

Hi [name]. Join us at [venue] for a sneak peek at our new [product name or feature] in action. Get the details here: [link]

Press conferences

Use text messages to get media members information about press conferences.

Hi media members. The press conference will take place [X] minutes after the event. Please head to [room number] to get your seat.

Hi [name]. A reminder that we’ll have a press conference on [date] and [time]. View additional details here: [link]

If you are at [company’s] event, remember to sign up to speak to [person]. You’ll need to RSVP to get the right credentials. [Link]

Galas and award ceremonies

Use a text message to remind guests about galas and awards.

The [year] [award ceremony name] takes place today at [time]. Join us at [venue] to see who takes home the top awards🥇

Reminder: The [gala name] is on [date] at [time]. Join us for a night to remember. RSVP now: [link]

Hi [name]. A friendly reminder that [award ceremony name] is [date] at [time]. We can’t wait to announce winners for [award categories]. See you there.

Team building events

Use one of these text reminders to inform coworkers about upcoming team outings to help build camaraderie. 

Hey team! This is to remind you that [event] is taking place [day] at [time]. See you there 😊

Heads up, team! Our quarterly company outing will be on [date] at [time]. Add it to your calendar now: [link]

Hi team! A quick reminder that next week [day of week] is our [outing name]. We’ll meet at [location] at [time]. Can’t wait to see you all!

Employee training program

Remind team members about an internal training program. This could be a leadership development course, a technology training session, or an onboarding lesson.

Hi team. This is a reminder that [trainer name] will be here on [day of the week] to train us on [topic]. Meet in [room number] at [time].

Hey managers! Our professional development course starts on [date] at [time]. Remember to brainstorm questions about [topic]. 

Hi team! Please remember that the [topic] training program starts [date] at [time]. Join us to learn helpful tips you can deploy. 

Hi [name]! Your tech onboarding session with [employee name] is tomorrow at [time]. We can’t wait to have you on the team.

Hi team! The training program with [trainer name] starts in 1 hour. Here’s the link to join via Zoom: [link]

Job fairs

Remind students and job-seekers about upcoming job fairs to ensure you get the best candidates.

Hi students! This is a reminder that [University’s] annual job fair will be held at [location] on [date] and [time]. Mark your calendars!

Hi [name]! This is a reminder that [Company] will be at [job fair name] on [date] and [time]. Stop by [booth number] to speak with our team.

Hey [name]! This is [name] with [company]. This is a reminder that there’s a job fair on [date] at [location]. It’s from [time] to [time]. Please stop by!

Sporting events ⚽️ 🏀 🏈 ⚾️ 🎾 🏐

Use a sporting event reminder to get more fans at your games. This is great for schools promoting team spirit.

Tonight at [time]! See [team name] take on [team name] at [location]. Find parking details: [link]

Don’t miss out! Come cheer on the home team at [sporting event tournament] tomorrow at [time]. 

Don’t forget! The first playoff game is this [day of the week] at [time]. Come cheer on your [team name].

Hi [name]! This is a reminder that [tournament name] runs from [date] to [date]. Tickets are [$] in advance, [$] at the door. Get yours now: [link]

Reminder: The [team name] take on their top rivals tonight at [time]. The student section theme is [theme name]. See you tonight!

A kickball tournament reminder text from Volo Sports.
A kickball tournament reminder text from Volo Sports.

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8 tips on writing effective event reminder messages

Keep these tips in mind when crafting and sending helpful event reminder texts.

  • Get SMS opt-ins. To comply with laws that regulate SMS, you must get permission from contacts to text them. Make sure you’re collecting this opt-in before sending event reminders.

  • Keep it clear and concise. SMS messages are built to be short and digestible. With just 160 characters, you want to keep text messages clear and concise by only including necessary details like date, time, and location.

  • Don’t send too many reminders. Keep text message frequency in mind. It’s important to gently remind attendees about the upcoming event but not to overwhelm them with daily messages.

  • Time reminder messages well. Another best practice is to pay attention to the timing of your event reminders. The reminder timeline may look different between event types and locations. For example, in-person events may want to send reminders a month in advance to ensure attendees book travel and hotel accommodations, while virtual events may only need reminders a week or less out.

  • Personalize texts. You want your reminder texts to be personalized and tailored to each attendee. You can segment your SMS lists to deliver more relevant content and events. Plus, even adding an attendee’s first name helps personalize text messages.

  • Stay on brand. Even though text messages are short, your language should be on brand. Don’t stray away from your brand voice because of the concise message format.

  • Proofread. Don’t forget to check your text messages for spelling, grammatical, and factual errors. You don’t want to include the wrong date, time, or location accidentally. This will confuse your attendees.

  • Use SMS links. SMS links can help direct attendees to a page with more information about the event. Don’t be afraid to use them to help provide more details.

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