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Opt-out text message examples for businesses

Alia Paavola
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While your business strives to keep all text message subscribers, some will unsubscribe no matter how valuable or strategic your outreach is.

You must make the SMS opt-out process easy for customers seeking to unsubscribe. This blog will reveal how you can simplify opt-outs to meet compliance requirements and share opt-out text message examples for your business to use.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational purposes and is the viewpoint of the Textline editorial team. It should not be substituted for legal counsel or advice from your organization’s compliance team.

<h2 id="What">What is an SMS opt-out?</h2>

An SMS opt-out is when a customer chooses to stop receiving text message communication from your business. It is a form of unsubscribing from a texting program and is the opposite of SMS opt-ins. SMS opt-outs provide customers with control over the types of communication they want to receive.

SMS opt-outs are required by law, meaning businesses must provide a way for customers to stop receiving text messages at any time. 

<h2 id="How">How to comply with SMS opt-out requirements</h2>

It’s pretty straightforward to comply with SMS opt-out requirements. Let’s look at the five critical components:

  • Provide clear opt-out instructions. Provide a way for text message subscribers to opt out of messaging at any time. Your opt-out instructions should be short and easy to follow.

  • Place opt-out instructions properly. Ensure your opt-out instructions are included in your opt-in form and in your promotional and transactional text messages.

  • Honor opt-outs promptly. You must unsubscribe contacts from your SMS program in a timely manner to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The key SMS law requires you to unsubscribe contacts within the “shortest reasonable time.”

  • Recognize all opt-out words. You must unsubscribe contacts who reply with any opt-out-related keywords, including STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT.

  • Send an unsubscribed confirmation text. You must send a confirmation text confirming that you unsubscribed contacts.

<h2 id="Examples">4 compliant SMS opt-out examples</h2>

It’s time to look at a few real-life compliant opt-out message examples. These are compliant because they include clear opt-out instructions, timely opt-outs, and a confirmation text.

1. Website form fill + initial confirmation text

In this example from Men’s Wearhouse, you see that the retailer includes opt-out instructions in its website form fill as well as the first text message sent. This ensures that subscribers know before opting in that they have a way to stop receiving messages. This is a good promotional opt-out text message example.

A website form fill opt-out message example.

2. Paper form fill + text confirmation

In the following example, Natural Bloom asks customers if they want to subscribe to get order updates via SMS using a paper form. The flower shop includes the opt-out language in its opt-in form, and lets customers know in the first text that they can opt out of messaging.

This is a great compliant SMS opt-out message example for transactional text messaging.

An opt-out message example on a paper form-fill.

3. Checkbox in online scheduling workflow

The next compliant SMS opt-out message comes from Honeycomb Salon. In this text message example, the salon solicits opt ins via a checkbox on its scheduling workflow. When customers book a service, they subscribe to receive appointment reminders and updates.

In this form, the salon includes text message opt-out instructions, and confirms clients can end messaging at any time in the first text.

A compliant opt-out text message example from Honeycomb Salon.

4. Popup opt-in and stop message

Another complaint example comes from Show Me Your Mumu. The ecommerce brand encourages customers to sign up for texts to get a discount. In the opt-in message, the right opt-out language is there, and the initial text message also contains opt-out instructions. 

In this example, you also see the retailer sends a confirmation text to confirm a customer successfully unsubscribed from messaging.

An compliant opt-out text example from Show Me Your Mumu

<h2 id="Templates">15 customizable opt-out text message templates</h2>

In this section, you’ll find some customizable SMS opt-out message templates. We broke them into opt-out confirmation templates and opt-out message templates.

Opt-out message text templates

Use one of these opt-out messages to provide clear instructions to your SMS subscribers. You could place these in your texts or in your opt-in forms.

Text STOP to opt out at any time.

To opt-out of message communications from us, reply STOP.

If you want to stop text messages from [company], simply respond END to opt-out.

Change your mind? Just reply STOP and we won’t text you again.

Reply STOP to our messages at any time to unsubscribe.

Don’t want to hear from us via text? That’s OK! You can reply STOP at any time to opt out.

Text STOP at any time to end text messages from us.

Reply STOP to opt out of messages from [Company].

Simply text END at any time to [phone number] if you want to unsubscribe.

Don’t want to hear from us via text? No problem; reply END at any time to stop messaging.

Opt-out confirmation text templates

Use one of these opt-out confirmation messages to ensure customers know their STOP command worked. 

You’re successfully unsubscribed from [company] texts. You’ll no longer receive messages from this number. Reply START to resubscribe.

[Company]: You’re unsubscribed from messaging. No more messages will be sent. START to resubscribe. 

[Company] alerts: You have opted out and will receive no more messages.

You’re unsubscribed from [company]. No more messages will be sent.

Confirmed. You’ve unsubscribed successfully, [Name]. This number will no longer send you messages. 

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