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7 things that happened at Twilio Signal 2019

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Last week the Textline team attended Signal 2019, Twilio's annual user and developer conference in San Francisco. Here are 7 notable things that happened, in no particular order 😉

1. Twilio's CEO Jeff Lawson said “Conversations are eating apps.” Further, he declared that while the 2000s were the decade of web sites, and the 2010s were defined by apps, the 2020s will be ruled by conversations. We agree! From the start, Textline has been encouraging businesses to upgrade from one-way SMS notifications to personal two-way conversations.

2. Macklemore got sucked into The Game Grid. The Grammy Award-winning artist appeared live on stage during the Day 2 keynote presentation, only to get zapped into the cloud, requiring the attending developers to help him hack his way out later.

3. We learned that it is against the law to play hold music when a caller is on hold in Germany. It's important for our team to stay up-to-date on the laws and guidelines that govern business text messaging. The Textline team attended conference sessions on topics like call center security and regulatory compliance in the US and elsewhere.

4. Textline's Chief Creative Officer, Jordan Gadapee, won a pair of Bose headphones from the Bitly booth giveaway. What luck! Jordan lost his favorite pair of headphones shortly before the conference. Thanks, Bitly!

5. Twilio announced a new initiative to combat robocalls called Verified by Twilio. Starting in 2020, when you receive a phone call, your phone could show the name and logo of the company calling you, along with a brief message describing the reason for the call.

6. Twilio's social impact arm,, announced that it will provide a total of $5 million in grants by the end of 2019 to nonprofits that help people get support in a moment of crisis. Nonprofit organizations can apply for discounts and other benefits from Contact us to learn how discounts can be applied to your nonprofit organization's Textline account.

7. Twilio launched TwilioQuest 3, a game for developers. Download the game to learn how to code and use Twilio.

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