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How to add texting to your Instagram business profile and customer engagement strategy

Fatima Puri
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It’s no question that social media has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, some businesses can’t survive without a strong social media presence. But the goal of most social media strategies, specifically those on Instagram, is to drive engagement. So, how do you take all of that engagement and convert it into something more actionable?

One way to convert customer engagement into revenue-driving action is to add your business texting number to your Instagram account. Having your texting number on your Instagram can help you transform idle followers into paying customers for a few reasons. 

First, putting your texting number on your Instagram profile is a great way to let potential and current customers know they can text you. Because Instagram is a mobile app, and texting is a mobile channel, it makes for a seamless transition for customers to get in touch with you. 

On top of making your business texting number more obtainable, adding your texting number to your Instagram profile will hopefully drive more meaningful conversations with your followers. Adding a CTA to text your business will encourage them to hop off the app and interact with your company in a more personal way. It’s also easier to manage inquiries over text than it is on a social media app. On the customer side, texting has an average response time of 90 seconds, compared to social media, where the average response time is nine hours. Faster response times make for a better customer experience.

Once you get your customer’s number, you’ll have a direct way to contact them to check-in with anything they need, making your interactions with them proactive. Ultimately, texting provides a platform to cultivate more authentic relationships with your followers than if you used Instagram alone. 

How to add your texting number to your Instagram account

Instagram has the option to add your texting number as a CTA button on your business profile. Long story short, this means customers can click your number and have it instantly preload in a new text message on their cell phones. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add your texting number to your Instagram business profile.

  1. Open your Instagram business account, and click on “Edit Profile.”
  2. Select “Contact Options.”
  3. Add your business texting number.
  4. Select “Text” under the section titled “How would you like to be reached?”
  5. Tap “Done” in the top-right corner.
  6. Save your settings.
Gif showing how to add your texting number to your Instagram

Voilà! Your Instagram account now has your textable number readily available for your followers to use. 📱

Other ways to incorporate texting into your Instagram strategy

You can incorporate your texting number to more than one area in your Instagram strategy. Here are some other ways to share your texting number on Instagram.

In your bio

In addition to making your texting number a CTA on your profile, you can add it to your bio to make it more prominent — signaling to your followers that they can text you.

Texting number in Instagram bio

Share it in post captions or stories

Did you post something on your page or story and want people to text you about it? Well, sharing your number in your post caption or story is a fun way to interact with customers. It’s also a great call to action, making it an ideal piece of information to weave into your content as you think of ways to increase customer engagement and navigate them through the sales cycle.

Texting number in an Instagram post caption

Include your texting number in replies to comments

Interacting with customers in the comments section is a great way to drive engagement, but you can take it a step further by including your texting number in your replies. Say you have a customer who complains about an order, has a suggestion, or needs help; you can ask them to text your customer support team for assistance. Take a look at some real-life examples from Third Love below.

Texting number included in an Instagram comment
Texting number included in an Instagram comment

You can also ask customers to text your sales team if they’re showing interest in a product or service you’re promoting. Pushing a potential customer to talk to a salesperson can increase your chances of closing a deal. 

Asking customers to text your sales team in an Instagram comment

The best thing about comments is that most people will read them, even if they didn’t leave one themselves. Also, you never know who’s eyes saw your comment with your texting number in it 👀. By interacting with your followers, you’re showing others that you’re engaged and care about them on a personal level. 

The bottom line

Is your company active on Instagram? Do you want your followers to engage with your business on text to build a more personal and sincere relationship with them? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, you should add your business texting number to your Instagram account.

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