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5 flooring websites to inspire and attract new customers in 2022

Fatima Puri
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Since most customers start their buying journeys online, having a website for your flooring business is critical. The website is essentially a virtual showcase that customers can peruse to learn more about your flooring products, services, and pricing.

A well-designed website will help you attract more customers and help your customers finalize their flooring choice faster. 

Textline works with numerous home service businesses, including those in the flooring industry, and we understand the qualities of what makes a standout website. As a result, we compiled a list of five top flooring websites that can serve as an inspiration and help you attract new customers. 

The elements of a good flooring website

Flooring websites should contain several key elements to attract more customers. Here are a few must-haves for flooring business websites: 

  • Lead generation forms to collect new leads
  • High-resolution graphics for aesthetic appeal
  • Contact page with multiple ways for customers to get in touch
  • A list of service offerings so customers know what you do
  • Customer testimonials or reviews to establish credibility
  • A clear call to action to ensure customers take the next step
  • FAQ page to address commonly asked questions
  • Blog or resources page to educate customers on flooring
  • About page to emotionally connect with customers
  • Easy-to-use navigation for a good user experience 

In addition to these elements, flooring websites should look to stand out with unique aspects like offering discounts, using videos, and more.

Below we break down five standout flooring websites and what we think makes them well done.

5 flooring website examples

1. Scharm Floor Covering

Scharm Floor Covering is located in Des Plaines, IL.

Scharm Floor Covering has everything a customer needs to make an informed decision on its homepage. The company has the must-have elements of a flooring website and utilizes videos to share customer testimonials, which adds depth to its website. These testimonials help the flooring company build trust with customers.

Other reasons why it’s good:

  • The company has an eye-grabbing image on its homepage with its brand name and slogan, “Bringing Life Into Your Living Space,” front and center. The homepage is likely the customer’s first impression of your brand, so keep that in mind when designing it.
  • The company keeps an updated blog to educate customers on different topics related to flooring to help establish their credibility.
  • Scharm’s about page is filled with information about why it is a good fit for customers. The about page also features videos and COVID-19 safety information to put customers at ease.

2. Town Square Floors

Town Square Floors is located in Austin, TX.

Town Square Floors’ website stands out for several reasons, including that it has multiple calls to action, including the “book an appointment” button and the “request an estimate” link. The homepage also explains who the company is early to help customers make an informed decision. 

Other reasons why it’s good:

  • It lists its average 4.6-star rating on the top of the website to establish credibility and allow customers to see reviews quickly.
  • Town Square Floors’ website allows customers to upload a picture of the room they want new flooring in and see what material would work best in the space. 
  • The business also has a photo gallery to display its different flooring options to give customers a better idea of what to expect from the company. 

3. Royal Home Flooring

Royal Home Flooring is located in Bridgeview, IL.

Royal Home Flooring made our list because it has a clear call to action on its homepage, a well-designed FAQ page that is divided by flooring material, and great high-resolution images.  

Other reasons why it’s good:

  • The company offers a free in-home estimate on the top of its website to give customers peace of mind before committing to a service.
  • The business has an in-depth list of its different flooring options on the homepage so customers can learn more about each one. 
  • The brand promise is located at the bottom of the homepage: quality assurance, free in-home appointments, low price guarantee, and lifetime warranty. Brand promises can make customers more inclined to purchase.

4. LL Flooring

LL Flooring is located nationwide.

LL Flooring made our list because it has the critical elements of an excellent flooring website. Plus, it offers discounts on its website and free flooring material samples to entice customers to purchase new flooring. 

Other reasons why it's good:

  • The company advertises a flooring visualizer on their website marquee. The ability to see what their new flooring will look like in their home or office before purchasing can make customers feel more confident in their decision. 
  • LL Flooring’s website highlights different financing options to make it easier for customers to split up purchases since flooring can be expensive depending on the room size, floor choice, and installation costs.
  • The company's website encourages customers to post photos of their new flooring with #LLFlooring. Customer photos are then added to the website, which helps them build credibility with new leads and retain customers.

5. Floor Source

Floor Source is located in Phoenix, AZ.

Floor Source's website stands out because it has a clear call to action that entices customers to request an estimate in exchange for their contact information. It also has its phone numbers clearly visible on the homepage, making it easy for customers to contact them.

Other reasons why it's good: 

  • Floor Source has a fun graphic on its homepage to advertise its summer sale and encourage more customers to make a purchase. While the color scheme doesn’t match its brand colors, the graphic stands out and is relevant to the summer season.
  • The company also has an embedded texting feature to help customers browse its site and ask questions. Adding multiple forms of communication makes it easier for customers to contact you in a way that fits their needs.
  • There is an option to easily make payments online from the homepage, which is helpful for existing customers who are paying in installments.

The bottom line

You can use your online website to sell to customers directly or give them a preview of what to expect in stores. Whatever purpose it serves, remember to keep your website up-to-date with all the relevant information your customers need to make a purchase. Adding the website features we mention in the article will help your customers make a more informed decision on what they want, which can help you close deals faster.

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