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Upgrade your old-fashioned landline by adding SMS

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Did you know Textline can add text messaging capabilities to your existing business phone number? Once enabled, you and your team can send and receive text messages using your existing number by logging in to or using our mobile apps for iOS and Android. (Textline won't affect or change your ability to make and answer plain old voice calls.)

Three steps to text-enable your existing business phone number:

1. Sign up for a Textline free trial. During sign-up, Textline will assign a temporary phone number to your account. Once we finish upgrading your existing number, we'll swap out this temporary number and connect your existing phone number to your Textline account.

2. Verify ownership of your number. Once you are signed in to your Textline account, we need to verify that you are the rightful owner of your existing phone number. Our robot will call your existing phone number and ask you to enter a touch-tone code. Once verified, we'll do some work behind the scenes. (Please note that this process typically takes about a week. You can familiarize yourself with Textline using your temporary textable phone number while you wait.)

3. We will notify you when your upgrade is complete. We'll contact you to make sure you are ready to have your old number connected to Textline. Now your customers can call or text your company!

Visit Textline's help center to learn more about enabling SMS on your landline.

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