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22 text message marketing examples: SMS templates for every marketing use case

Nina Godlewski
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Your text message marketing is just as important as the marketing you do on other channels. It goes far in informing customers, keeping them up on the latest news with your business and brand, getting feedback from them, and more. But it’s a slightly different type of marketing than you’re probably used to.

Marketing campaigns done via SMS perform seven times better than marketing campaigns conducted via email. That is in part due to the fact that texting has a 98 percent open rate.

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SMS marketing campaigns perform seven times better than email marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing is more personal which means it can feel more intrusive to your customers because it’s happening right in their text messaging app where they also talk to friends and family.

That means you have some responsibility to use text message marketing ethically by:

  • Being considerate of your customers’ time
  • Consider your customers’ privacy
  • Be sure your customers have agreed to receive SMS marketing messages from you
  • Make the value of the messages clear

We’re going to cover the situations in which you would use certain SMS marketing examples for your business.

Introduction texts for marketing messaging

One of the first ways you might use text message marketing is to welcome the latest customers who have signed up for messages from you. With Textline, you can automate and personalize this first communication with your customers. Plus you can be sure to include an opt-in message. Remember, your customer must have opted into receiving marketing messages from you, you can’t text them unless they’ve given you permission to contact them.

1. Opt in confirmation

Thank you for signing up to receive texts from Seaside Spa! Please confirm that you opted-in to these messages by replying “Yes.”

2. Thanks for signing up

Thanks for signing up to receive texts from Hair Gallery! We’ll text you about appointment reminders and confirmations, specials, and coupons. But we won’t send more than a text a week. Here’s a coupon for the next time you make a purchase

3. Refer your friends

You’ve signed up for texts from Earth Harvest! Refer friends and get $10 off your next purchase for each friend who signs up with your referral link

Event invitation (in-person or virtual) marketing text examples

Text message marketing can be a great way to let your customers know that you’re hosting events. You might also use it to notify them about the details of an event they’ve already signed up for.

4. Come to our event

Hi Tara, we’re hosting an annual sale at the store this weekend. We’d love to have you come by! Here’s a link to details

5. Reminder

Example of sending an event reminder via text
A restaurant uses business text messaging to remind a customer about trivia night.

6. Our virtual event is this week

Love Books is holding a reading this weekend by a local author, you can RSVP to attend in person here:, we’re still offering virtual attendance too.

7. B2B conference

Hi bakery enthusiast. We’re hosting a conference for bakery owners Sept. 21-25. Showcasing point of sale processors, the latest equipment, and tip talks. Sign up here by July 12 for 15% off your admission:

Sale or promotion marketing text examples

This might be the first type of text that comes to mind when you think of a marketing text message, offering a sale or a promotion for your business or brand. 

8. Customer loyalty offer 

You’ve been a customer for one year! To thank you for your continued business, here’s a special offer just for you: 

9. Anniversary sale

It’s our anniversary! We’re excited to offer our valued customers a discount on their next monthly restaurant linens order.

10. New product promotion

Example of promoting a new product via text
A bakery business reminds customers to make their selections for baked goods for the coming week.

11. Happy birthday coupon

Happy birthday to you! We’re excited to offer you 30% off your next order to celebrate. 

12. Pre-sale access 

You’re on our VIP customer list! We’re giving you early access to our annual sale, if you buy by the fifth of the month you’ll get an additional 10% off!

Giveaway marketing text examples

Giveaways are a great way to promote your business and keep your customers happy with your business too. They’ll feel like there’s always a chance they could be the lucky winners!

13. We’re giving away gift cards

We’re giving away gift cards to customers who leave us a review online! Leave your review here: and enter your email at the end to be entered. Drawing closes Friday 9/9.

14. Enter to win a shopping spree

Enter Tee’s Golf Pro Shop giveaway here and share it on your social networks to have a chance at winning a shopping spree.  

15. Purchase today to enter

Make a purchase today and be automatically entered to win one of five $100 gift cards! It’s that easy, just make a purchase and you’ll be considered. 

Personalized check-in marketing text examples

Another way to market your business is to keep your customers happy and have ongoing conversations with them even after they’ve made a purchase.

16. How’s your latest purchase

You’ve had your new mattress for three months, are you enjoying it so far? We want to remind you that if you’re not happy with it we do have our 150 money-back guarantee. 

17. Reminder of policies

How are your shoes fitting? Remember we have a money-back guarantee if you don’t like them for 90 days after you buy!

18. Was your problem solved?

It was our pleasure to help you with your air fryer issue today. Was your problem solved? If troubleshooting didn’t work we’d love to offer you our air fryer at a discount.

19. Scheduling

Scheduling a new appointment with a client via text
A nail salon checks in with a repeat customer about when they'd like to schedule their next appointment.

Survey marketing text examples

You can use surveys to check in with your customers around item offerings, latest purchases, and more. 

20. Fill out this survey for a coupon

Hi there, if you fill out this survey on your latest experience we’ll give you a 10% off coupon! How satisfied were you with your latest purchase on a scale of 1 to 10? Answer here 

21. Latest purchase

Hi! You recently purchased one of our new products. Would you like to see more products like this in our stock availabilities? Please respond yes or no

22. Top customer

Hi Matthew, you’re one of our top customers we’d love to get some feedback from you! Can we send you a survey via email?

Text message marketing tips

Now that you have an idea of some of the text messaging marketing examples you might be able to use for your business, let’s cover a few other business text messaging tips you should follow. There are some regulations you should adhere to when mass texting, but we’re going to go over it so you don’t need to worry about missing a step along the way. 

Tips to follow when using text message marketing:

  • Be absolutely sure to get opt- ins from anyone you’re going to text whether they’re an individual or another business. This means your customers need to have voluntarily given you their phone number and agrees to it being used for texting purposes. You can read more about text message opt-ins in our blog post: “Business SMS opt-ins: What they are and when you need to use them.”
  • Let your customers know that those texts will include marketing messages. You can include this in a message explaining how your business will use texting attached to the form online or in person where your customer will be signing up for text marketing messages. 
  • Follow general business texting do’s and don’ts to when texting your customers like considering the time of day, how frequently you message them, and being sure to lead with value

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