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The Rise of Text Messaging in Business

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Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and plain old text messaging are the most used apps on smartphones. In fact, based on monthly active users, messaging apps are even more popular than social networks like Facebook and Linked-in. But most of the 50 billion messages exchanged globally each day are for personal communication, such as text messages sent between friends and family. Why can't we text businesses, too?!

For the most part, businesses still rely on phone calls and email to communicate with their customers. Some believe that text messaging is too informal for business use. However, when surveyed, consumers overwhelming would prefer to engage with businesses using messaging over other communication channels. When Twilio surveyed 6000 consumers worldwide, 89% answered that they would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses. But only 48% of companies are equipped to do so.

Many businesses that do use text messaging treat it as a one-way channel for alerting customers with appointment reminders, shipping notices, and verification codes. It's time now for businesses to allow their customers to reply to these messages and engage in conversations. Successful businesses treat every contact with a customer as an opportunity to delight!

There are myriad opportunities for businesses to message with customers:

- to schedule and coordinate deliveries, pick-ups, and other service calls,
- to notify customers when their orders are ready,
- to remind customers of upcoming appointments,
- and to answer everyday customer service questions.

Some specific use cases we have seen at Textline include:

- an auto body shop that texts customers when their car is ready,
- a property manager who asks tenants to text maintenance requests,
- a nightclub that gives a VIP phone number for texting to their best customers,
- and an insurance company that texts customers when it's time to renew their policy.

Our goal at Textline is to make texting a business as easy as texting your friends and family. Any company or organization in the US or Canada can sign up for Textline to start texting with customers. Textline will provide a new phone number in the company's local area code.

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