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How to create a personalized customer experience that drives retention and revenue

Carina Linhares
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This guest post is written by our Textline integration partner, Gorgias. Gorgias is an all-in-one help desk designed for e-commerce stores.

If you are looking for the perfect ingredient to increase sales, let me begin by telling you — it is personalization. Right now, personalization is at the core of every brand’s strategy.

But first, why is it so important?

As the market keeps getting bigger and bigger, and shoppers have twice as many options, what makes them come back to you? According to McKinsey, personalization drives up loyalty. Experiences customized from individual data points leave an impactful mark on customers. It gives you a competitive edge and makes it difficult for your competitor to adapt.

Personalization can lead to revenue growth between 5 percent to 15 percent, and 90 percent of retailers state that personalization is a priority. Customers who still receive irrelevant ads and offers recorded that some companies are not good at the game. When done right, personalization attracts not only new customers but also nurtures existing ones.

What is the holy grail of personalization?

1. Content is king

Personalizing content might seem like a no-brainer, but the most basic things usually have maximum impact. Tapping into people’s emotions to create a positive experience starts a strong bond. Understanding people and responding to their needs is how they begin to trust you. But let’s get this straight — it is not easy to do it virtually, nor is it easy in person.

Thankfully, there are tools that make your life simpler. You can create personalized messages ahead of time to respond faster. It establishes consistency across brand channels and increases your chances of brand recall. As per Harvard Business Review, businesses that value customer relationships earn profits 2.5 times faster than their competitors.

2. Engagement channels: The more, the better

Your customers are present everywhere. They find you through ads, social media platforms, engage through live chats, sign up through email, and phone you for voice support. Being present where your customers are remains the cornerstone of impeccable customer service.

Engage customers across channels. Building an ecosystem to reach out to your customers at every buying stage ensures they do not leave you halfway. It also creates a massive amount of opportunity for lead mining. 

3. Less time, more money

Giving customers back the time they would ideally spend finding a solution amplifies your service quality. Setting up an efficient and automated self-service experience reduces the hassle of waiting for basic answers to ordinary problems. Suggest questions to ask based on prior engagement, order status, and delivery information. Win over customers with two main factors — convenience and speed.

Listen before you speak

Customer expectations change like the seasons. Understanding what your customers like or dislike at each buying stage creates opportunities for improvement. Feedback can influence innovation and enhancement in your service. Personalization is a vicious cycle. You start by understanding what your customers want, you act on it, hear their feedback, and then go back to understanding what they want. Knowing that all your efforts are working is just another step towards gathering satisfied customers.

The bottom line

Major shifts in the shopping environment are constantly changing expectations. It is up to you to anticipate these beforehand to meet your customers where they are. 

While this sounds overwhelming, it’s an opportunity for you to understand how you can provide exceptional personalized customer service. An effective personalization strategy enriches the customer experience, leading to greater customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and long-term loyalty.

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