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Five New Year's resolutions for your customer success team

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Many of our customers at Textline work in the Customer Success space, and we wanted to do something special for them at the end of the year. We decided to share five New Year’s Resolutions that will help companies empathize and connect with their customers.

1) Resolve to eat healthier

Resolutions two through five won't be as effective unless you're able to truly relate to your customers. Why not start with the resolution that tops the chart year after year: to eat healthier? After all, it's easier to connect and help people if you can relate with them across a shared experience.  If you're a healthy eater already consider these common alternatives: get more exercise and save more money.

2) Resolve to treat your customers like teammates

If you treat your customer like a teammate, you'll find yourself in situations where you work together to solve problems. Otherwise, you’re simply the “expert” providing one-off solutions to the “inept.”  If you think of customers like teammates, you're more likely to be helpful, patient, and kind. This is a sure-fire way to improve the quality of your conversations.

3) Resolve to learn more about your customers

Another way to connect with your customers and improve the quality of your conversations is to get to know the people you are helping. If you can't know them individually, try creating personas for different markets and buyers (a simple persona guide from buffer). If you're supporting businesses, get to know the companies by knowing what they sell, who they sell to, and why they sell it in the first place. This process of understanding the customer will give you the insight you need to ensure that you're providing the best possible experience.

4) Resolve to enable conversations, not notifications

Your customers are busier than ever, and if you want to have successful conversations, it's important to accommodate their communications needs. Using the wrong channel is as bad as poorly-timed outreach. Sometimes the right channel is email, other times it's the phone. More than likely texting is the best way to get in touch. You can use texting as the primary channel — it’s personal, fast, and easy (because it's asynchronous). You can also use text messaging to schedule more formal conversations on other channels.

5) Resolve to welcome opportunities to talk with customers

Piggybacking off of resolution 3, you need to keep in mind that sometimes your customers want to connect with you. Show your customers that you want to talk with them by setting up channels and systems that encourage two-way communication. This invitational attitude will go a long way to reduce communication friction and increase satisfaction.

Let us hear from you if you decide to adopt any of these New Year’s Resolutions. We'd love to hear how they're working out. Or, just maybe, you have some resolutions of your own that you want to share with us. Happy New Year, everyone! We hope 2019 is a great year for your Customer Success team.

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