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11 best landscaping websites to attract new customers

Fatima Puri
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Landscaping is a visual business, so showcasing your work and services on a website is an important step to attracting new business. 

To help you get a better idea of elegant user design and experience, we researched the websites of the highest-rated landscaping companies across the country and put together a list of the top landscaping websites of 2022. Textline works with numerous home service businesses to help them improve how they attract and communicate with new customers, so we’ve come across thousands of websites in the space. 

11 examples of landscaping websites

1. Best visuals: Yardzen

Yardzen has a beautiful homepage to win customers over with their aesthetic.

We’re kicking off the list with an online landscaping design website: Yardzen. Yardzen helps homeowners design and build their dream landscaping from their computer screens. 

What do they do best?

Their website focuses on aesthetic design and a simple user interface. That makes their brand appear fresh and young. A visually appealing website can attract new customers, especially since looks are essential for landscaping. 

Why it’s good:

  • A thorough before-and-after case study of one of their projects to illustrate their work
  • A display of recognizable brands to build their credibility
  • A minimal homepage with an on-brand image

2. Best lead form: TruGreen

TruGreen has a lead form front and center on their homepage.

TruGreen is a nationwide landscaping service that focuses on lawn care. 

What do they do best?

TruGreen has a custom lead form front and center; they segment their leads by inquiry type and zip code. Lead forms are arguably one of the most critical features on a landscaping page. Without it, you miss out on the opportunity to reel in potential customers.

Why it’s good:

  • A lead form that allows you to select your primary concerns
  • A free custom quote once you fill out your contact information
  • The option to buy a service immediately after receiving a quote

3. Best services page: Emerald Lawns

Emerald Lawns has a page dedicated to each service they provide.

Emerald Lawns services the central Texas area. 

What do they do best?

Emerald Lawn breaks its services page down by location and specific service. Each service page is chock full of details. A detailed services page helps your customers understand what to expect when purchasing a service. It also allows customers to see what service best solves their problems.

Why it’s good:

  • Before and after photos of their services to show their work
  • Calls to action for an online or in-person consultation
  • A brief explanation of each service to help customers understand what to expect

4. Best FAQ page: Bacqyard 

Bacqyard answers customer questions in a FAQ section on their contact page.

Bacqyard is another landscaping design website with a clean and minimal look. 

What do they do best?

Bacqyard has a great FAQ page. An FAQ is a great feature to include on your website because it answers a customer’s questions on the spot. That saves your business time and money dealing with phone calls or messages about the same few questions. 

Why it’s good:

  • A quick FAQ section to answer project questions
  • Multiple ways to contact them via email, phone, or live chat for additional support
  • The option to sign up for their newsletter 

5. Best for badges and awards: Lawns and Palms, Inc.

Lawns and Palms, Inc. establishes their credibility by displaying awards and badges on their site.

Lawns and Palms, Inc. is a landscaping business based in Florida. 

What do they do best?

Lawns and Palms, Inc. highlight their badges on their website to establish credentials. Badges are a great way to show your authority in the landscaping industry. Customers who come across your badges will feel more confident in your brand because it has a seal of approval from a third party.

Why it’s good:

  • Badges on their homepage and reviews page to build credibility 
  • A call to action for clients to leave a review on their Google page
  • A reviews page with customer testimonials

6. Best reviews page: Mike's Landscaping Company

Mike's Landscaping Company has a reviews page to highlight their positive reputation.

Mike’s Landscaping is located in Massachusetts.

What do they do best?

Mike’s Landscaping has a testimonials and reviews page that reels in reviews from all of their business profiles. A reviews page is a place for landscaping businesses to share their customer’s satisfaction with their services. Seventy-two percent of customers say they won’t take action until they read a review first.

Why it’s good:

  • There is an up-to-date stream of reviews from Google, Houzz, BBB, Indeed, and Yelp.
  • Testimonials from selected customers
  • A review carousel at the bottom of the page

7. Best ads and coupons page: Herbi-Systems 

Herbi-Systems has a page dedicated to ads and coupons to entice new clients.

Herbi-Systems are experts in lawn and landscape care. They’re located in Memphis, Tennessee. 

What do they do best?

Herbi-Systems has a page dedicated to various coupons and offers. They smartly advertise their free inspection as a redeemable coupon to make customers feel like they’re getting a deal. A coupon or ads page can help you reel new customers looking for a discounted rate.

Why it’s good:

  • A variety of coupons and offers to win-over first-time customers
  • A Special Offers tab on their top navigation bar to advertise their deals
  • A form fill to ensure they get a lead’s contact information before the lead can redeem a coupon

8. Best contact page: Rose Landscape Services 

Rose Landscape Services has a contact page that uses phone, business texting, and email.

Rose Landscape Services is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

What do they do best?

Rose Landscape has a clean and simple contact page with multiple communications options. They offer phone, email, and business texting. Texting can help them close more business as it’s the fastest communication channel for back-and-forth communication. The faster a company responds to a lead, the higher its chances of converting them.

Why it’s good:

  • A call or text button that automatically opens their number to dial or text
  • Calls to action throughout their website to call or text their number
  • A contact form fill for email inquiries or feedback

9. Best about page: Tomlinson Bomberger 

Tomlinson Bomberger introduces their brand on their About page.

Tomlinson Bomberger is a landscaping and pest control company based in central Pennsylvania.

What do they do best?

Tomlinson Bomberger does a beautiful job with their about page. Not only does their page address their mission statement, but it gives you a clearer picture of who they are. An about page is your place to sell your brand story or share something about your brand that resonates with your customers.

Why it’s good:

  • A short YouTube video to introduce their brand
  • A list of awards and certifications to build their credibility 
  • A brief history of their company to connect emotionally with customers
  • A link to a Teams page to introduce each employee

10. Best blog: Rainforest LA

Rainforest LA writes relevant content about landscaping on their blog.

Rainforest LA is a top landscaping business operating out of Los Angeles for the past 20 years. 

What do they do best?

While Rainforest LA doesn’t have the most advanced blog, its content is relevant and updated timely. A blog post is another way your landscaping business can establish credibility. Why? You’re an expert in the field, and you’re sharing content about your area of expertise. You can use your blog to educate customers about different landscaping techniques or share industry trends.

Why it’s good:

  • Simple blog images and titles
  • Informational blog posts with a conclusive call to action to call Rainforest LA
  • Almost weekly blog posting schedule to maintain relevancy 

11. Best interactive website: Renew Landscapes

Renew Landscapes has a fun interactive website design.

Renew Landscapes is a landscaping company based out of California. They focus on garden care and consulting. 

What do they do best?

Renew Landscapes has an interactive website that is a delight to click through. An interactive website can keep customers engaged when done correctly. The longer a customer is on your page, the more likely they will remember your business.

Why it’s good:

  • A simple interactive homepage with easy navigation
  • Good use of white space and personal images to showcase their work
  • Concise paragraphs with relevant information to educate visitors about their services

5 features to include on your landscaping website

1. Visuals

Photos and videos are one of the most important things to incorporate into your website as a landscaping business. One way to showcase your skills is to add before and after pictures to your landscaping projects. Seeing a side-by-side comparison of a landscaping project lets your work speak for itself.

2. Quote request form 

One of the first questions a customer will ask is pricing. The best way to answer a pricing question is to provide an instant quote or request form. By letting customers know the price of your service beforehand, it allows them to be on the same page before signing up for a service. 

3. Contact information

You can’t close a sale if a customer has no way to contact you. Make sure to include a variety of communication methods to meet your customers where they are. Most landscaping companies add a phone number or email to their contact page, but some other things to consider are a business texting number, social media pages, or live chat.

4. Reviews and awards

Awards and reviews can help you present yourself as a credible brand to potential customers. Another thing to include on your website can be certifications to let customers know that you are a professional in the industry.

5. Ads or coupons

If you have a monthly ad or first-time customer coupon, you should advertise it on your homepage or a services page. Discounts are a great way to entice new customers. You can convert them into lifelong customers with quality customer service. 

The bottom line

Landscaping is all about show-and-tell. You want your website to illustrate your work while providing accurate information and quotes that customers will need to decide on using your service.

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