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Getting help with Apple Card

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Today Apple customers in the U.S. can apply for Apple Card, a new credit card designed for iPhone. As Apple fans surely expect, Apple Card introduces many innovations compared to traditional credit cards, from the application process to the cash back rewards. Apple also announced their innovative approach to customer service. During Apple's March 2019 special event, Apple Pay Vice President Jennifer Bailey said:

"We've also made it really easy to get help. With Apple Card, if you have a question, just text us right from Messages: everything from getting details on a transaction to letting us know your new address. It's as easy as messaging a friend!"

Your business can also offer help "as easy as messaging a friend" like Apple! Just sign up for a Textline account to get a textable phone number for your business, or add text messaging capabilities to your company's existing support line. Start a free trial today or text +1 (415) 849-4349 for more information.

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