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21 car sales text message templates to boost sales

Fatima Puri
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Selling a car is no easy feat, especially in a pandemic where people are strapped for money and supply chain issues mean low inventory.

But car buyers are still browsing the market, so dealerships need to stand out from their competitors to appeal to them. Text message marketing for car dealerships can help your business differentiate itself in a saturated market to build relationships and ultimately boost sales.

Why texting works for car sales

Cars are a significant investment, so buyers want to make sure they take their time to buy the right one for them. Dealerships need to focus on relationship-building to earn buyers’ trust to close sales quicker. They also need to take a more consultative approach to handle customers since buyers have more information today than ever and want to go with someone more knowledgeable about the car and industry.

Business texting works for car dealerships in more than one way. First, it allows car dealers to stay in touch with potential buyers in a personal and low-key way. Many back-and-forths occur in the car buying process, and texting is quick and easy to keep on top of for all parties involved. The average text message is read within three minutes and has a 45 percent response rate. 

chat bubble with reply icon and 45 percent
The average text message has a 45 percent response rate

Secondly, texting helps dealerships know when a person is ready to buy or what steps to take to get them closer to a sale. Dealerships can use a mix of photos, videos, and links to drive action or further conversations with potential buyers. Links in a text have an eight times higher click-thru rate than links in other mediums.

21 car sales text message templates

Pre-sale templates

1. Follow-up on an online lead

Hi, [customer name]! It’s [sales representative] from [dealership]. I saw you were interested in [car model]. I’m happy to help you with your car search. Are you free for a quick call?

2. Follow-up on a phone call

Thanks for the call, [customer name]! You can text me here if you need assistance with anything.

3. Follow-up after an in-store visit 

It was great meeting you today, [customer name]! You can text me here when you’re ready to come back and look at the [car model]. Remember to ask for [sales representative].

4. Follow-up with a referral 

Hi, [customer name]. My name is [sales representative] and [referrer name] told me you were looking to buy a car. What are you specifically looking for?

5. Send a photo of a car to a potential buyer

Hey, [customer name]! Here are photos of the [car model] you asked about. Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks!

Sending a photo of a car to a potential buyer via text
A car salesperson sends a photo of a car to a potential buyer.

6. Send a link for a car to a potential buyer

Hey, [customer name]. You can find more information about [car model] online at [link]. Let me know if you have any questions!!

7. Schedule a test drive

Hi, [customer name]. This is [sales representative] from [dealership]. Thank you for your interest in [car model]. I can schedule you for a test drive on [date] at [time]. Does that work for you?

8. Send a reminder text for a test drive

Hi, [customer name]. I have you scheduled for a test drive today at [time]. Does that still work for you?

Sending a reminder text for a test drive
A dealership confirms a test drive time.

9. Announce a new car release

Hey, [customer name]. The wait is over! The new [car model] is here. Would you like to schedule a test drive with [sales representative]?

10. Share an update about a new inventory of cars

Hey, [customer name]. I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to let you know that we just got a huge influx of new cars, including a few models I think you would like. You’re welcome to come by and test drive them. Just let me know!

11. Ask if a customer is interested in a different choice

Hi, [customer name]. It’s [sales representative] from [dealership]. I know you were looking for [car model] in [color], but we didn’t have any in stock. Would you be interested in [choice]?

Texting to ask if a customer is interested in a different car choice
A car dealership asks a customer if they're interested in other models.

12. Alert a customer to a sales event

Hi, [customer name]. [Dealership] would like to personally invite you to come out to our [event name] on [date] for [list of offers].

Post-sale templates

13. Send a customer a PDF of important documents

Hi, [customer name]. I’ve attached a PDF with more information about your [document information]. Feel free to text me here with any questions or concerns. Thanks!

14. Check-in with a customer post-purchase

Hey, [customer name]. How is your [car model] treating you?

Check-in with a customer via text post-purchase
A car dealership asks a customer how their new car is treating them.

15. Ask a customer for a review

Thank you for letting [dealership] help you purchase your new car. We would appreciate it if you could leave a review on [website] via [link]. 😊

16. Let a customer know their lease is ending

Hi, [customer name]. Your lease for [car model] ends on [date]. Please call us or visit [dealership] to see what your options are for renewal or trade-in. 

17. Let a customer know about trade-in offers

Hi, [customer name]. We’re offering a special offer for trade-ins from [start date] until [end date]. Text us to schedule an appointment or drop by your [dealership]. We hope to see you soon!

18. Let a customer know their warranty is expiring

[Customer name], this is a reminder from [dealership] to let you know that your warranty is expiring soon.

Text reminder about a warranty expiring
A car dealership lets a customer know that their warranty is expiring soon.

19. Let your customer know their car needs a service

[Customer name], your [car model] is due for [service]. Please call us to schedule a service or visit your local [dealership].

20. Let a customer know their car needs an oil change

Your [car model] is due for its biannual oil change. Please call us to schedule a service or visit your local [business name].

21. Confirm costs with a customer before continuing a service

Hey, [customer name]. It looks like your [item] is going to cost you [total]. Does that price work for you?

Confirm cost totals with a customer via text
A tire company lets a customer know the price of their tire replacement before continuing the service.

The bottom line: Texting works for car sales

Whether you’re contacting a customer for the first time or using texting to follow up on a previous conversation, business SMS can help your car business stay in touch with customers and stand out above the competition.

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