10-Digit Long Code

10DLC (10-digit long code) for business texting

10DLC, or a 10-digit long code, is a cutting-edge texting solution for application-to-person (A2P) business messaging. Text your contacts at scale from a local, recognizable phone number. Textline helps businesses get 10DLC numbers registered and set up properly to ensure compliance.

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Textline helps customers get their 10DLC appropriately registered. Plus, we have features that help businesses reach their goals. See what our customers have to say.

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What is 10DLC?

A 10-digit long code is a messaging solution designed to improve business text messaging and protect customers from unwanted texts. 10DLC, sometimes called local A2P messaging, enables businesses to send high-volume, commercial SMS text messages to their customers using a registered, local phone number. Companies typically use 10DLC numbers with area codes that match their business location.

10DLC numbers are reliable because they incorporate improved spam prevention and have tight brand registration requirements. 

Before the creation of A2P 10DLC, local numbers were sanctioned only for person-to-person (P2P) messaging. But now, 10DLC numbers allow businesses to send more text messages at a higher throughput.

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Why 10DLC is important for businesses

Here are some reasons businesses can benefit from using 10-digit long codes for their SMS campaigns:

High throughput

Registered 10DLC numbers support high-volume messaging, which helps businesses reach many customers simultaneously via SMS.

Recognizable area code

Customers are likely to read texts from numbers local to them. Using a 10DLC gives your business this recognizable area code to efficiently and reliably reach customers.


10DLC numbers give you the security and reliability of a dedicated shortcode at a fraction of the cost. It’s common for shortcodes to cost up to $1,000 per month.

Suitable for voice and SMS

10DLC numbers support voice, mass SMS, and two-way texting. Your business can benefit from the ease of using one 10DLC number to support these functions.

Textline’s stand-out features to know

There are many ways businesses can use 10DLCs to text customers. Take a look at some common use cases:

SMS marketing

Send promotional text messages to customers or leads. Businesses use text message marketing to share discounts, alert about product launches, or recover abandoned carts.

Order confirmations

Share important updates with customers about their purchases. This could be confirmation updates, delivery timelines, or shipping alerts.

Appointment reminder texts

Use a 10DLC to remind patients or customers about upcoming appointments, meetings, demos, bookings, etc.

SMS alerts

Share timely information with customers. This could include service cancellations, flight delays, boarding notifications, etc.

Customer service

Use your 10DLC to reply to customer inquiries. Give customers another channel to reach you to solve issues or answer questions.

Request customer feedback

Use a 10DLC to request valuable feedback from customers. 10DLCs allow for two-way conversations, so you can send text surveys or just ask about a recent experience.

Internal communication

Use 10DLC to share updates with your team. This is especially helpful if you have field workers.

Follow up with leads

Use SMS to follow up with leads using a 10DLC number quickly. You can manage your conversations with leads in one SMS inbox.


Use SMS on 10DLC to help you reach candidates throughout the recruitment process. Use it to schedule interviews, share reminders, and more.

Payment reminders

Use 10DLCs to share reminder texts about upcoming bills or contract lapses.

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Why choose Textline for 10DLC texting

Textline is an industry-leading SMS platform for 10DLC texting. We help our customers get properly registered to start texting quickly. Textline helps companies scale and modernize business communication. But what differentiates Textline from the competition?


Textline is the market's most secure business texting platform. By choosing Textline, you’ll never worry about your company or customer data.

Personalized support

Textline provides personalized support from day one. Whether you need help with 10DLC registration or using a particular feature, a Textline representative can assist you quickly. Plus, Standard and Pro plan customers get a dedicated support manager.

Built for teams

Textline’s simple, multi-user platform helps teams thrive and efficiently manage SMS. With built-in collaboration features like routes, private internal notes, and a universal inbox, Textline helps teams improve.

Customer-driven innovation

Our team regularly reviews and implements customer feedback for new integrations, features, and enhancements. We’re committed to making innovative improvements for customers.

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How 10DLC numbers reduce spam

10DLC numbers offer many advantages; one of the biggest is reducing spam text messages sent to customers. Here are a few ways 10DLCs protect your business and customers:

Creation of Campaign Registry

Mobile carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon created the Campaign Registry to combat spam. This registry serves as a central repository of information related to 10DLC numbers, including what businesses are using 10DLCs and for what reasons.

Full registration process

Before a brand can use a 10DLC, it must register with the Campaign Registry. Registering your 10DLC phone number and messaging use case helps prevent your messages from being flagged as spam and protects customers. 

Opt-in procedure mandate

As part of the 10DLC registration, brands must provide proof of how they are obtaining opt-ins from customers. Opt-ins are required by law and help brands stay compliant.

New vetting requirement

As part of a 2023 compliance update, 10DLCs require an additional vetting process. In this process, direct connect aggregators also review brand and campaign information. DCAs are the intermediaries between carriers and business texting platforms like Textline.

Verification before texting

The Campaign Registry and DCAs must verify your brand and use case before you can send any messages to customers. This helps reduce spam. 

Noncompliance penalties

Businesses that aren’t registered with the Campaign Registry must pay noncompliance fees.

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10DLC frequently asked questions

How do we get started with a 10DLC for business?

Textline helps our customers get 10-digit long codes set up and registered properly. Here’s how you can get started with 10DLC for your business.

Step 1. Select your local 10DLC number

Request a 10DLC from Textline with the area code you wish to use. This number will be unique to you and your business. You don’t have to worry about sharing this number with other businesses. Alternatively, if you have an existing 10DLC number like a VOIP or landline phone, request to text-enable it with Textline. 

Step 2. Register your brand and campaign

The next step is registering your 10DLC, brand, and messaging use case. Carriers want to ensure their customers won't receive unsolicited or dangerous messages, so they ask businesses for detailed information about the company and SMS use cases.

Read more about the information you need to register your brand

Step 3. Get approval

The next step is to wait for approval from the necessary parties, including DCA and carriers. The process takes about two to three weeks.

Step 4. Start messaging 

Once your brand and campaign have been registered and vetted, you can start sending SMS and MMS messages to your customers from your 10DLC.

What information is required to register for 10DLC?

To register for 10DLC, you will need to provide the following brand information: 

  • Your company's legal name
  • Your company’s address
  • Your company's country of registration
  • The type of organization (private, publicly traded, nonprofit)
  • Your company's tax number/ID/EIN
  • Your website

You’ll also need to provide the following use-case information:

  • Descriptions of your SMS campaigns
  • Sample messages for your campaigns
  • Opt-in procedures
  • Vertical or industry

What's the difference between 10DLC and dedicated shortcodes?

Dedicated shortcodes are unique five or six-digit phone numbers for texting. 10DLC are 10-digit local phone numbers. Unlike shortcodes, 10DLCs support voice and two-way messaging. Dedicated shortcodes also have the highest message throughput but are more expensive.  Check out some additional differences between 10DLCs, shortcodes, and toll-free numbers

What’s the difference between 10DLC and toll-free numbers?

The key difference between 10DLC and toll-free numbers is that 10DLCs are local area codes, while toll-free numbers are your 1-800 numbers. Toll-free numbers are generally the cheapest messaging option because they don’t have registration and vetting fees. But both 10DLC and toll-free numbers support similar use cases and messaging functions.

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