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Toll-free texting for business

With a toll-free number, businesses can reach customers who prefer to receive text messages over phone calls or emails. Toll-free texting enables rapid two-way communication. This means your business or organization can engage in personalized conversations with your customers and address concerns promptly and efficiently. Toll-free SMS can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty because it’s an efficient and convenient communication channel.

Why do companies choose Textline for toll-free texting?

When it comes to toll-free texting, Textline is a front-runner. Textline’s industry-leading compliance helps protect your business and keeps messages flowing. By choosing Textline, your business can be confident that you are using toll-free texting in a legally compliant way. Plus, our toll-free texting platform has the right features and is intuitive. Textline’s platform is designed to connect to other tools and scale as your business grows.

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What is toll-free texting?

Toll-free texting allows businesses to send and receive SMS messages via a toll-free number. Toll-free numbers usually begin with an easy-to-remember prefix such as 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. 

There are many use cases for toll-free texting, such as sending SMS marketing messages, handling customer inquiries, resolving customer support requests, or sharing appointment reminders. Toll-free texting equips businesses with a two-way communication channel that’s accessible, fast, and built to scale. This makes SMS messages convenient and cost-effective for your business and customers.

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Why toll-free texting is good for business

Toll-free texting is a great investment as it helps businesses communicate with customers in a more personalized and efficient way. Companies can use toll-free texting across departments, including sales, support, operations, and marketing. Businesses can make the most of the many benefits of toll-free texting, such as a streamlined and professional image and making it easier for customers to get in touch. Here are some of the benefits of toll-free texting for businesses:

Provides a professional image

Toll-free numbers can provide businesses with a more polished and professional image. This perception of professionalism stems from the fact that many larger national organizations use toll-free texting, and customers are used to interacting with prominent brands in this way.

Set up is quick and seamless

Another benefit of toll-free texting is that the setup is quick and easy when using a reputable provider like Textline. This means businesses can use toll-free texting almost immediately.

Compatible with automated texting

Toll-free SMS texting can be automated. This allows businesses to streamline text communication to save time and effort. Automated messaging will enable firms to set up auto-replies to customer support inquiries or trigger marketing campaigns based on a customer action.

Easier for customers to contact you

Toll-free numbers are nationally recognized and free to call or text. This makes it more likely that customers will use them to engage with businesses.

Textline’s stand-out features to know

Toll-free texting with Textline gives businesses the features they need to improve customer engagement and communication. Here are some Textline features that can help your business make the most of toll-free SMS.

Two-way texting

With two-way texting, businesses can have real-time conversations with customers. Two-way texting helps you contact leads quickly and address customer support inquiries. 

Text surveys

Use toll-free SMS texting to gather feedback from your customers with text surveys. This is a straightforward way to optimize your service and deliver more value. 

Automated texting

Textline’s toll-free texting service allows you to set up automations to save time and improve SMS workflow. Use automated texting to send personalized messages at the right time, automate replies, or route conversations to the right department. 

SMS marketing and text notifications

Textline’s SMS marketing software supports toll-free text messages. Use it to send your customers promotional offers, discounts, and updates. We also offer SMS notifications, which means you can send time-sensitive alerts and reminders to your customers.


Textline’s toll-free texting service lets businesses send multimedia messages to customers. It’s easy to share pictures, videos, and graphics with customers.

Scheduled text messages

Scheduled text messages help businesses plan ahead and send messages at a specific time and date. Scheduling text messages allows you to send customers reminders, business updates, or promotional offers without interrupting your daily operations.

Mass messaging

Send bulk text messages to many customers at once via Textline. It’s easy to send messages en masse to customers to keep them informed. 

Unified inbox

Do you need to manage text conversations from multiple phone numbers or departments? This Textline feature allows you to manage all conversations from one universal inbox. 

Text templates

Create and store SMS templates in Textline to help you answer common questions quickly. These templates are called Shortcuts, and they’re used to save time. 


All businesses must track performance to improve. Textline has built-in metrics that help managers understand key KPIs like time to respond, time to resolve, and response rate.

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Why choose Textline for toll-free texting

Textline is an industry leader in business texting, providing companies with tools to scale and modernize communication. Use Textline to enhance sales, customer service, and internal team collaboration. But why choose Textline for your toll-free SMS platform?

Unmatched security

Textline is the industry’s most secure texting platform. With encryption, continuous monitoring, and advanced security features, Textline is the gold standard for security.

Personalized support

Textline provides the personalized support you need quickly and efficiently from day one. Whether you need help with toll-free registration or using a particular feature, a Textline representative can assist you. We prioritize quick, efficient, and personal resolutions.

Built for teams

Textline’s simple, multi-user platform helps teams work together to manage texting. With built-in collaboration features like routes, private internal notes, and a universal inbox, Textline helps teams boost efficiencies.

Customer-driven innovation

Customer-driven innovation is at the heart of Textline. We always consider customer feedback when deciding what new integrations, features, and enhancements to add to our platform.

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Use cases for toll-free text messaging

How can your business use toll-free text messaging? Here are some of the ways Textline customers make the most of our toll-free SMS service:

Reach leads quickly

Use a toll-free number to reach out to website leads quickly. Once a customer reaches out for information, send a text to set up a phone call. 

Centralize customer service efforts

Toll-free numbers allow businesses to centralize and streamline their customer service efforts. Many toll-free numbers allow for voice and text, meaning customers can call or text to resolve their issues quickly.

Send payment reminders or confirmations

Use toll-free SMS to send payment reminders or confirmations with ease. You can even automate these text message reminders. 

Send marketing messages

Many organizations use toll-free text messaging to send marketing messages to customers. This use case is especially popular in the retail and ecommerce industries. These businesses use toll-free SMS messaging to drive engagement and sales. Use SMS to share promotional offers, discounts, or service improvements. 

Improve account management

Use SMS to enhance account management efforts. Use it to check in with customers to remind them about upcoming deadlines, enhancements, or more. 

Share appointment reminders

Businesses use toll-free texting for appointment reminders. These messages, which can be automated, help reduce no-shows and increase customer satisfaction. Plus, with two-way texting, customers can reschedule appointments with ease. 

Garner feedback with customer surveys

Businesses use toll-free numbers to send SMS surveys to customers nationwide. These surveys allow customers to provide valuable insight and feedback to companies about their overall experience.

Use SMS for time-sensitive alerts

The majority of text messages are read within five minutes. Use your toll-free number to reliably reach contacts in an emergency or share time-sensitive information with them.

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Toll-free SMS frequently asked questions

Are toll-free numbers different from 10DLC or shortcode numbers?

Yes, toll-free numbers are different from 10DLC and shortcode numbers. Toll-free numbers are traditional phone numbers that start with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833. On the other hand, 10-digit long codes contain local area codes like 312, 414, or 616. Shortcodes  are five or six-digit numbers. Learn more about the three number types here.

Does toll-free texting allow for images in messages?

Yes. Businesses can use toll-free numbers to send MMS messages, including pictures, videos, and other multimedia content.

What other features are available for toll-free texting?

Toll-free texting is compatible with all key Textline features. Take a look at our full list of features.

Is there any verification process to get a toll-free number for texting?

Yes. Textline operates a verification policy during the sign-up process for toll-free texting. More information can be found here. 

How do we enable toll-free texting with Textline?

It’s easy to get a toll-free texting number with Textline. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for a Textline account
  2. Register your toll-free number
  3. Start texting!

You can also text-enable existing voice-only toll-free numbers with Textline. Read more about that process here.

Integrate Textline with ease

Maximize the potential of toll-free SMS by connecting Textline with your existing toolkit. Seamlessly integrate Textline with top-notch CRM, ecommerce, help desk, social, and automation platforms. Integrating Textline with these tools can erase data silos to improve communication, enhance team productivity, and boost text campaign performance.

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