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30 ready-to-use real estate SMS templates to save you time

Alia Paavola
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Text messaging is a powerful communication channel for real estate professionals due to its speed and efficiency. Real estate SMS marketing is helping those in the industry sell more properties, get new customers, and better serve clients. 

You may be wondering how. Well, consider these business texting stats:

  • Most texts are read within three minutes of being received
  • SMS open rates are 98 percent, nearly four times that of email
  • The average SMS response rate is 45 percent, nearly eight times that of email
  • It takes on average 90 seconds for someone to respond to a text; making it a rapid back-and-forth communication tool
  • The click-through rate for links in text messages is higher at 9.2 percent compared to other marketing channels like Facebook, which is 0.9 percent.

As a result, more realtors are turning to text messaging and text message marketing. Sending these real estate messages can help you keep leads engaged and save valuable time. The following real estate SMS templates will help get you started.

30 real estate SMS templates

1. Let a client know they can text you

Hi {{contact first name}}. This is {{real estate agent}} from {{real estate company}}. I just sent you an email, but I wanted you to have my number in case it's easier to call or text 🙂 Are there any questions I can help answer now?

2. Information request from a lead

Hi {{contact name}}. Thanks for signing up for texts from {{real estate company.}} Are you looking to buy or sell a property?

3. Send property information

Hi {{contact name}}! Thanks for requesting more information about the property at {{address}}. It is a {{X}}-bed {{X}}-bath, single family home built in {{year.}} It’s list price is {{dollar amount}}. Are you available this week to discuss more about this property? - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}.

4. Promote property listings

Hi {{contact name}}! This is {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}. There are a few properties I think you’d be interested in. Here are some links to view them in greater detail:

  • {{Listing link 1}}
  • {{Listing link 2}}
  • {{Listing link 3}}

5. Share a coming-soon property listing

Hi {{contact name}}. Are you still thinking about [neighborhood]? I found a new listing coming on the market {{date}} and wanted you to be the first to know! - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}.

6. Promote open houses

Hi {{contact name}}. {{Agent name}} here from {{company]}. We have a few open houses that you may be interested in. Here’s a breakdown of the locations and times:

  • {{Address 1}} on {{date}} from {{time}} to {{time}}
  • {{Address 2}} on {{date}} from {{time}} to {{time}}
  • {{Address 3}} on {{date}} from {{time}} to {{time}}

Let me know if you plan to stop by any of these!

7. Schedule a showing for a specific property

Hi {{contact name}}! Thanks for reaching out about the property at {{address}}. Do you want to schedule a showing on {{date}}? Reply YES if interested. - {{real estate agent name}}, {{company}}

8. Confirm a showing to reduce no-shows

Hi {{contact name}}. Your showing for the property at {{address}} is {{date}} at {{time}}. Please reply C to confirm your showing. Thanks! - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}

9. Showing or appointment reminder

Hi {{contact name}}. This is a reminder that you scheduled a showing for the property at {{address}} on {{date}} at {{time}}. Please call or text if you need to reschedule. - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}

10. Reschedule a showing

Hi {{contact name}}. This is {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}. I’m reaching out to see if you can move our showing that was scheduled for {{date}} at {{time}} to another time this week. Something personal came up.

11. Thank you post-showing

Hi {{contact name}}. Thanks for stopping by {{address}} on {{date}}. I hope you got a good feel for the house and {{property benefit}}. Please let me know if you have any questions!

12. Follow-up template for a new lead - buyer

Hi {{}}. Thanks for reaching out on {{website name}}. What is your availability this week? I’d love to set up a {{x}} minute appointment to better understand what you’re looking for in your home search! - {{real estate agent name}} from {{ company name }}.

13. Follow-up template for a new lead - seller

Hi {{contact name}}.Thanks for reaching out about selling your property. What is your availability this week? I’d love to schedule a time to discuss how we can get your home to sell! 

14. Home valuation 

Hi {{contact name}}. I’ll have your home valuation ready by {{date}}. I’m using the information you provided on your contact form and data on recent house sales on {{street name}}. - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company name}}.

15. Home inspection 

Hi {{contact name}}. Your home inspection is scheduled for {{date}} at {{time}}. Reply if you need to change the appointment date or time! Thanks - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company name}}.

16. Automate replies when with a client

Hi {{}}. Thanks for reaching out! I’m currently with another client but would love to speak with you after. Can I call you after {{time}}?

17. Out-of-office auto-reply

Hi {{}} Thanks for reaching out! I’m currently out of the office but would love to connect when I am back. Can I give you a call on {{date}}?

18. Price drop text to interested leads

Hi {{contact name}}. {{Name}} here from {{company]}. The property at {{address}} has dropped from {{dollar amount}} to {{dollar amount}}. Are you interested in scheduling a tour? 

19. Check-in with potential home buyers

Hi {{contact name}}. It sounds like you really liked the property at {{address}}. Are there any questions I can answer for you about the property or the next steps?

20. Information request from a client

Hi {{contact name}}. The potential buyers want to know if {{item}} is included in the listing price. Would you consider adding it? - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}.

21. Offer accepted

Congratulations, {{contact name}}! 🎉 You have a new home! The sellers have accepted your offer.  - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}.

22. Final walk-through update

Hi {{contact name}}. I just wanted to let you know that the buyers completed the final walk-through today. Everything went smoothly! - {{real estate agent name}}

23. Under contract text

Hi {{}}. Thanks for your interest in the property at {{address}}. I wanted to let you know the house is currently under contract. However, similar properties in the area are being listed soon and I’m happy to arrange a showing! - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}.

24. Client retention text

Hi {{contact name}}. This is {{real estate agent name}}.I hope you’re feeling settled and enjoying your new home! 😊 I thought you’d be interested in learning more about how to increase your home’s value over the next few years. Check out our blog here:{{link}}.

25. Share helpful content 

Hi {{contact name}}. {{Real estate agent name}} here. One of the first steps to buying a home is getting pre-approved. I’m sharing an article with you that discusses this in more detail: {{link}}

26. Ask for a review

Hi {{contact name}}. Thank you for trusting me as your realtor. Would you be willing to write a review? Your feedback is so valuable! {{Link to review page}}

27. Ask for a referral

Hi {{contact name}} Congrats again on the home sale! I enjoyed working with you. If you know of anyone who may be looking for a realtor, feel free to send them my way. - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}.

28. Reengage a past lead - seller

Hi {{contact name}}. You reached out to us last year about potentially selling your property at {{address}}. Another home in that location just sold for {{price}}. Are you still interested in selling that property? - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}.

29. Reengage a past lead - buyer

Hi {{contact name}}. You reached out last year looking to buy a property in {{city}}. We have {{X}} number of properties for sale there. Are you still interested? - {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}.

30. Send a quick text to a client to update them 

Hi Sarah! This is {{real estate agent name}} from {{company}}. I am running about {{X}} minutes behind for the showing. Can you plan to meet at {{time}} instead? 

6 real estate texting best practices

1. Keep it short and simple

Short message service texts are limited to 160 characters, making it critical to keep your messages short and simple. Keeping a message concise allows a recipient to read it and respond quickly. This is especially helpful as the average human attention span is just 8.25 seconds

Another key to text messaging is to keep it simple. Don’t overuse abbreviations or make the message unnecessarily complicated. Instead, aim to get your point across in a clear way.

2. Get client permission to text

To stay compliant with the laws that regulate texting, make sure you get an opt-in from clients to text them. It is important to ask permission and explain why you’ll be texting your clients. There are several ways to get an opt-in, including having customers text you first, asking them in person, or having them fill out a lead form. 

It’s important to note that if your customer willingly gave you their phone number, this can serve as an opt-in. However, if you want extra confirmation, you could send them an opt-in text as your first message. 

Here’s an example of what that opt-in text could look like: 

Hi Sarah! This is Renee from Realtors Plus. We are now able to text with our customers to share new listings, schedule showings, and share pertinent updates. Do you agree to receive texts from me during the process?

3. Personalize your messages

Texting allows for quick two-way communication, but it is also very personal. That’s because your messages will be going to a client's personal mobile device. As a result, a good way to ensure your messages are read and received well, make sure to add a personal touch. In other words, don’t make it feel like you are sending bulk SMS to all of your clients. 

Personalized messages go a long way in building trust and keeping your clients happy.

4. Introduce yourself in your messages

It is a good practice to introduce yourself or your company in your text messages. This ensures that your client immediately knows who the message is from. It may even increase your response rate. 

5. Pay attention to frequency and timing

When it comes to business texting, remember to keep frequency in mind. You don’t want to overwhelm your clients with hundreds of messages. Instead, make sure you are only texting them relevant information. Sending too many text messages could frustrate your clients and make them less likely to open your messages. 

Additionally, pay attention to the timing of when you send messages. Nobody wants to get woken up by a text message in the middle of the night or early in the morning. As a best practice, try to stick to sending messages during business hours unless it is an important and relevant update. 

6. Create templates

Creating text templates that answer frequently asked questions will result in you saving time and effort. This enables you to focus on closing more deals and other top-of-license duties.

Textline enables you to create and save these templates in our platform so they are easy to access and use. It cuts out needing to type the same response over and over. 

The bottom line

Business texting is a great way for real estate agents and brokers to communicate with their clients. It enables quick and effective back-and-forth communication, which is key to closing deals. If you’re looking to add text messaging to your wheelhouse to supplement phone calls and emails, sign up for a 14-day free trial here. Textline makes it easy for those in the real estate business to schedule showings and follow up with real estate leads.

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