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How JSK Recruiting uses Textline to place job prospects faster

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Before he started using Textline, recruiter Jeff Katz used to miss a lot of text messages. The job candidates and hiring managers he works with in the supply chain and manufacturing industries often tried to text his landline.

“Most of my candidates work in manufacturing facilities with bad reception,” says Katz, founder of JSK Recruiting in Park Ridge, Illinois. Bad reception makes phone calls tricky — not to mention the fact that their boss may be nearby. Many would text to say they couldn’t talk because they were working or in a meeting. “I was missing all these text messages before.”

When he did text with clients, it was cumbersome to pull out his phone and work out a better time, or type out company or interview details, with his fingers.

Recruit using a fast and familiar process

Since Katz started using Textline for business texting earlier this year, all that has changed. Now he knows he’s receiving texts from candidates and clients, and he can respond to them quickly from his computer. He can copy and paste names, addresses, and numbers without the risk of typos.

Like 90 percent of recruiters, Katz has found that business texting speeds up his process significantly. “I was hoping it would make things quicker and easier,” he says, “and it has.”

Meanwhile, he is using a mode of communication his candidates are comfortable with. “Especially a lot of the younger generation,” he says—"they’ll have a full conversation via text." In fact, less than five percent of millennials pick up calls from unknown numbers.

Schedule texts, collaborate, use metrics

Textline, which is integrated with Katz’s existing business line, also lets him schedule texts in advance, such as reminders about interviews, including directions and interviewer names and titles. "The candidates really appreciate it," Katz says, "and since doing this I have not had any no-shows for interviews."

Textline’s software also offers auto responses, administrative controls, analytics, and historical data. And coworkers can transfer texts to each other and collaborate.

Now that he's using Textline, he says, Katz feels confident changing JSK's website to say "call or text us."

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