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Announcing Freshdesk and Textline content series partnership and webinar

Nina Godlewski
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We’re excited to announce a new content partnership with Freshdesk. The three-part blog series: “Meeting Customers Where They Are” will be published over the coming weeks. Part one was already published and you can read it on the Freshdesk blog. Textline and Freshdesk are working together to highlight the benefits of business texting for customer support. The two companies will host a webinar highlighting the ways business texting can help you meet your customers where they are on December 8. 

The first blog of the three is all about why your customers want to be able to text your customer support team. In this initial article, we cover the nine reasons your customers want to text you. 

If you don’t already have texting set up for your customer support team it’s something you should seriously consider. Some of the reasons you should? It’s fast, it’s convenient, your customers would prefer texting, and they don’t like phone calls. To get the full rundown of why you should implement business texting check out our article on Freshdesk.

For those already using Textline, consider adding the Freshdesk integration.

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