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Keep your agency ahead of the curve with SMS

One of the most important aspects of running a marketing company is creating meaningful dialogue with customers. This means responding to customers quickly, sending relevant messages, and reaching people at the right time. This is all possible with SMS for marketing agencies.

Good communication requires promptness, back-and-forth conversations, and a clear message. While emails and phone calls are common in the business world, they have limitations. 

On the other hand, SMS is a powerful way to engage with your customers. Research shows that 90 percent of SMS messages are opened within the first three minutes. Plus, 45 percent of SMS marketing messages get a reply.

By using Textline for your SMS needs, you can stay connected to clients. Send them relevant updates, see prior text conversations, or set out-of-office messages when you aren't available. Plus, view data and insights about customer communication from Textline's dashboard.

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All the features you need to grow

Textline is a comprehensive solution built for businesses. It has all the features you need today and will scale with your business as it grows.

Textline allows you to automate your workflow, schedule SMS messages, and track message performance with ease. It's also simple to add your contact lists and keep track of customer conversations on one central dashboard. 

Textline adapts seamlessly to your team and has features designed for marketing agencies like yours.

Seamless automation

A staple feature of Textline’s SMS agency solution is automated text messages. This allows your team to schedule communications in advance, trigger auto-replies, create SMS templates, and more. Overall, many revenue-creating SMS messages can be completely automated. This frees up time for your team. 

Textline allows users to create automation workflows to capture and engage leads. Use automations to send messages at critical moments in the sales cycle and ensure messages are timely.

You can also automatically send personalized messages to highlight customer milestones and build relationships. You could  automate a “happy birthday” message or send “happy holidays” wishes to your lists. Additionally, many customers pre-write message templates and store them for future use to save time.

Overall, automated SMS allows you to create smart, tailored, and exceptional messages that send at the right time.

Harness trackable data and analytics

No more fumbling in the dark. Textline’s comprehensive insights and trackable data facilitate informed communication. 

Our text marketing tool allows users to track conversational data and export it to generate reports. Plus sync Textline with other software or data sources your business relies on with our integrations or open API. Textline’s exceptional data tracking and metrics help improve SMS campaign performance and drive customer relationships.

Facilitate contact management

Make the most of your customer contact information with Textline’s Address Book feature. The Textline Address Book makes it easy for you to add contacts and group those contacts for a more targeted communication strategy. With Textline you can upload a large group of contacts or add individual contacts. Plus, you can assign labels to contacts such as age, preferred language, and location. This allows you to search and send messages to each group to ensure the right message gets to the right contacts. 

We also help our customers gain SMS subscribers by sharing strategies and best practices. Overall, Textline makes it easy to manage contact information and helps to ensure you are staying compliant with SMS opt-in requirements. 

Distribute bulk SMS messages

Don’t waste time typing the same message over and over. Many communications can be sent en masse to leads and contacts. Target groups of customers using Textline’s bulk SMS functionality. 

Reach large audiences with ease using mass texting. You can share relevant announcements, survey customers, or introduce new offers to increase customer engagement. You can also send mass text messages to remind customers of upcoming events, distribute mobile-only coupons, or share loyalty rewards. 

Bulk SMS sends messages to many contacts at once and our two-way messaging feature initiates one-on-one conversations with any replies. Overall, bulk SMS is efficient and effective for marketing agencies. 

Enjoy top-notch security and compliance

Carrier and TCPA compliance in SMS marketing is crucial. Textline helps ensure your SMS communication complies with state and federal regulations. We stay up to date on regulatory changes and offer customers SMS compliance guidelines to give them peace of mind. Textline will also automatically unsubscribe customers who reply with opt-out words like STOP or END. 

As well as SMS regulatory compliance, Textline is an industry leader in secure texting. On par with industry standards, we encrypt all customer data on our platform and have a team of security professionals working against attacks. Your data is secure on our platform.

Simplify your workflow with countless integrations

Textline isn’t just a standalone solution. Our software integrates with other business tools like Facebook Messenger, Zapier, Instagram, and Salesforce. This allows you to manage all communication with your customers in one central dashboard.

Use Textline alongside your existing CRM system to keep communication in one place. Share data between applications and export the business intelligence data in a way that works for you. Textline is designed to easily fit into your existing workflow.

SMS use cases for marketing agencies

SMS agency communication: Nurture leads

Marketing agencies use SMS communication to nurture leads and grow relationships with potential clients. With texting, agencies can quickly touch base with prospects who’ve gone cold or send important information to clients to help them make a decision. SMS messages appear directly on mobile phone home screens, allowing them to be seen. If prospects are not responding to emails, an SMS message may be a better way to reach them. 

Plus, up to 50 percent of customers prefer text conversations with businesses than any other method. That’s because text messages are convenient, facilitate natural one-on-one conversations, and don’t require expensive hardware.

SMS messages also can be personalized. With Textline you can easily send your clients images, file attachments, emojis, and GIFs. Potential customers and existing clients enjoy the personal touch of SMS. Overall, SMS can help your team facilitate back-and-forth communication to build genuine relationships. 

Promote events and webinars

Use texting to promote upcoming events like webinars. Marketing agencies often have jam-packed calendars throughout the year. Inviting event attendees via SMS message is one way to stand out and target specific customers. Sending event invites via SMS makes it easy for attendees to RSVP and add the event to their phone’s calendar. Use bulk SMS features to invite many contacts at once or send individual invites.

You can also use SMS to send event reminders or communicate key information like login instructions for a webinar or dress code for an in-person event. After the event, use SMS agency messaging to follow up with your audience with a survey to collect feedback or follow up with warm leads.

Send surveys to get useful feedback

Easily collect feedback or ask for client reviews with Textline’s SMS agency solution. You can send a bulk survey to clients to understand how satisfied they were with your service. Or, you could use texting to request reviews from clients. 

Text surveys are a great way to get valuable insights from your customers. With high engagement rates and high response rates, text messaging allows you to get feedback quickly to improve operations. 

Plus, Textline allows you to automate these surveys. For example, after a customer marketing campaign ends, marketing agencies could automatically send a customer feedback survey. From there, the agency can use those insights to improve their service and create better customer outcomes. 

Distribute valuable content and use cases

Over 70 percent of customers say they consume three to five pieces of a business’ content before making a purchase online. SMS helps marketing agencies distribute this content to boost website views and promote their services. 

Use a bulk SMS message to share relevant blog posts, case studies, videos, viral tweets,  infographics, or newsletters. This will help your customers learn more about your marketing agency and decide if you’re the best fit. 

Overall, drive engagement and improve metrics by sharing content via SMS.

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Why marketing agencies should add SMS


of text messages are opened and 95% of texts are read within three minutes. — SMS Comparison


SMS has a 7x higher marketing campaign performance than email marketing. — Omnisend


of marketers say SMS helped them generate more revenue. — Attentive Mobile

Streamlined phone number registration for marketing agencies

In 2023, mobile carriers started to require all businesses to register phone numbers to text contacts. This registration requirement is mandated regardless of SMS use case. SMS marketing agencies must submit information about their brand and texting use cases to register.

While this registration process may sound complex, it’s stress-free with Textline. Our customers can register their phone numbers within our platform. Textline provides built-in compliance forms that ensure brands submit the correct information. Plus, Textline submits this information on your behalf and waives registration fees. Choose Textline for a stress-free registration process.

Another huge perk is that while you’re waiting for approval, you can test the Textline platform for free. You can set up automations, try out features, and create SMS templates.

How to get started with Textline

It’s easy to add texting into your workflow with Textline. Seamlessly add team members, import existing contact lists, and integrate other software. Plus, Textline is controlled from a computer, making it easy to write and send SMS marketing messages. 

Our expert support team is on hand if you need help getting set up. Your team can feel confident with our support — rest assured that our consultants are just a message away.

Set up your phone number

Be easily recognizable to your customers using your existing phone number, or create a new number for text communication.

Whatever you decide, our streamlined processes make setting up a phone number uncomplicated. You can send your first SMS message the same day your number is activated.

Create your departments

Every business is different. Whether your team is spread across multiple locations, speaks different languages, or works with different streams of prospects, Textline accommodates any business structure. 

Textline allows users to create different departments with ease. You can set up different departments based on location, team function, language, and more. For example, you could have one phone number and department for your sales team, and another for customer support. If you want only one department, that’s fine too.

Invite your team

It’s simple to onboard your team to Textline. Simply invite the workers who need access to Textline and assign them a role. Our easy-to-use solution is intuitive and requires no extensive training. It’s simple to use out of the box and fits with your team immediately. 

Our platform also stores text conversation history, so it’s easy for another team member to jump into the conversation where a colleague left off. This is a great feature for customer service teams that handle a lot of inbound messages.

Import your contacts

Textline allows you to easily import your contact lists. You can mass import a CSV file, add contacts individually, or integrate with a CRM system to help sync contacts. Textline ensures your contact list is migrated and managed.

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Why marketing agencies trust Textline for their SMS needs

I was looking for a texting service that integrated with our CRM and made it easy to stay updated on communications between each client. Textline integrates seamlessly and I can access it under each client's page in the CRM.

—Alexandra G., Capterra

Texting your customers really positions your team to be ahead of the competition. What customer doesn't want to text these days? Take your business to the next level by offering texting via Textline. It's incredible.

—Adam B., Capterra

We needed a two-way-texting solution to add an additional channel to reach our customers and to be able to qualify for more sales. Textline made sure to really describe their solutions and all the options that were offered in order for our team to make sure their product was a good fit for us. We couldn't be happier with our choice.

—Mikaël C., Capterra
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Additional resources for marketing agencies

Powerful integrations for marketing teams

Textline connects to many powerful marketing tools like HubSpot, Slack, and Instagram Business. Maximize your SMS marketing strategy by using these pre-built integrations, or use our brilliantly simple API to build custom integrations.

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Start using text to grow your agency

Get started now with Textline’s SMS solution for marketing agencies. Join thousands of other agencies nationwide using SMS to increase conversions and build great client relationships. Take advantage of two-way texting, automation features, surveys, and more from one centralized dashboard. Communicate better, follow up more often, and use Textline to create long-lasting client relationships. Contact our expert team today to book your demo and discover how Textline can add a competitive advantage to your marketing agency.

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