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How STYLEBEE uses Textline to connect stylists with clients

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Working late but need to get ready for an evening gala? Have an early morning meeting you want to look just right for? Need to prep for a sunrise engagement photo shoot? Bring a hair or makeup stylist to your office, home, or hotel with STYLEBEE, a platform that connects beauty professionals with clients in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Two lines of communication

As a connector, STYLEBEE relies on two lines of communication: one with clients requesting services and another with the professional stylists it calls upon to provide those services. STYLEBEE uses Textline's business text messaging to communicate with customers “if they have questions the day of, if we need to ask what their room number is, or to let them know their stylist is there and ready for them,” says Natasha Koroleva, STYLEBEE's operations manager.

Textline makes that communication easy and fast, says Koroleva. She prefers texting over calling clients, she says, because “we know they’re busy women.” And texting is “a little easier yet still more personal than email. We can respond quicker, especially if you get a lot of junk mail.”

Personal connections

Most importantly, Koroleva feels the ability to text easily has helped STYLEBEE form strong relationships with its clients. “You don’t get a text from just any business,” she says. “The clients feel a personal connection to the company because of the way they are receiving the communication. Some clients even save the number and know our names.”

Textline has helped STYLEBEE conduct the vital communications at the heart of its success. Sign up for a Textline free trial so customers can text your business today.

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