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How Spark uses Textline to boost high school graduation rates

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Spark is a nonprofit organization that empowers middle school students in underserved communities. Volunteer mentors welcome these students into their workplaces to show young people what their future careers might be like. This experience inspires students to perform better in school and beyond: 92% of Spark students have graduated high school or are on track to graduate on time, compared to an average of 68% in districts served by Spark! More than 5,000 students have participated in Spark's program since 2004.

For 20 weeks during each school year, the staff at Spark handles the challenging logistics of getting hundreds of middle school students from their schools to their mentors' workplaces and back again. This is where Textline comes in. The team at Spark's San Francisco Bay Area program uses Textline to communicate with volunteers and staff. If a bus full of students is running late, for example, Spark can text a brief announcement to all the mentors waiting for those students. Mentors can text questions to the Spark team's Textline number to get answers quickly. And volunteers even text photos to Spark headquarters to share occasional student project updates.

We are inspired by Spark's mission to help students succeed, and we're happy Textline can play a small part in that mission.

Visit to learn more about Spark. Even better, make a donation!

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