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Today, we're happy to announce the release of Advanced and Saved Searches, a functionality to more easily explore, navigate, and create groups of your Contacts in Textline. The update follows various improvements we've been making to our Address Book feature throughout the past few months, including the release of a set of actions to be able to mass edit contacts and more easily see their status.

Advanced Search is a way to customize your search using multiple including and excluding criteria. It also includes AND and OR operators so that you can combine or divide multiple groups like a mathematical formula.

Advanced Searching also makes it possible to save your searches to use later. Saved Search is the feature in which you can easily view the Contact lists created by Advanced Search and use them for future reference. You can even use the previously released action sets on this Contact list and as a contact list for Announcements.

With both of these feature sets at your fingertips, you will be able to better identify and target your Contacts with Textline.

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