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New feature: custom address book fields

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Organizations can now expand the Textline address book by adding whatever custom fields are relevant to a particular business use case. There are five different custom field types:

1. Single-line text fields can be used for just about any data you can imagine. Examples: company name, job title, birthday, nickname, maiden name, salesperson, account manager's name, user ID.

2. Use links to store URLs associated with a contact, such as a personal or business web page. Links can also be used for contacts' social media profiles on Facebook or Twitter. You may also want to store links to your organization's internal admin tools.

3. Email fields are for email addresses, naturally. Textline displays email addresses as clickable links.

4. Multi-line text fields can be used for longer entries such as customer preferences or special delivery instructions.

5. Use a checkbox for boolean values. For example, if new customers need to be approved or verified in some way, a Textline agent can mark a checkbox to indicate that.

Once you've added custom fields to your Textline address book, you can use the field names as column headers when importing contacts, too. For instructions with screen shots, see Textline's help center.

Note: Textline users must have admin access to add or edit custom address book fields. This feature is not available on the limited pricing plan.

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