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15 auto-reply text message samples for businesses

Alia Paavola
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Customer issues and questions emerge around the clock, 365 days a year. As a result, a customer will inevitably reach out when your business is closed, your support line is flooded with inquiries, or a key staff member is on vacation. In these scenarios, don’t leave your customers waiting for a reply – set auto-reply messages instead.

Auto-reply texts help maintain transparency, keep customers informed, and ensure your response time remains low. This article will share 15 ready-to-use auto-reply message samples for businesses, along with best practices for autoresponders. 

15 auto-reply message samples for business

Customers expect short response times no matter the communication channel. Use these auto-reply text message samples when you can’t reply quickly to help meet and manage customer expectations


Share with contacts that you’re out of the office, when you return, and how they can get more information. 

Hi [name]. Sorry I missed you! I’m OOO, returning [date]. I’ll reply ASAP when I return. Contact [team member] at [phone number] for immediate assistance.

Hi [name]. I’m on vacation until [date] 🌴 If you’re looking to book an appointment with me, set up a time on my calendar: [link]

Hi [name]. Thanks for your message! I’m OOO, returning [date]. I look forward to connecting with you then. In the meantime, check out our latest blog: [link] 

Holiday business closure

The reality is businesses observe different holidays. Ensure you share with contacts when you are closed to celebrate a holiday.

Hi [name]. [Business name] is currently closed in observance of [holiday]. Our office will reopen on [date]. Once back, we’ll reply ASAP.


Don’t leave customers hanging when they reach out outside of business hours. Provide your hours and when they’ll hear from you.

Hi, thanks for contacting [business name] 😃 Our hours are [time] to [time] Monday through Friday. We’ll get back to you when we return!

Slow to respond

Are you on-site at a work conference, hosting an open house, or at a company happy hour? Use an auto-reply to inform contacts to expect a reply, but it may take longer than usual.

Hi [name]. I’m currently attending [work event]. I’ll be slow to respond, but you can expect a reply by [time] today.

Hi [name]. Our company is at [work event] today. We’ll be slow to respond, but you can expect a team member to reply by [time].

We got your message

Give customers a heads-up that you received their message. You can also provide a timeframe for when they can expect a reply.

Hi [name]. [Business name] wanted to let you know we received your message. A team member will be in touch in [time frame]. 

Hi [name]. Thanks for contacting [business name]! We got your message. You’re currently [number in line] to reach a team member.

Support line busy 

Are you facing an influx of support inquiries? Let customers know that your support team is slammed but working on getting to their tickets.

Hi [name]. Thanks for reaching out. Our support line is facing an influx of inquiries. We’re working hard to get to yours as soon as we can!

Hi [name]. Our texting support line is busy right now! You’re in the queue, but please call [phone number] for quicker assistance.

Hi [name]. We’re working hard to get to your message. While you wait, here’s a link to our help center: [link]

Opt-in confirmation texts

Trigger this auto-reply message to send after customers text in a keyword like “JOIN” to subscribe to your SMS marketing texts

Reply YES to confirm you want to get recurring automated marketing alerts from [business name]. Reply STOP at any time. 

Redirect to a different contact method

If you don’t monitor your texting number at certain hours of the day or are experiencing difficulties with your contact channel, provide customers with a different way to reach you.

Hi [name]. This phone number isn’t monitored from [time] to [time.] Please contact our support line at [email] for assistance. 

Hi [name]. We’re experiencing technical difficulties. Please call us at [phone number] or email us at [email] for assistance.

No longer work here

This auto-reply is helpful to set up if you have a team member who no longer works at your business. 

Hi [name]. I no longer work for [business name]. Please contact [team member] at [phone number] for assistance. 

Best practices for auto-reply text messages

To ensure customers receive your auto-reply texts well, keep the following tips in mind. 

  • Be concise. Texting is built for exchanging 160-character messages. Make sure your auto-reply texts are within that limit and to the point. 
  • Give an estimated response time. Share when your lead, customer, or colleague can expect to hear from you. This keeps them informed. 
  • Proofread. Don’t let grammatical errors slip through. Ensure your auto-reply texts are accurate, on-brand, and free from mistakes.
  • Provide an alternative contact method. Give customers another way to reach your business or another team member while unavailable. This could include providing a different phone number, a teammate's email, or a link to a help center article for further reading.
  • Ensure relevant responses. Make sure auto-replies apply to customers’ needs. Don’t reply with irrelevant information. 

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