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Announcing augmented announcements

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Announcements are used by our customers to update their clients about special business hours, send new feature alerts, broadcast product releases, and more. It is no surprise then that Announcements are one of Textline's most used features. They give you the ability to send one message to a list of Contacts at once and are great for proactive communication and providing regular brand touchpoints for customers.

Earlier this year, we released several updates to enhance how customers use Announcements. Now, we are thrilled to announce additional updates that make it easier to create Announcements, control what happens to them after they are sent, and see how they are performing.

Creating Announcements

The first thing you will notice is that we have divided the Announcement setup into different screens to make it easier to understand and navigate. The final screen is a new preview screen that makes it easier to review what you have created and make changes if needed.

Announcement Conversations

Previously, you would have to manually close any Conversation created when sending an Announcement. Now, these conversations can be automatically closed, and you can decide if they should be assigned to a specific user or only assigned if a contact replies to an Announcement.

Gif of conversation being resolved in Textline

Announcement Statistics

One of the most requested portions of this update is the ability to see how Announcements perform. Now you’ll be able to see who the Announcement was sent to and who has replied or unsubscribed.

For more detailed information, have a look at our release notes and documentation for the advanced Announcement settings and announcement statistics.

We hope that you enjoy and get a lot of use out of these updates! There are more to come, so keep sending in your requests.

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