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5 ways to get your Textline number in front of customers

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Your company's customers would most likely prefer to text your business rather than call or email. When Twilio surveyed 6000 consumers worldwide, 89% answered that they would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses. But only 48% of companies are equipped to do so. 

(If your organization or business does not yet accept texts from customers, give Textline a try for free.)

Once your business is text-enabled, you'll need to get your Textline phone number in front of customers. Here are the top 5 ways to do so:

1. Email

Put your textable phone number in your email signature or in the footer of your marketing email templates. Make sure you specify that the number is for texting with a label like "text us." In HTML emails, you can use SMS links so that customers reading email on smartphones can tap to text. (For example, tap here to text the team at Textline.)

2. Mobile web widget

Textline's mobile web widget puts a "text us" button at the bottom of your web site that is visible only to smartphone browsers. Like SMS links, the "text us" widget allows mobile web visitors to simply tap to initiate a text message to your textable phone number. (See the photo above.)

3. Web site header or footer

Put your textable phone number in your web site's header or footer, and on your contact us page. Here's a great example at CandleScience.

4. Voicemail greeting

Are your customers calling but reaching your voicemail greeting or listening to a looping message while waiting on hold? Tell them to hang up and text you instead! (Besides, texting is more efficient for your business and your customers.)

5. Social media

If your business has a Yelp listing, Facebook page, or a profile on Twitter or Linked-in, display your text-enabled phone number there. Messaging apps are the most used apps on smartphones today. You may as well let your fans reach you there!

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