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14 promotional text message examples any business can use

Nina Godlewski
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Using promotional text messages for your business can help improve customer engagement and increase your retention. Instead of sending an email to promote a sale or an event you can send a quick SMS text message. When you use business promotional text messages you can be sure your message will be seen: texting has a 98 percent open rate.

Texting has a 98 percent open rate.

Promotional text message examples for your business

If you’re taking the dive into promotional SMS, it’s not as easy as simply taking your old email templates and sending them via SMS. You’re working with a different format, so you’ll want to adjust your communication for that. Remember, text messages are only 160 characters or less. Below are some example text messages you might use when promoting an event, a sale, or new items using promotional SMS.

Promoting an event via text message

You might choose to use promotional text messaging to promote an event for your business. That high open rate we mentioned, plus the fact that SMS campaigns perform seven times better than email campaigns should be enough to convince you of the potential texting has. We’ll cover a few text message examples below.

Megaphone and 7x
SMS campaigns perform seven times better than email campaigns.

1. Large ticketed event

Strong and Silky Hair Care is hosting a conference with other top hair industry businesses. Stylists can buy tickets at a 10% discount until Friday. More details can be found here:

2. Recurring event

We’re hosting our weekly open mic night on Friday, bring your friends and bring your best singing voice! Sign up to perform here:

3. Special event

We’re hosting a career day on Wednesday, May 13! Swing by to learn about opportunities and meet new people. You can find the full schedule of events here:

4. No registration required event

Example of texting about a no registration required event
An example of a non-ticketed event promotional text message.

Promoting a sale or discount via SMS

You might also choose to use promotional text messaging for particular sales or discounts on offer. Research shows that customers are more likely to make a purchase when offered a deal. In fact, 67 percent of consumers admitted to making a purchase they hadn’t been planning to make because they got a deal or discount. Here are some examples of promotional text messages you might use for your business.

5. Annual sale

It’s September, meaning it’s time for our Annual Sale Event! The sale begins on Saturday and will run for a full week. Come down to the store Saturday for the best surprise deals and other events!

6. Timely event

It’s nearly harvest season for apple farmers! Be sure you’re stocked up on all the supplies you’ll need from Total Farm n More. We’ve attached your order from last year as a reference for what your harvest needs have historically been

7. Early bird special sale

Hi Lori, we noticed you hadn’t signed up yet for the Young Professionals Conference this year. If you sign up before Thursday the 15th you can save $150 on your ticket price! You can sign up here:

8. Loyalty discount

Example of texting customers a loyalty discount
An example of offering a promotional sale via business SMS.

9. Holiday sale

Get every outdoor item you’ll need this summer from grills, to dining tables, and lounge cushions during our Memorial Day Sale! Starts Friday and runs until Tuesday!

Promoting a new item or offering with text messaging

Text message marketing can also be used to let customers know about new items in stock or even older items coming back in stock. Keeping your customers informed can help boost your sales. Research shows that 89 percent of customers want to be able to text with businesses, and keeping your customers informed helps encourage that communication.

Message bubble icon and 89 percent

89 percent of consumers want to be able to text with businesses.

10. New menu items this week

We’ve got new menu items this week! Our lunch special Monday and Tuesday will be chicken parm sandwiches. Stop in between 11:30 and 2 to get the lunch special pricing 🥪

11. Please check out these new items and give us feedback

Texting customers about new items and requesting feedback
An example of how you can use promotional text messaging to ask customers for feedback.

12. Wholesale stock items

Hello, garden center owners! Backordered patio furniture will be back in stock next quarter. Please have your inventory requests submitted by the 15 of the month to reserve your stock ahead of fulfillment!

13. Product launch

Our long-awaited artisan cheese line is launching Saturday! Stop by the dairy section of the store for free samples while you get your grocery shopping done and 20% off new cheeses.

14. Get it before its gone

Texting customers about a restocked item
An example of using promotional SMS to share stock information with customers.

Promotional Text Messaging Best Practices

Now that you have an idea of what promotional text messages might look like, you should also consider the best practices of business text messaging. There are some rules to follow when sending promotional text messages to your customers to make sure that you’re following communication rules and general considerations.

Some good guidelines to follow are:

  • Always get opt-ins. Your customers must have agreed to be texted about promotions.
  • Don't buy lists of contacts. You should only text your customers.
  • Don’t spam people. Remember to be considerate with the frequency and the content of your messages.
  • Respect customer wishes. If they ask you to stop, take them off your send list.
  • Be sure to mention that message rates apply.

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