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Black Friday SMS marketing best practices + 45 templates

Alia Paavola
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Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is best known as the day retailers offer discounts galore. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are among the biggest shopping days of the year. In 2022 alone, Americans spent $9.12 billion on Black Friday and $11.3 billion on Cyber Monday. 

Customers are ready to pull out their wallets on Black Friday weekend, but how can retailers stand out to capture customers’ attention and dollars? Say hello to Black Friday SMS marketing, a strategy brands use to cut through the noise to promote their eye-popping deals.

Read on to discover more about Black Friday text marketing, including why it works, tips to execute campaigns that convert, and examples to help you stand out. 

Why Black Friday SMS marketing works

SMS is an effective way to reach customers with Black Friday deals. In 2022, Black Friday texts resulted in a 57 percent increase in orders. In comparison, email marketing was responsible for a 13.8 percent increase in orders. Let’s dive into why SMS is an effective marketing channel for Black Friday weekend.

  • Mobile shopping. Mobile phones are now an integral way customers shop, from browsing to purchase. During the 2022 holiday season, which starts Black Friday weekend, 45 percent of online sales were completed via smartphone. Sending deals via text message is a great way to reach customers on the device they often use to purchase.

  • Speed. Black Friday and Cyber Monday work by fostering urgency and encouraging customers to buy before a deal vanishes. Text messaging is the ultimate tool for fast communication and flash sales. That’s because most text messages are read within five minutes of receipt, ensuring your message is seen quickly.

  • High open rate. If you want to ensure your Black Friday promotions are read, try SMS marketing. The open rate for SMS messages is 98 percent. This far surpasses email, which sits at 20 percent. That’s because email inboxes are crowded and people don’t check it as frequently as their SMS messages.

  • Strong click-through rate. Get people to visit the right page on your website to check out Black Friday deals with SMS. The click-through rate for SMS marketing is 20 percent to 35 percent, whereas email marketing sits at 1 percent to 10 percent.

  • Ability to integrate with other channels. SMS complements other marketing channels like email and social media. You can connect your channels to drive results with the right SMS marketing platform.

  • Wide reach. Since 97 percent of Americans own a cellphone capable of texting, you can easily reach your target audience. Plus, SMS marketing platforms allow you to send personalized mass text messages.

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10 tips for effective Black Friday SMS marketing campaigns

Get the most out of your Black Friday SMS campaigns with these tips and best practices.

1. Set campaign goals.

The first step is to create goals and key performance indicators for your Black Friday SMS campaigns. You’ll want to ensure these goals align with your company’s overall marketing strategy.

You will want to set sales targets and metrics based on historical data. Here are some key metrics to consider:

  • Revenue generated
  • Conversion rate
  • Return on investment
  • Click-through rate
  • Open rate

2.  Build your SMS list ahead of time

Your SMS campaigns are only as good as your contact list. Plan to build this subscriber list ahead of time to ensure a solid list heading into Black Friday. To get SMS subscribers, you need to collect opt-ins from customers. These opt-ins can be obtained in several ways:

  • Use a text-to-join campaign. Encourage new customers to opt into your message by having them text a keyword to your phone number. 
  • Add opt-in forms to your website. Add a popup advertisement, contact form, or landing page where customers can sign up to receive text alerts from your website. 
  • Convert email subscribers. Tap into the lists you’ve already built to grow your SMS list. Email existing newsletter subscribers or put a social post encouraging followers to sign up for marketing texts. 
  • Get an opt-in at checkout. Add a way for customers to seamlessly opt into promotional offers or updates via text message at the checkout. This could include a small check box. 
  • Incentivize customers. Encourage customers to sign up in exchange for a special discount to get more signups. 

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3. Craft effective messages

The success of your campaign is largely tied to the language used in your SMS messages. To craft effective Black Friday text messages you’ll want to:

  • Craft concise messages that are clear and to the point.
  • Write compelling messages that show why customers should buy your product.
  • Create a sense of urgency by emphasizing this is a limited-time discount.
  • Add a clear call to action so customers know what to do next.
  • Use emojis, symbols, or photos to capture customers’ attention.

4. Personalize, tailor, and segment

For best results, you want to segment your SMS contact list to deliver relevant, personalized, and targeted offers. Audience segmentation helps you personalize content so customers see the deals and products they want. This will help you drive conversion rates, ensure messaging resonates, and build customer relationships. 

5. Format properly

You want to ensure your messages and SMS links are formatted correctly. Here are some ways you can check formatting:

  • Send yourself a test message
  • View the message on various devices, like Apple iPhones, Androids, and tablets
  • Use a link shortener to save characters
  • Click and test your link 

6. Stay compliant

Texting is regulated to protect customers from spam and other unsolicited messages. Keep these laws in mind when creating your SMS marketing strategy. Here are some important things to remember to stay SMS compliant:

  • Opt-ins. You must get consent to text customers. This is called an opt-in. For SMS marketing use cases you must get explicit written consent from customers. 
  • Opt-outs. You must provide an easy way for customers to unsubscribe from text marketing anytime. This includes honoring when they reply with words like STOP or END.
  • Send time. Businesses must avoid sending texts before 8 am and after 9 pm in the recipient's time zone. These are considered quiet hours under The Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
  • Phone number registration. You want to properly register your business texting number with the right parties. The process looks a bit different depending on the phone number type you use (toll-free, 10-digit long code, and shortcode). This registration process ensures your business is legitimate and your use case is allowed.

7. Get timing and frequency down

Similar to other marketing channels, the timing and frequency of your promotional messages matter. The optimal timing and frequency for Black Friday text campaigns will depend on your goals and customer base.

Ultimately, remember that SMS is a personal channel, so sending too many texts may come off as pushy, and sending too few may impact your success. In general, here are some things to keep in mind to help you find the optimal send time and frequency:

  •  A/B test
  • Get to know your customers
  • Understand audience unsubscribe rates
  • Pay attention to time zones
  • Set up automated texts to help with timing

8. Integrate with other channels

Customers want an omnichannel marketing and buying experience. Help meet customer expectations and improve your SMS campaigns by integrating SMS marketing with tools like your CRM, Shopify, email, or social media platforms. 

While SMS can be a standalone channel, syncing data and messaging between platforms lets you and your team work smarter. 

9. Automate responses to FAQs

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are busy times for your brand. Make it easier on your team by setting up auto-replies to handle common questions and responses to your promotional texts. This helps you better manage high-volume situations.

10. Track and measure success

Don’t forget to track and analyze your SMS engagement and conversion rate data. You’ll want to create reports and continuously monitor performance. This will help you fine-tune campaigns over the Black Friday weekend and improve success rates.

45 Black Friday SMS templates + examples

Get inspiration for your upcoming Black Friday text messaging campaigns with these customizable templates. You can turn these templates into on-brand messages that convert with a few tweaks.

Create anticipation about Black Friday sales 

Use one of these Black Friday SMS templates to generate excitement about your upcoming deals. You should aim to send these messages before the holiday to get people thinking about your products and ready to buy.

[Company name]: Don't miss out this Black Friday! We’ll be offering the biggest discounts of the year. Browse our top-selling items: [link]

Hi [name]! [Company name]’s Black Friday sales are going to be HOT 🔥 Browse our website to see the items you can score for the lowest price of the year: [link]

[Company name]: Black Friday is around the corner. Here’s a sneak peek at the newest arrivals you can score for [X%] off: [link]

[Company name]: Hi [name]! Get ready for our Cyber Week sale. Everything will be [X%] off. Check out our website and save your favorites: [link]

[Company] 🖤 Black Friday! We’ll be offering HUGE discounts starting [date] at [time]. Here’s a sneak peak: [link]

[Company]: The countdown is on! [X] days until MAJOR Black Friday deals 🖤 Click here to preview our products: [link]

Grant early access 

Use one of these text message templates to give your SMS subscribers early access to Black Friday deals.

[Company name]: Psst. We’re offering you early access to our Black Friday deals! Get [X%] off all orders using promo code [X] at checkout.

Hey [name]! You’ve scored exclusive early access to [Company’s] Black Friday deals 🥳 Get [X%] off with promo code [X]. Shop now: [link]

Black Friday starts early for you, [name]! You’ve unlocked early access to [X%] off. Shop now 🛍️ [link]

For your eyes only, [name] 👀 We’re giving VIPs early access to our Cyber sales. Shop early and get [X%]off your order. Use code [X] at checkout: [link]

An early access Black Friday text example.
An early access Black Friday text example.

Offer a pre-sale

Use SMS to alert customers to a Black Friday pre-sale. This may encourage customers to buy a specific product early.

Early sale alert: Get up to [$X] off [product] at our Black Friday pre-sale. Use [code] at checkout: [link]

[Company’s] Black Friday Pre-Sale is on now. Score [product] at [X%] off until [date]. Shop now: [link]

[Company name]: Hey [name]. Get up to [X%] off during our Pre-Black Friday sale! Get items before they’re gone: [link]

Promote Black Friday deals

Use SMS to share your Black Friday discounts and sales with customers. Take a look at several templates you can use to get the word out.

[Company name]: Black Friday is here and the deals are 🔥 Get [X%] off and free shipping with code [X]. 

Hi, [name]! [Company’s] Black Friday sale is on! All products are [X%] off. Shop now: [link]

[Company name]: ‘Tis the season for MAJOR savings. Today ONLY everything is [X%] off. Happy shopping: [link]

[Company name]: [Products] are now [X%] off 🤩 See the Black Friday deals here: [link].

A promotional Black Friday SMS marketing example from City Dog.
A promotional Black Friday SMS marketing example from City Dog.

[Company name]: 🎁 Unwrap [$X] off [product] TODAY. Offer ends at [time].

[Company name]: This Black Friday, [product] is only [$X]. Oh, and you can score everything else for [X% off]. Shop now:  [link]

[Company name]: 🖤 BLACK FRIDAY SALE 🖤 Score [X%] off of your order until [time]. Celebrate with savings: [link]

[Company name]: Hey [name]! Everything in the entire store will be [X%] off. Our doors open at [time] on [date].

Abandoned cart reminders

Recover abandoned carts by sending targeted SMS messages to encourage customers to finish buying. Make sure to create urgency and reiterate the Black Friday discount.

Hey [name]. You left some items in your cart 👀 Finish checking out now to secure your [X%] Black Friday discount. [link] 

Hi [name]. You have good taste! Take advantage of our [X%] Black Friday discount and free shopping. Pick up where you left off: [link]

The items in your cart won’t last long! Our sitewide [X%] Black Friday discount lasts until midnight. Continue shopping: [link]

You left some items behind! Our sitewide discount expires at midnight! Back to your cart 🛒 [link]

Forget something, [Name]? 🖤 [Company’s] Black Friday sale lasts just until [time]. Plus score free shipping with code [X]. [Link]

An abandoned cart SMS marketing text example from Alphalete.
An abandoned cart SMS marketing text example from Alphalete.

Last-chance reminders

Create last-chance text messages to generate urgency and the fear of missing out. This can encourage customers to buy now to enjoy the waning Black Friday deal.

LAST CHANCE. Only a few more hours of Black Friday deals. Take [X%] off with code [X] at checkout. [link] 

Only [X] hours left to score HUGE savings. [Company’s] sale ends at [time]. Shop now to save: [link]

[Company]: Our best deal of the year ends at [time]. Use code [X] at checkout to score your [X%] discount. [Link]

[Company]: Don’t wait! Our mind-blowing [X% discount] ends in [X] hours 🤯 Buy now to save: [link]

A last-chance SMS marketing text example from Outdoor Voices.
A last-chance SMS marketing text example from Outdoor Voices.

[Company]: Save major $$ for the next [X] hours. Our Black Friday deal ends at midnight. Shop now: [link]

The clock is counting down Sitewide [X%] discount ends at [time]. Shop Black Friday deals before it's too late: [link]

[X] hours left to get [X%] off your order from [Company]. Shop now: [link]

[Company]: Prices go up in [X] hours. Last chance to save big on [product]. Shop now: [link]

Sale extensions

Use a text message to extend your Black Friday sale for SMS subscribers. Take a look at several templates that help you do this effectively.

[Company]: We’re extending our Black Friday sale! Take [X%] off for [X] more hours. Use code [X] at checkout. [Link]

[Company]: Exciting news – our Black Friday deals continue for a limited time! Get [X%] off for [X] more hours with code [X]. [Link]

We’ve extended our Black Friday sale to give you [X%] off through [time]. Shop and save today: [link]

Did you miss our Black Friday deals? 😢 Don’t worry! We’ve extended the sale for [X] hours. Learn more: [link]

Thank you messages

Let customers know you’re thankful for their business this holiday season by sending a quick thank you message. You could even preview what’s to come for Cyber Monday.

Thanks for shopping with [Company] this Black Friday 😊 View your receipt: [link]

Hi [Name]! Thank you for your purchase from [Company]. We hope you enjoy!

Thanks for your purchase, [Name]! View a sneak preview of our Cyber Monday deals here: [link]

Solicit customer feedback

‍Ask customers for feedback via text message after their purchase. This will help you improve the overall customer experience. 

Hi [Name]! Please rate your Black Friday purchase experience at [Company] from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). Thank you! Reply STOP to unsubscribe. 

Hi [Name]! How was your shopping experience at [Company] this Black Friday? Leave us a review here: [link]

Hi [Name]. How are you liking [product]? We’d love if you could let us know your thoughts.

Hi [Name]. Thanks for shopping with us! How likely are you to recommend [company] to your friends or family, on a scale of 0-10 (best)?

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