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Use SMS to enhance government communication with the public. Send important alerts, hear from your constituents, get updates from your team on the ground, and more with Textline.
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Streamline government communication with text messages

Help members of the public interact with government organizations by streamlining and simplifying communication via SMS messaging. Reject the old-fashioned view that government agencies are hard to reach. Instead send personalized text messages right to the people who matter most: your community.

Current estimates show that individuals spend an average of four hours a day on their mobile phones. Use SMS to reach the public directly on these devices. Distribute important messages and get near instant replies with the power of Textline’s government text messaging solution. Our SMS solution is managed from one central dashboard, making it simple to streamline communication and reach the community with personalized messages and alerts.

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What government organizations can do with SMS

From issuing emergency notifications to increasing operational efficiency in public sector teams, government SMS can help improve communication.

Send emergency alerts to the public 

When there’s an emergency or crisis situation, the public needs to know immediately. But the reality is not everyone is online, and not everyone has the TV on to hear the news. This issue is exacerbated when WiFi or internet signals are cut off. When these emergencies happen, how can governments ensure critical messages are delivered and seen? The answer is simple: use an SMS message.

Deliver critical messages directly to peoples’ mobile devices. Statistics show 97 percent of Americans own a mobile phone, and SMS is designed to reach them all. Make sure important messages are delivered in an emergency by using a text messaging solution.

Maximize efficiency with staff communication

It’s not just the public you can reach via SMS messaging. You can implement an SMS solution to improve staff communication. For example, you can use it to share important announcements, dispatch employees, or streamline the recruitment process. Textline’s government texting solution puts all communication into one central dashboard, making it easy for your team to communicate with one another whether they’re in the office or out in the community. 

Improve customer service with automation

Schedule your messages ahead of time, set out-of-office auto-replies, or create text templates to improve reply speed. With automated SMS, you can save time and improve customer service since the right message is being sent at the best time. 

Boost participation in volunteer programs

Looking for volunteers? Use SMS to help you solicit volunteers. Let them know about upcoming events, how they can get involved, and thank them post-event. 

Share updates on permits and other documentation

While the public likes to be informed when they’re dealing with government bodies, they’re often left in the dark. Send status updates on permits, applications, renewals, and more via SMS to keep constituents in the know. You could also use SMS to send or schedule important reminders to ensure documentation is submitted on time. You can also use it to share important reminders with the public.

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Why government organizations should text


of Americans own a cellphone. — Pew Research Center


of texts are opened, compared to 20% of emails. — SMS Comparison

90 seconds

is the average response time to a text, compared to 90 minutes for an email. — Textedly

Phone number registration for government made easy

Even nonprofit organizations must register their phone number to text contacts. This is a new industry-wide requirement issued by mobile carriers. It’s an effort to protect consumers from unsolicited text messages. To register properly, organizations must provide information about their brand and SMS use cases.

While the process may sound complicated, Textline makes it easy to register. Textline customers can use our built-in SMS registration form in-app. Once the information is added, Textline will submit the form on your behalf. Make sure the registration requirement is stress-free by choosing Textline.

Plus, Textline allows our customers to test the platform for free while waiting for approval. This means you can add your team, text templates, or automations.

Textline features for government agencies

Mass texting

Inform at scale with mass messaging. Easily send an update or reminder to many community members at once. Remove the need to manually send the message one by one.

Two-way messaging

Engage in one-on-one conversations with community members. Texting is built for rapid back-and-forth conversations. Ensure you can have those engaging chats with a platform that supports two-way messaging.

Group messaging

Keep a group on the same page with group texting. Send a group message and get replies on the same text message thread. 

Security features

Textline offers a range of security features like end-to-end encryption, access controls, continuous monitoring, and more. Make sure your messages are protected in transit and at rest with Textline.


Textline can help government organizations put their text communication and workflow on autopilot. With an open API, webhooks, and built-in automations, you can easily gain time back to focus on the things that matter most. 


View valuable data and insights to help you improve your text outreach and team performance. You can track metrics like time to respond, inquiries resolved, number of new contacts, and more.

Centralized SMS dashboard

Control all of your text communication from a single, multi-user dashboard. This allows your team to collaborate to resolve tickets and ensures you aren’t missing conversations.

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Why government agencies can trust Textline for SMS

Textline was very instrumental in allowing me to keep my employees engaged during their time off work. Excellent way to communicate information to all employees at once to ensure everyone gets the same information.

— LaTamera C., Trustpilot

Textline has been very helpful for us and our team! Textline is very organized and easy to use, and the layout is clean and simplified. It is simple to operate with multiple users, and we're able to delegate and resolve conversations with little difficulty. We have also been able to save our growing list of contacts, each with detailed information to help our workflow when communicating with our clients!

— James T., Trustpilot

Wonderful tool for communication with our clients - not everyone has access to a laptop or computer and our customers love having the ability to check status and ask quick questions.

— Chrisoula F., Trustpilot
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Additional resources for government services

Textline integrations to remove data silos

Textline can integrate with your current tools for a more seamless SMS messaging experience. Create a more personalized and seamless text outreach strategy by connecting our SMS platform with the tools you use.

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