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Textline product updates (May 2019)

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The Textline team has been busy over the last few months making significant updates to our business texting platform. Before diving into the specifics, we’d like to share some of our process around how we decide which features and updates find their way to the platform.

Textline is a customer-centric product organization. That means that we regularly talk to and solicit feedback from existing customers to better understand their pain points and problems. We also collect feedback from potential customers in the marketplace—companies who would like to use business texting with their customers but are still exploring and learning about the value of our software. Conversations with businesses who haven't yet purchased Textline help us understand the roadblocks and hesitations around adopting a new channel (the best channel) for customer communication. Finally, Textline is a business texting platform created for the customer experience and customer support market. Many of our product decisions are made intentionally to provide value to the businesses and teams who consider customer experience a top priority for success.

Textline makes regular updates and improvements to the platform. Most of these updates go unnoticed, and our customers' business texting experience improves gradually without interruption. We’ve recently made substantial changes, however, so we wanted to highlight them here.



Metrics and Stats:

Usability and Feature Experience:

General UI and Backend:

  • We’ve also made some small interface changes to create a more consistent experience across the web and mobile applications.
  • Several updates have been released to provide a more stable, secure, and integrated app. For example, we've improved our Pipedrive integration and support for Bandwidth phone numbers.

Thanks for checking out our product updates. We have more exciting updates planned for the coming months, so we’ll be sure to let you know when new features are released.

If your company isn’t taking advantage of businesses text messaging, and you’re curious to learn more, you can always text us to get more information at +1 (415) 849-4349. Or you can read The Textline Guide to Customer Support to learn about the advantages of business texting.

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