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Boost your productivity with power user features

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Looking to supercharge your productivity? Here are a few tips for Textline power users that might help.

1. Search by tag

If you use tags to group your Textline contacts, you can search your address book for all entries matching a specific tag. You can also search for conversations with contacts matching a tag. Just search for tag:query and replace the word query with one of your tags. See the example pictured below. Learn more about using tags in the Textline Help Center.

One way to tag your address book is to import a spreadsheet full of contacts with tags. Learn more about importing contacts.

2. Share links to specific conversations

You can copy and paste links to specific Textline conversations for your own notes, to-do list, or to share with teammates. You can copy links from the message input box. See the screen shot pictured below. Links to conversations are only usable by people who have access to your Textline account and are signed in. Learn more in the Textline Help Center.

3. Use URL parameters to initiate outbound messages

Have you ever wished you could initiate a Textline conversation by tapping a link or button in another application or your own internal software tools? You can, if you understand how to construct URLs and how to encode URL parameters. For example, the URL below will initiate a message from your Textline account to the phone number +1 (415) 969-4136 with the message "Tell me more about how real estate professionals use Textline."

The three parameters appended to this URL are: 

phone_number: The recipient's phone number will be added to your Textline address book if it is not already there. Note that we encoded the "+" before the full 10-digit phone number in this example.

name: The recipient's name will also be added to your Textline address book, and needs to be encoded just like any other URL parameter.

message: The message will populate Textline's text input box, but you can edit the message before you tap Send. See the example pictured below.

You can streamline your workflow by strategically placing Textline URLs where and when you need them. (You may need help from an HTML or web pro.) We'd love to hear how your organization uses any of these features. Send an email to or text us at +1 (415) 849-4349.

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