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HubSpot SMS: how to boost your SMS marketing with HubSpot

Alia Paavola
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SMS is a powerful business communication tool because of its immediacy and convenience. More companies are taking advantage of its benefits and adding SMS to enhance marketing, customer support, and sales efforts.

But, a common question for many teams is how to add SMS to their existing tools like the HubSpot CRM.

In this article, we’ll answer the top questions about HubSpot SMS, the benefits of adding SMS integrations, and how to get started with HubSpot texting. 

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<h2 id="doeshubspot">Does HubSpot do SMS messaging?</h2>

In August 2023, HubSpot released a beta SMS tool. The new SMS tool is geared for SMS marketing. It allows customers to send and manage bulk SMS marketing campaigns with HubSpot. The tool will not support one-to-one messaging or replies during the beta phase.

If you need to send one-to-one messages or manage replies, you can integrate HubSpot with an SMS platform like Textline. This is a good option if you manage customer support via SMS or want to two-way text with your sales leads.

By integrating HubSpot and an SMS platform like Textline, you can easily sync key data between the platforms, text contacts one-to-one, and manage replies.

Note: Prior to the public beta release in August, the CRM platform didn’t have a native tool to allow customers to send SMS messages in the app. 

Does HubSpot have two-way texting?

At this time, it does not. You can engage in real-time two-way texting with contacts by connecting HubSpot with an SMS platform. For example, Textline has a HubSpot integration that syncs text conversation history and allows you to text within HubSpot, which makes reaching contacts with personal messages easy.

How do I send bulk SMS on HubSpot?

To send bulk SMS campaigns HubSpot, you'll need to use their beta tool or connect your favorite A2P messaging platform. Application-to-person SMS platforms allow you to send one text message to multiple contacts at once, similar to an email blast. Any response to a bulk text would initiate a one-on-one conversation between your business and the contact. This is an important distinction from group messaging on a mobile phone, as all replies remain within a text thread. 

<h2 id="whatare">What are the benefits of integrating HubSpot with an SMS platform?</h2>

Here are some of the top benefits of adding HubSpot text messaging through an integration.

  • Add a preferred communication channel. Texting is a preferred communication channel for customers to communicate with businesses. Add SMS to help meet customer preferences.

  • Ensure your messages are read. Stop playing phone tag or sending unopened emails. With HubSpot SMS, you can get your messages to contacts easily. On average, texts have a 98 percent open rate. In comparison, emails have a 20 percent open rate.

  • Keep your leads and customers engaged. Text messages are highly engaging because they’re short and sent directly to mobile devices. In fact, the average text has a 45 percent response rate. Use this to your advantage to engage in two-way texting to close more deals, resolve issues quickly, or answer questions.
  • Boost productivity. Compared to phone calls, SMS allows you to reach more contacts in a day to boost productivity. Use SMS to schedule meetings or demos easily.

  • Sync data between platforms to work smarter. Adding a HubSpot SMS integration allows you to view text histories with contacts. This helps your team work smarter and have the necessary context to close deals and solve issues.

  • Respond quickly to inbound leads or customer questions. Buyers often choose the vendor that responds first. Use texting to reply to inbound leads quickly. You can also use it to resolve customer questions in minutes.

  • Realize efficiencies with automated texting. Automated texting can save time and boost efficiency. With the right SMS integration, you can trigger texts to send using HubSpot workflows.

  • Run effective multi-channel marketing campaigns. Centralize your marketing efforts by adding an SMS marketing for HubSpot integration. SMS marketing is highly effective, especially when it's integrated with other marketing efforts. Use the integration to your benefit to add SMS and reap the benefits of the lucrative channel. 
  • Have two-way messaging. SMS integrations let you have two-way texting with your contacts and the ability to manage replies. This can help messages feel more personal than text message blasts.

Benefits of integrating Textline and HubSpot

Let’s look at some of the top benefits and features of the Textline-HubSpot integration.

  • Text natively within the CRM.  Textline's HubSpot integration lets you text natively within the CRM. There's no need to switch tabs to text your contacts.
  • Sync contact details between platforms. The integration syncs key contact data between the platforms. If you add a HubSpot contact, it's viewable in Textline and vice-versa.

  • View Textline conversation history in HubSpot. You can view the SMS messaging history with each contact for better communication.

  • Automate texts using HubSpot workflows. Reduce some manual work by triggering automated texts to send with a HubSpot workflow. This helps you reach contacts at the right time and helps improve efficiency.

  • Simple to set up. Our integration can be set up in a few clicks. No technological expertise is required.

  • Text from anywhere. Respond to text messages on the go. We work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

  • Personalized texting. It’s easy to have personalized two-way conversations with customers and add emojis.

  • Bulk SMS. Textline supports mass messaging, making it easy for teams to send marketing or promotional offers, event reminders, and more.

  • Top-notch security. Textline is the market's most secure business texting platform. Ensure your data is protected by using a platform that puts security above all else.

  • Omnichannel messaging. Textline also has other integrations you can set up with ease. Respond easily to Facebook Messenger or Instagram Business direct messages from the platform.

At Textline, our customers help drive product development through their active and generous feedback,” said Jordan Gadapee, chief product officer at Textline. “HubSpot has been a top request, and we're excited to provide more opportunities for our customers to streamline their workflows and make it easier to communicate with their own customers.” 

Improve communication with Textline

<h2 id="howto">How to integrate HubSpot with your SMS platform?</h2>

If you have an SMS platform, you’ll want to check to see if it has a HubSpot integration. The setup process will look different for each SMS platform, but typically the integration requires you to connect and authorize data syncing.

If you don’t have an SMS platform, the key will be to pick one that works well for your business and supports a HubSpot integration. To pick the best SMS platform, you’ll want to understand its features, pricing structure, and scalability.

How to integrate Textline with HubSpot

You can connect Textline with HubSpot in a few simple steps:

  1. Get a Textline account and log in.
  2. In the platform, head to Tools & Integrations.
  3. Select the HubSpot logo and click connect.
  4. Log into HubSpot.
  5. Click to authorize the Textline-HubSpot integration.

You’re all set! You can start seeing contact and text message history in HubSpot.

Get a more detailed overview of setting up the Textline-HubSpot integration.

HubSpot and Textline: The power couple

Connecting Textline to HubSpot equips your marketing, sales, and support teams with secure and reliable SMS tools for better conversations and improved productivity.

The integration logs text conversations in the CRM, syncs key contact data, and makes automating text messages a breeze.

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