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6 reasons you should use business texting to communicate with customers

Nina Godlewski
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You probably use texting to contact some of the most important people in your life on a daily basis so why not use it to contact your customers as well? They want to hear from you, especially when it’s about a recent purchase of theirs or to make working with your business easier.

Some of the most common use cases for business texting include sales, support, operations and logistics, and HIPAA-compliant texting. While it’s not a one-size-fits-all product, it can help you solve multiple business problems your company might be facing.

Textline customers use unique Textline features to facilitate their conversations with customers and inevitably reach their business goals. The applicability of texting and the features built into the Textline platform allow you to communicate easily and efficiently with customers right where they are — their mobile phones.

Why aren’t businesses and their customers connecting anymore?

Each day a business interacts with its customers there’s an option to embrace an increasingly internet-reliant world. Many industries have carved out space online to facilitate their business, whether it be retail, medical scheduling coordination, or home services quotes.

A good portion of your customers and patients are digitally native or have at least adopted the digital world. Texting offers you the tools to meet them exactly where they are online. Two-way texting offers you the option to continue prioritizing customer interactions without increasing cost or sacrificing customer support elsewhere.

Unique challenges also came about during the COVID-19 pandemic that influenced what it means to conduct business safely. Many Textline customers have been able to use texting to facilitate order pick-up, waiting room capacities, letting customers or patients know about new safety protocols and more. Texting can offer you the opportunity to communicate about whatever your business needs to share with customers.

6 Reasons you should use SMS to connect with your customers

There are plenty of reasons why your business should be using SMS to communicate with customers. We’re going to cover a few of them so you can see exactly what the benefits might be for your specific business.

1. Your customers want you to text them

Your customers want you to text them. When it comes to two-way communication with businesses, consumers want to be able to reach out and have conversations via text.

Research from Twilio shows that 89 percent of consumers want to be able to text businesses. If that’s not reason enough for your business to start using SMS, what is? Texting offers your business the means for quick and personal communication with your customers or patients.

Text bubble with 89 percent
89 percent of consumers want to be able to text businesses.

Business owners should also want to be able to have two-way text conversations with their customers. Plus, your customers should want to have two-way conversations with you as well, if they don’t, you’ve got some bigger business issues than debating whether or not to implement business SMS. Two-way communication allows for stronger relationships between customers and businesses. Plus you can offer support, resolve any problems with a customer experience, and even survey your customers to get feedback on perfecting the customer experience.

2. Your customers are on their phones

In addition to your customers actually wanting you to text them, they’re already on their phones, making that the easiest place to reach them. The average American adult spends 3.5 hours on their mobile device each day. Even Americans over the age of 50 are on their phones, with 70 percent of them owning smartphones. That’s part of what makes business SMS such a good option for communicating with customers, they’re already right there on their mobile devices to begin with.

You want to reach out to your customers where they already are to increase the chance that they’ll see your message and respond to it. Your customers also probably prefer to text over the other communication channels available to them; research shows that 52 percent prefer texting.

3. Higher open rates and response rates

Texting has some of the highest open and response rates in the business. When comparing emailing and phone calls, texting can offer you the highest response rates. Texting has a 45 percent response rate and a 98 percent open rate, which is higher than you’ll ever get with emails.

Open mail envelope with 98 percent
Texting has a 98 percent open rate.

Comparatively, the average open rate for emails is only about 21 percent. You can more than quadruple your open rate by sending a message by text instead of by email.

4. Connect with more people in less time

Your customer service reps can have several conversations going on at one time with customers while texting, something they could never do with phone calls. This means you can connect with more people in the same amount, or even in less time than you might be able to with other communication channels. Texting is 10 times faster than making phone calls resulting in a lot of extra time for your business.

Mail icon and 10x
Texting is 10 times faster than making phone calls.

Texting can allow you to better prioritize the conversations or customer inquiries you have. Plus, unlike phone calls, you have the time to take a minute before responding and make sure you’ve got everything to answer properly. You can even use links or images, MMS messages, to help your customers.

5. Save money

On average, texting costs less than making phone calls or even sending emails. The average cost per interaction for business texting can be as low as $.25 per interaction. Meanwhile, the average cost per interaction of email is about $1 and the average cost per interaction of phone is between $6 and $12. The actual cost of the interaction is only one way to save money.

Another way is to handle more conversations in the same amount of time, meaning you’ll get more out of the hours your employees are working. If your staff are handling more conversations on average per hour or can solve problems for customers more quickly, you’ll be able to retain more customers.

6. Fastest response time for support and questions

Your customers don’t want to sit on hold, 60 percent of customers say just one minute is too long to spend on waiting. Instead of potentially losing those customers, use texting to respond to their support questions or concerns in less time, with no waiting on hold required.

You can even use texting to allow your customers to text in and ask to be added to a call queue. Or to field questions that normally would require a call but can be answered sufficiently by SMS.

The bottom line: Why you should use business SMS

When it comes down to it, you have a few reasons why you should already be using business texting for your customer communication. Not only can it be cost-effective, but it’s something your customers want the option of as well.

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