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5 tips for handling customer support during the holidays

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up, which means your company's customer support team will likely be dealing with a heavy load for the next few weeks. Customers appreciate speedy customer service during the holiday season. Your team can ramp up for the holiday rush with a textable phone number from Textline. Read on for tips on dealing with increased customer support requests:

1. Set up auto-responses

Use automations to trigger auto-response messages to let your customers know if response times will be longer than usual during the holiday season. Set up an after-hours automation if your customer support team does not work around the clock. You might also link to your FAQ in your automated messages.

2. Save shortcuts for your top FAQs

Are customers asking the same 3 questions over and over again? Save the answers to FAQs in shortcuts so you can answer quickly. For example, you may get a lot of questions about your refund/exchange policy. Have that information handy and save it in a shortcut.

3. Use Slack as an internal help line

Need assistance to answer a complicated customer support question? If your company uses Slack for internal communication, consider adding a Slack channel where customer service agents can post questions and get quick replies from co-workers. Be sure to check out Textline's Slack integration, too. 

4. Track your Net Promoter Score

Do your customer support interactions inspire loyalty? Find out for sure by sending Net Promoter Score surveys to your customers after resolving their issues. Start tracking NPS today so you can compare how your team performs during the holidays to the rest of the year. (Start now so you'll have metrics to beat next year!)

5. Relax

Remember that your customers are often stressed out during the holidays. Be prepared to deal with angry shoppers, and consider using positive language to offset their negativity. Try taking a meditation break with an app like Headspace or Calm.

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