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5 Textline Metrics to Keep Your Customers Satisfied

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We've improved the metrics you can track related to your organization's Textline account. Current Activity lets you see what's happening right now and how well your team is doing today. Insights let you drill down and view progress over time. To measure how well your communications live up to expectations, watch these 5 metrics and focus on improving them.

Contacts Waiting

Your customers expect prompt replies to their questions. How many people are waiting for a response from your team right now? Keep an eye on this number, as well as the longest wait time, to keep your customers happy.

Unresolved Conversations

How many conversations represent active issues right now? Your team might be working to resolve these issues, or waiting for more information from customers. If this number rises, it could indicate different things: Your company might be growing more successful. But it could also mean that complaints are rising. It might indicate that your team needs to improve or grow to meet demand.

(If you and your fellow Textline agents are not pressing the Resolve button at the end of each conversation, then this number will stabilize once you start doing so. Be sure to resolve conversations to keep your Textline dashboard neat and tidy!)

Resolved Conversations Today

Watching the number of issues that your team resolves each day, as well as the average time it takes to resolve an issue, tells you if you are keeping up or falling behind.

Median Time to First Response

How long do your customers wait, on average, before you or one of your teammates acknowledges their first message? Customer satisfaction improves as this metric trends downward. Graph this metric over time with Insights.

Median Time to Respond

If your median time to respond is much higher than your median time to first response, that may signify that you greet your customers quickly, but then leave them waiting a while for answers. Try sending updates to let them know you are still working on their issue, or that the solution is taking longer than expected.

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